Fleetwood Mac’s ’70s Christine McVie ‘enjoyed the storm’

Christine McVie reflected on being seen as Fleetwood Mac’s peacemaker during their turbulent years.

But in a new interview with rolling stoneshe said it had never been as bad as they claimed.

“I was supposedly like Mother Teresa who hung out with everyone or just tried to [keep] it’s all nice and cool and relaxed,” McVie said, adding that she didn’t realize it at the time. “But they were great people; they were great friends.

She noted that if being the voice of reason rattled her, she hadn’t noticed. “I enjoyed the storm,” she admitted. “Even though I am a fairly peaceful person, I enjoyed this storm. Although it is said that we argued a lot, we actually spent a lot of time laughing. So that must have been forgotten.

She admitted that she and ex-husband John McVie “used to argue occasionally, but not that often”. “I think we worked out our differences…and we got on really well,” she said. “It’s never been more melodramatic than Stevie [Nicks] and Lindsey [Buckingham]. And right now, we don’t live in the same hemisphere. He lives in LA; I live in London. But we write or call each other from time to time. … We talk a little. He’s a good man, John.

When asked when she felt happiest in the group, she replied, “I think I was happy pretty much all the time. I was happy with Bob Welch. I was happy with that I was always happy with Stevie and Lindsey and loved what they brought musically. Plus, I loved being with Neil Finn and Mike Campbell. They were a couple of great guys. J loved working with them, but Mick and John and Stevie and I all got along well, contrary to public opinion.

McVie’s Solo Compilation Songbird is out now.

Fleetwood Mac Solo album chart

There have been more than 40 of these outside projects, which deepen and enrich the group’s heritage.

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