HEALTH Pull in Poppy for new Darkly Hypnotic song ‘Dead Flowers’

The electro-industrial group HEALTH continues to dive into the world of hard rock and metal, this time calling on Poppy for a collaboration on their new track “Dead Flowers”.

Poppy’s ethereal voice floats as the perfect complement to HEALTH’s hypnotically dark and brooding soundscape that evokes imagery of a desolate landscape. It’s a slow-burning moody piece that hits all the perfect dark moments. Poppy’s choice for the track is appropriate, given the versatility she has shown throughout her career to adapt to different styles of music.

For HEALTH, this is their latest rock crossover as they prepare for a new release, previously teaming up with Nine Inch Nails on “Isn’t Everyone” and songwriter Tyler Bates and Deftones Chino Moreno on the Black Nights: Death Metal song from the soundtrack “Anti-Life”.

“Dead Flowers” and “Isn’t Everyone” will appear in the upcoming Disc04 :: Part II album, which serves as a sequel to the collaboration-packed release of the same title starting in 2020. Stay tuned for release details.

In the meantime, if you like “Dead Flowers”, it’s available through whatever platform you like here. And be sure to catch HEALTH at the next Substance Festival in Los Angeles at Belasco on the weekend of November 26-28.

Health X Poppy, “Dead Flowers”

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