Guy Ritchie prepares a luxury summer camp. Here are four budget alternatives for everyone

Hunting parties, on-site brewery tastings, and airfield trips are not hallmarks of a typical summer camp.

But they could be on the itinerary for super-rich guests at Guy Ritchie’s summer camp.

The luxury location – located on the Ashcombe estate in Wiltshire, less than 40km from Salisbury – will feature 11 sumptuous cabins on the shores of two man-made lakes.

Ritchie – a British director – inherited the 1,200-acre property as part of his divorce from ex-wife and pop superstar Madonna. The couple bought it for £9million in 2001.

Guests can undoubtedly expect the ultimate in luxury. But it won’t be a cheap vacation.

According to a previous planning request seen by UK newspaper The Sun, Ritchie claimed that running the premium domain for one day costs £15,000 (€17,000).

“For this (cost) the standard of lodgingthe food, the condition of the game, the quality and variety of training must be of an ever-increasing standard,” he wrote.

So if you are looking for a vacation camp that won’t require you to remortgage your home, here are four cheaper alternatives.

Alternatives to Summer Camps for Ordinary People

4. Center Parc Sherwood Forest, UK

This popular UK holiday resort chain welcomes more than two million visitors every year. Guests at the original Sherwood Forest location stay in log cabins in forested areas and can participate in over 200 indoor, outdoor and water sport activities.

You might not be able to do skeet shooting, but the company’s website promises excellent birding.

3. Landal Wirfttal, Germany

Landal GreenParks is a European network of holiday villages, located in the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Nature lovers might like their Landal Wirfttal camp, located in the beautiful German Eifel countryside, near the Belgian border. Activities include archery, mini golf and orienteeringcombined with a solid children’s entertainment programme.

2. Roompot Kustpark Texel, The Netherlands

Roompot Kustpark Texel – one of many “Roompot” camps in Europe – is located next to the Dutch seaside resort of De Koog. The beautiful North Sea archipelago of the Frisian Islands is famous for its wilderness and ‘mudflat walking’.

Visitors can also cycle around the islands and sample traditional Dutch dishes at the pub.

1 . Domain of the Naiades Eurocamp, France

More than 500,000 people visit Eurocamps – which range from resorts to independent campsites – each year.

A popular camp is Domaine Des Naiades, a large wooded park near Port Grimaud on the French Riviera. Swimmers will have many options – the camp is only 900 meters from the beach and has an Olympic swimming pool.

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