How to Unlock Every FFXIV Battle Job

There are several FFXIV battle tasks to unlock and the best thing about Final Fantasy XIV is that you can use them on a single character. With 21 combat classes, as well as eight crafting classes and three gathering classes, there are plenty of different amazing things to try. Luckily, we’re here to tell you everything you need to unlock every combat job in FFXIV, from the starting classes to the new jobs added in the latest expansion.

Starting Jobs in FFXIV A Realm Reborn

ff xiv jobs

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There are eight classes to choose from when you first start playing FFXIV, but even if you end up not liking the one you picked, that’s fine because you’ll be able to unlock all the others quite easily once you have reached level 10. All you have to do is complete the level 10 quest for the first job you chose, be it Gladiator or Conjurer etc., and you will automatically unlock access to all other classes from this list. we even have an FFXIV leveling guide to help you get there faster.

It should be remembered that at the beginning of the game all the roles start as classes to present how to play each of them, but later you will unlock their corresponding Job Stone which will turn it into a full-fledged Job. All start at level 1.

FFXIV Starter Battle Jobs

Lancer / Dragon

A physical DPS class specializing in spears, it starts out as a Lancer and then upgrades to Dragoon at level 30. It can be unlocked in Gridania at the Spear Guild near the bottom of the map. Talk to Jillian to start “Way of the Lancer” and you’ll soon learn how to wield your very own polearm.

Pugilist / Monk

A physical DPS class that specializes in using their fists, it starts as a Pugilist and then upgrades to Monk at level 30. It can be unlocked in Ul’dah in the Pugilists’ Guild opposite the main Aetheryte. Talk to Gagaruna to start “Way of the Pugilist” to learn how to throw hands.

Archer / Bard

A ranged DPS class specializing in bows, it starts as an archer and then upgrades to Bard at level 30. It can be unlocked in Gridania at the Archers Guild a bit further or on a small path near the main Aetheryte. Talk to Athelyna to start the quest “The Way of the Archer”.

Marauder / Warrior

ff xiv jobs

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A tank class that uses heavy axes and starts out as a marauder before upgrading to a warrior at level 30. You can unlock it at Limsa Lominsa deep in the upper floors or on the marauder’s guild map. To begin the “Marauder’s Way” quest, talk to Blauthota.

Gladiator / Paladin

A tank class that uses a classic sword and shield, it starts out as a gladiator before upgrading to paladin at level 30. You’ll find the Gladiator Guild in Ul’dah right next to the colosseum and you can start swinging your sword talk to Lulutsu about it and start the quest “The Way of the Gladiator”.

Summoner / White Mage

A healing class that uses staves and starts as a Conjurer before becoming White Mage at level 30. You can unlock it in Gridania by heading to the Conjurer’s Underground Guild and talking to Madelle to start “Way of the Conjurer “.

Thaumaturge / Dark Mage

A magical DPS class that uses staves and starts at Thaumaturge before becoming a Black Mage at level 30. You’ll find the Thaumaturge’s Guild in Ul’dah just past the Fountain and Sultana’s Gate. Talk to Yayake to begin the “Way of the Thaumaturge”.

Arcanist / Scholar / Summoner

A special case, arcanists are a magic DPS class that can transform into both summoner (magic DPS) and scholar (healer) at level 30 – all of which use books as their weapon of choice. You can unlock the Arcanist in Limsa Lominsa just after the markets but before the Arcanist Guild docks by starting the “Path of the Arcanist” quest.

Once you hit level 30, you’ll want to take the “Austerities of Flame” quest to unlock the summoner by talking to Thubyrgein in the Arcanist Guild. To unlock Scholar, you’ll need to talk to Murie (still in the Arcanist Guild) to start the “Forgotten But Not Gone” quest.

Thief / Ninja

Another special case where you can’t start playing FFXIV as a Rogue, you can only unlock it after you have another class at level 10. It’s a physical DPS class that uses twin knives and starts as Rogue but transforms into Ninja. To unlock it you will need to talk to Lonwoerd in Limsa Lominsa a bit further after the Fishermen’s Guild and he will give you the quest “My First Daggers”. If you want to play Rogue as soon as you can, your best bet is to start as a Marauder or Arcanist, as they also start in Limsa Lominsa.

Celestial Combat Jobs

The Heavensward expansion added three more jobs, but all of them require you to have completed the A realm Reborn story quests, have at least one other job at level 50, and entered Ishgard. These jobs are also now accessible as part of the free trial and start at level 30.


ff xiv jobs

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A healer who draws magic cards from around the world to cast spells. You can unlock it by talking to Jannequinard near the Athenaeum Astrologicum in Ishgard – she will start the “Stairway to Heaven” quest.


A ranged DPS class specializing in the use of firearms. You’ll find the “Savior of Skysteel” unlock quest at the Skysteel Manufactory in Ishgard near the main Aetheryte.

Black Knight

A tank that uses a giant two-handed sword to protect others. You will need to speak to a simple citizen of Ishgard in Ishgard near the Aetheryte of the Tribunal to start the quest “A Dark Spectacle”.

Stormblood Jobs

The Stormblood expansion added two new jobs with fortunately rather simple unlock requirements. One, for purchasing a copy of Stormblood, and two, for having any other combat jobs at level 50. The two new jobs are in starting areas this time around, so they’re much easier to find and to play. They also both start at level 50.


A physical DPS class that uses katanas as their weapon of choice. You can unlock samurai in Ul’dah near the main etherite by talking to a citizen of Ul’dahn and starting the quest “The way of the samurai”.

Red Mage

ff xiv jobs

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A magical DPS class that wields a rapier and balances both black and white magic for damaging spells and a few utility healing spells for emergencies. Red Mage is also unlocked in Ul’dah but near Markets – talk to Distraught Lass to start the “Taking the Red” quest.

Shadowbringers Battle Jobs

The Shaowbringers expansion added two more jobs to the lineup which both start at level 60. To access these two you will need to own a copy of Shadowbringers and have another job at level 60.

arms breaker

ff xiv jobs

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A tank that uses Gunblades (like the one used by Squall in FFVIII) and magic-infused bullets to defend others. You’ll find the unlock quest ‘The Makings of a Gunbreaker’ in Gridania by talking to a Bow Quiver of God right next to Aetheryte.


A ranged DPS that uses chakrams to attack and provides buffs to a dance partner to boost their attack. Unlock it in Limsa Lominsa by talking to an Eager Lominsan slightly south of the main etherite to start the quest “Shall We Dance?”

Endwalker Battle Jobs

The latest FFXIV expansion added two more jobs, both of which start at level 70. Again, you’ll need to own a copy of Endwalker to unlock them and have another job at level 70.


ff xiv jobs

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A healer who uses flying crystal guns called Nouliths to help or harm others with lasers. You will find the unlock quest in Limsa Lominsa near the Dancer unlock quest. You will want to speak to the Sharlyan Maiden to begin the “Sage’s Path” quest.


A physical DPS who wields a giant scythe and pacts with a terrifying voidsent. You can unlock it in Ul’Dah just outside the Adventurer’s Guild by speaking to a “Flustered Attendant” to start “The Killer Instinct” quest.

Special Combat Jobs

Like most things in life, there is always one thing that breaks all the rules. Blue Mage is a limited work in that it cannot be used in any normal progression content and uses an entirely different method of obtaining skills outside of traditional leveling and starts at level 1.

blue mage

A versatile magician, blue mages use canes to absorb various skills from enemies, including attack, healing, and defense magics. Will generally be used in groups made up of other blue mages. To unlock this unique job, you will need to speak to the Zealous Yellowjacket in Limsa Lominsa right next to the main Aetheryte to begin the “Out of the Blue” quest.

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