Holidaymakers scramble to book island vacations ahead of Covid rules hope

Holiday bookings to popular island destinations have increased since the UK government suggested regional travel lanes could be established during the next traffic light system review.

Tenerife, Crete and Mallorca are the three most sought-after destinations for package holidays ahead of a possible relaxation of quarantine restrictions.

Emma Coulthurst, of the price comparison site TravelSupermarket, said there was a marked shift in interest in Mediterranean destinations.

She said: “Data from the website for the last few days shows a definite interest from some vacationers in heading to Mediterranean destinations if restrictions are relaxed.

“The high vaccination rates and low rates of coronavirus on some of the Mediterranean islands like the Balearics and Greek islands such as Crete and Corfu and the fact that (Transport Secretary) Grant Shapps said an island approach would be adopted means they are on vacation. lists. “

The travel expert pointed out that there are many options for ministers to ensure that travel is safe and easier.

She added: ‘It is so important that the UK government stop making political decisions and actually look at the science and where it is safe to travel.

“There are countries with lower coronavirus rates than the UK and strong vaccination programs, which pose little risk to UK holidaymakers. We need to see more low risk countries like Malta and the Balearic Islands on the green list.

“We also need to see quarantine restrictions dropped for double vaccines on their return to the UK from many countries where the risk of catching or transmitting the virus is relatively low.

“PCR testing needs to be capped or replaced with lateral flow testing, so that vacations don’t become only available to the wealthy. The vacations themselves are reasonably priced – the tests, however, can double the price of the vacations. “

Vacationers are advised to book a break for August when prices are relatively low.

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The hope is that more countries with low coronavirus rates and rapidly progressing vaccination programs will be greenlisted, which means less testing and no isolation.

Some countries would need to be on the list approved by the UK Foreign Office for normal travel insurance policies to be valid and also go green to be exempt from quarantine requirements.

Ms Coulthurst added: “However, it is hoped that the double hit can be allowed to replace the quarantine with testing for amber countries from July 19 and children could be exempted. We are waiting to see if the government has it. ad.

“Look for flexible booking guarantees. If you don’t want to isolate yourself, book with a company that will allow you to move the holidays.”

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