Four historic hotels in Texas

Courtyard Paisano: The Hotel Paisano in Marfa. is built in a ‘U’ shape with a large inviting courtyard at the entrance. Shown is the historic hotel’s courtyard and entrance. Photo by Gary Warren/

Exterior of Paisano: The exterior of Hotel Paisano, when viewed from the street side, offers a lovely courtyard as you enter the property. Photo by Gary Warren/

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As we traveled through West Texas towns in the Big Bend area, we noticed similarities and differences between four of the towns near Big Bend National Park. One of the main similarities was the historic hotels in the center of each town that have been maintained or renovated to their original glory.

The four hotels featured are Hotel Paisano in Marfa, Hotel Limpia in Ft. Davis, Holland Hotel in Alpine and Gage Hotel in Marathon. These four cities are located within approximately 50 miles of each other, which in West Texas is like next door neighbors.

The Hotel Paisano de Marfa is probably the best known of the four hotels. Built in 1930, it is also the “newest” of the hotels. The hotel was built for cattle ranchers to stay in while they buy and sell cattle and other business transactions.

Hotel Paisano was made famous in 1955 during the filming of the movie “Giant” starring James Dean, Liz Taylor and Rock Hudson. This southwest style hotel is built in a “U” shape with a large entrance courtyard. Even today, visitors can stay in the same room each of the stars lived in while filming the film.

A few miles down the road is Ft. Davis where the Limpia Hotel is the center of town. Built in 1912, the Limpia has a relaxing atmosphere for visitors. White rocking chairs line the porch for relaxing and enjoying the fresh mountain air at Ft. Davis, which is 5,050 feet above sea level. Downtown Fort. Davis and the Limpia sit about four miles from the Fort. Davis National Historic Site, former military post.

In Alpine, the Holland Hotel is on the city’s main thoroughfare. The Holland Hotel was built in 1912 and was the center of Alpine’s social and commercial activity for years. Alpine is the largest of the four towns and is also home to Sul Ross University and several other hotels have been built over the years. However, historic Holland is still the heart of downtown Alpine.

The Gage Hotel is located in Marathon, the closest town to Big Bend National Park. The Gage was built in 1927 and additional rooms were added years later with the addition of a garden and a newer wing to the hotel. The original hotel had 15 rooms and the expanded hotel has 45 rooms and the garden provides outdoor space for events or space to sit and relax.

These four hotels have all had their ups and downs, but the key is that each has been maintained and/or renovated to its original condition and decor that proudly displays the area’s historic history and continued success. Each of the hotels offers meals and other services usually found in fine hotels. There is obvious pride in these hotels in each of the four communities.

Editor’s Note: Longtime Los Alamos photographer Gary Warren and his wife Marilyn travel the country, and he shares his photographs, which appear in the “Posts from the Road” series published in the edition Sunday issue of the Los Alamos Daily Post.

Paisano Lobby: The lobby of the Paisano Hotel in Marfa, Texas. shows the southwestern tile and woodwork of the historic hotel. All of these historic hotels are all restored to their original glory. Photo by Gary Warren/

Limpia Exterior: Limpia Hotel is located in a prime location in the center of Fort. Davis. White rocking chairs provide an inviting place to sit and relax while enjoying the cooler temperatures of Ft. Davis, which is located in the Davis Mountains at 5,050 feet above sea level. Photo by Gary Warren/

Hotel Limpia Lobby: The rich wooden interior of Hotel Limpia is evident when you enter the hotel lobby. All four hotels listed have fine western artwork as well as furnishings appropriate to their historic past. Photo by Gary Warren/

Holland Exterior: The Holland Hotel is located on the main thoroughfare of Alpine. The hotel was the center of Alpine’s social and commercial activities for years and is still the most important building in the city center. Photo by Gary Warren/

Holland Lobby: Shown is a seating area in the lobby lobby of the Holland Hotel in downtown Alpine. The furniture in each of the hotels reflects the art and furniture style of the historic hotels. Photo by Gary Warren/

Exterior of Hotel Gage: Hotel Gage is the centerpiece of Marathon. Marathon is the closest town to Big Bend National Park, which attracts tourists to this area of ​​West Texas. The original hotel had 15 rooms, but the hotel was later expanded to 45 rooms and outdoor garden space for events. Photo by Gary Warren/

Gage Interior: The lobby of the Gage Hotel in Marathon shows a seating area in the foreground and guest check-in services in the background. You can also see the western decor of the historic hotel. Photo by Gary Warren/

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