Four Dota 2 players to watch at ESL One Malaysia 2022

In light of the fact that ESL One Malaysia 2022 will be the last international LAN event before The International 11 (TI11) in October, it promises to be an exciting event where the best teams from around the world will compete and produce games Dota 2 level. Also, this will most likely be the last event before the new patch is released, so players and teams will be well prepared for it. When such large international LAN events with live crowds take place, there are always a variety of scenarios to expect, but we’ve narrowed it down to four players to pay attention to.

Four Dota 2 players to watch at ESL One Malaysia 2022


Ammar, the 17-year-old OG offerer”ATF“Al-Assaf has quickly made a name for himself in the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2021-22. ATF is not only known for his item drops, his conversations and his direct personality, but he has also become a Steadfast offlaner, playing a key role in OG’s success It was a great season for the team as they consistently performed well in the regional leagues and even won the Stockholm Major.

Due to ATF’s greedy style of play, which seems as if OG were playing with three hearts, the team not only enjoyed this success, but also set a precedent for other top teams to follow. The Offlaners have focused much more in this patch on picking heroes and crafting items that allow them to grow stronger as the game develops.

Due to how the current meta works, allowing teams to play with more greed, a number of OG opponents have thus far been pretty unsure of how to handle this three-core strategy. But it has also been observed that if the ATF struggles to perform well in OG games, the team also feels the pressure.

As OG’s success illustrates, such plays are rare, but it will be interesting to see how much focus opponents have on closing ATF’s hero pool as well as its laning phase, where it has usually tends to take the lead and then snowball out of control. .

Nikobaby (Alliance)

Nikolai”Nikobaby“Nikolov is the only player from Alliance’s roster to retain his spot from last season’s DPC. As Nikobaby rose through the ranks last season, he remained the cornerstone around which Alliance shaped their roster. .

In the current season, Alliance has been pretty lackluster and Nikobaby shares have gone down with it. In addition to the disconnect between players, the performance of the carrying player was also looked at, as he crumbled a bit under the pressure. During this season, it also lacked the spark of some of its iconic heroes such as Faceless Void and Morphling.

While he will no doubt require his team to improve, ESL One Malaysia 2022 is the right time for him to recover his lost mojo heading into TI11 qualification. Nikobaby’s strong performance and a good overall result will help Alliance gain a lot of confidence heading into qualifying, an event in which optimism and momentum play a big role.

Resolution (Team Secret)

At the Riyadh Masters 2022, Team Secret trial with Roman “ResolutionFomynok in the off-road paid very well as the team finished 3rd-4th, which was a big improvement from their failure to qualify for the Arlington Major in Round 3 of the 2021-22 DPC .Resolut1on and Baqyt”Zayac“Emiljanov wanted to play together and Clement”Puppy“Ivanov was impressed with how they performed off the track.

The chemistry between Resolut1on and Zayac was praised, but the player himself remained a rock for the team for several matches, being on point with his gameplay throughout.

As a result, Resolut1on ended up on the team in place of Daryl”icecream“Koh. Secret has not competed in a competitive event since, and ESL One Malaysia 2022 will be the team’s second event with this new roster.

As a result, how Resolut1on plays with Secret will be interesting to watch as Secret will likely be a very tough team for opponents to take down if they manage to perform to the level they did in Riyadh. If the team can repeat their performance in Malaysia, they will not only get a good result at the event, but also boost their confidence heading into TI11 Western Europe Qualifiers, which feature top-flight opposition.

BoBoKa (Team Aster)

Team Aster finally ended their streak of underachievement in international LAN competition by finishing third at the PGL Arlington Major. The team quietly moved past one team after another as the community focused on other teams such as OG.

The flawless gameplay as well as the energetic team conversation with Coach Zhang”LaNm“Zhicheng just before the games demonstrated a shift in team perspective and the ability to rise above the pressures of a LAN event.

But there was one team player who finally brought his A-game after a long time – Ye”BoBoKaZhibiao. For the past four years, BoBoKa has been a regular player for Aster, performing his duty as neatly as possible. attention to himself from viewers and opponents.

BoBoKa will be one of the scariest players at ESL One Malaysia 2022, thanks to a fantastic pool of heroes, the ability to know when to get explosive, when to take a back foot and, above all, the Major’s momentum.

At ESL One Malaysia 2022, August 23-28, 12 teams from around the world will compete for the biggest share of the USD 400,000 prize pool in the Arena of Stars at Resorts World Genting.

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