How to save even more on Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is next Monday, but the deals have already started – and it’s not just Amazon that has deals, many other big retailers are offering discounts in an effort to compete.

Which means you should do some comparisons before you buy anything.

“We know Amazon’s Prime Day deals are the best on Amazon products. find these items at Target or Walmart, ”said Andrea Woroch, money saving expert.

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Woroch has a list of hacks that she uses to capitalize on Prime Day offers. She says if you buy something from a small business on Amazon by June 20, you can earn a $ 10 spend credit to use on Amazon Prime Day. She also says to check your credits, because you might have already done so.

When it comes to early bird deals, Woroch says if you see something you want, buy it now because there’s a good chance they won’t cut it down further. Also look for early bird deals at competing retailers. Woroch says Best Buy has great deals on TVs, laptops, and small kitchen appliances.

After: Amazon won’t be the only place to check out discounts on Amazon Prime Day

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Woroch recommends using the Popcart price comparison tool to help you find the best prices on products.

“It lives on your browser and will alert you when something is browsing a certain website, if it’s available cheaply and how much you can save,” Woroch said.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the cheapest prices for items on Amazon. Woroch recommends using Cently because of its “best Amazon price” tracker. The tool helps sift through the many Amazon sellers, as sometimes the cheapest price for a product is not immediately visible.

Make no mistake about it either: some discounts may not be the lowest prices.

Woroch encourages consumers to check the price history of a product by visiting the or websites. Both websites will show you the price increases and decreases on certain products sold on Amazon over a period of time. If this is an item you don’t need right now, you might want to wait for the holiday sales.

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Note: Some of the Amazon Prime offers are already changing or sold out. The retailer was offering a $ 10 credit with the purchase of a $ 40 gift card. The deal is no longer available since this article was published on Thursday. The website now says to come back for their Prime Day gift card promotion.

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