Four Run Fifth leads the Noles over Kennesaw State


TALLAHASSEE, Florida – Florida State’s No.10 softball team (40-10-1) advanced to the Tallahassee Regional second round with a 6-2 win over Kennesaw State (26-26) . The Seminoles recovered from a two-run deficit with a four-run fifth inning to defeat the Owls.

Kennesaw State 2, # 10 Florida State 6

Kathryn Sandercock started and pitched 4.2 innings, allowing three hits and two runs with just one strikeout.

Danielle Watson entered the game with two strikeouts in the fifth inning, knocking out the first batter she faced. She pitched the last 2.1 innings, allowing just one hit with two strikeouts.

Kennesaw State came out on top in Game 1, scoring a run on two hits in just five shots. They started with a double down center left, then put riders into the corners with a single bunt. Lexi Solorzano then moved on to pick a second base defenseman giving the Owls a 1-0 lead.

KSU doubled their lead in the top of the fifth after a Devyn Flaherty field error allowed Hope Jiles to score.

The Owls didn’t have the lead any longer as the Seminoles scored four runs down the fifth inning. A first single from Anna Shelnutt and a mistake put the riders in the first and second row without a withdrawal. Kaley Mudge then chose a decay to charge the bases. A simple throwback by Kalei Harding and a pair of base-laden steps gave Garnet and Gold a 3-2 lead. The fifth inning ended as Devyn Flaherty took over from the shortstop, scoring Harding.

Florida State extended its lead in the sixth inning with two more insurance races. Both races came on a single Sydney Sherrill from the right side. Kaley Mudge and Carson Saabye both scored on the play. Saabye walked with two strikeouts, then placed second after Mudge won his third hit of the day with a single in the middle.

Rating summary

  • T1 | Lexi Solorzano reached on a defenseman’s pick from second base, scoring Brea Dickey from third. (Kennesaw State 1, Florida State 0)
  • T5 | Raleigh Williams reached on a Devyn Flaherty field error, scoring Hope Jiles (Kennesaw State 2, Florida State 0)
  • B5 | Kalei Harding picked the pitcher with the bases loading, scoring Josie Muffley. (Kennesaw State 2, Florida State 1)
  • B5 | Elizabeth Mason drew a basics-laden march to mark Kaley Mudge. (Kennesaw State 2, Florida State 2)
  • B5 | Cassidy Davis drew a ground-laden march to mark Sydney Sherrill. (Kennesaw State 2, Florida State 3)
  • B5 | Devyn Flaherty failed on the shortstop, scoring Kalei Harding (Kennesaw State 2, Florida State 4)
  • B6 | Sydney Sherrill struck from the right side, scoring Kaley Mudge and Carson Saabye. (Kennesaw State 2, Florida State 6)


Florida State will play UCF tomorrow at 12 p.m. in the second round of the Tallahassee Regional.

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