Flights may be the cheapest now

SAN DIEGO – Travelers may want to buy their plane tickets for their next trips now – experts say prices are lower than usual and won’t last long.

According to the travel research site Hopper, holiday travel prices are expected to be at an all-time low in mid-September. “For those who are ready to book, take advantage of the cheapest rates available now, especially for the Christmas holidays,” reads the 2021 Holiday Travel Guide Report website.

Hopper says the roughly 10% drop in airline ticket prices is “typical seasonal demand,” but reports also indicate that a drop in business travel could push prices down.

As Insider Notes, the company’s major players, including Google, have kept their employees at home and delayed replenishing their travel budgets as the delta variant sweeps across the United States

“As summer draws to a close and leisure travelers hibernate for the fall, airlines face a shortage of business travelers who should normally help fill the void until airline season. Thanksgiving or Christmas trips, ”writes BI’s Thomas Pallini.

But this holiday season will be upon us before we know it, Hopper Notes, driving up prices.

Researchers advise booking no later than Halloween for the best prices on Thanksgiving trips, and no later than Thanksgiving for Christmas trips.

Average Domestic Round-Trip Airfare for Thanksgiving was planned at about $ 300 this year, up from the 2020 pandemic, but about 11% lower than in 2019.

In contrast, round-trip domestic flights for Christmas have already reached higher levels than at this time in 2019, according to Hopper.

“With a domestic plane ticket for Christmas at around $ 430 / round trip, the airfare is up 71% compared to 2020 ($ 250) and up 10% from 2019 ($ 390), suggesting airlines may be expecting more intense Christmas travel compared to Thanksgiving, ”the website said. vacation trip report Remarks. “With Christmas travel, the best deals tend to appear quite early, about 100 to 90 days in advance.”

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