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Cleanest and dirtiest beaches a two hour drive from Reading Sat, 19 Jun 2021 04:00:00 +0000

While we are spoiled for choice with the rich Berkshire countryside, there is nothing quite like a trip to the coast.

With all the travel restrictions in place this year, a week at the beach in the south of England seems like a much easier option than traveling overseas.

As long as you’re ready to take on any weather, you’re sure to have a fun week while playing entertainment, diving in fish and chips, and enjoying ice cream.

Read more:Berkshire’s largest lido to open for swimmers

However, it is good to know before you go how clean the beach is and the water quality is good.

The Environment Agency awards the beaches three stars for excellent water quality, two for quality and one for sufficient quality. It also cautions against swimming in some places, although none of these are on the south coast.

We’ve rounded up a mix of the cleanest and dirtiest beaches within a two hour drive of Reading, using agency reviews.

Excellent – three stars

Brighton Beach

A paradise for swimmers

Brighton Beach has three stars, which means the water quality is excellent and the perfect place for a dip in the sea, provided you can cross the pebbles first.

It will take just under two hours by car and is the perfect location for a day trip or a weekend trip.

The town is right on the beach which means that once you are done with your day at sea you can easily find a great mix of restaurants and pubs to enjoy the night away.

Western Wittering

West Wittering is a popular place and you need to reserve your parking space!
West Wittering is a popular place and you need to reserve your parking space!

West Wittering Beach is another coastal spot with an excellent rating and taking around 1 hour 45 minutes to get to Reading.

Unlike Brighton, this is a sandy beach, so kids can become competitive by creating the best sandcastles possible.

There is also a lifeguard on duty so you can rest assured that you will be safe in the water and that you will be told if swimming is too dangerous.

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, there’s also a windsurfing and kitesurfing club with adult and children’s lessons available.

You will need to reserve your place in the parking lot, which you can do here.

Good – two stars


Littlehampton is a classic seaside town
Littlehampton is a classic seaside town

Littlehampton Beach has been awarded two stars, which means swimming is still good, but not as good as the “great” beaches.

However, what it lacks in the excellent water quality it makes up for in having fun – with a lively walk, entertainment and a theme park.

It promises to be a great day out for the whole family with plenty to keep the kids entertained.

Getting to the pebble beach will take around 1 hour and 50 minutes by car from Reading.

Bognor Regis

There's more to Bognor Regis than his Butlins
There’s more to Bognor Regis than his Butlins

Bognor Regis is an absolutely classic West Sussex seaside town and receives visitors from all over the country.

Although it only gets a good rating for water quality, there is plenty to do and you will find plenty of places to buy fish and chips or ice cream along the promenade.

In town, Hotham Park, which has a miniature railway, boating lake and putting green, is also worth a visit and there is also the holiday resort, Butlins.

It’s also just a 20 minute drive to the beautiful South Downs National Park, so you can also lose a day on the trails.

It will take drivers from Reading 1h50 to reach the vacation spot.

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Sufficient – one star

The value

Worthing seafront
Worthing seafront

There is only one place that is simply rated as “sufficient” within two hours of reading.

Worthing, right next to Brighton, only got one star which means you can still swim but the water quality will be worse than nearby Brighton.

However, the seaside town still has a lot to offer, including the famous pier, which won the Pier of the Year 2019 award. There is also a lot of artwork along the promenade bringing an original touch to the town. .

There is something for everyone in Worthing, from a stand-up paddleboarding trip, a visit to one of the oldest working cinemas in the UK, to an afternoon in a micropub or a classic snack.

But it’s not to everyone’s liking to be criticized by some critics, but we are the type to get our idea.

It will take a little less than two hours to get to the coastal town.

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Severe warning because bungalow completely destroyed in a fire caused by a hair dryer Fri, 18 Jun 2021 19:47:08 +0000

A fire that totally destroyed a bungalow this afternoon was caused by a hair dryer being put back in a drawer while it was still hot.

Crews from Pwllheli, Caernarfon, Abersoch rushed to the scene in Lon Ceredigion, near Pwllheli Golf Club in Gwynedd shortly before noon today after a neighbor called 999.

Flames and smoke billowed from the roof and front window as firefighters desperately tried to extinguish the flames for more than six hours.

READ MORE: The image shows the aftermath of a barn fire caused by sparks from a chipper

The Bangor aerial ladder platform arrived around 2 p.m. to help put out the blaze, but crews remained at the scene until shortly after 6 p.m.

As the incident continued, the North Wales Fire and Rescue Service urged nearby residents to keep their doors and windows closed and people inside properties on either side of the affected property were asked to leave their homes as a precaution.

Bungalow fire in Pwllheli

An ambulance and police were also dispatched to the scene.

It is believed that the occupants of the property were absent when the fire started.

An eyewitness said, “I have never seen anything like this in my life. I could smell the smoke around 11 am, so it has been going on for hours.”

Another said: “It’s devastating to watch.

“It all happened so fast.

“It kind of went off and it seemed like it was under control, but then it came back again.”

The property was completely destroyed by the fire and the majority of the roof burned down.

Shocking images were released by firefighters showing the extent of the damage caused.

NWFRS has now said the fire was believed to have been caused by “radiated heat” from a hair dryer that caused the drawer and its contents to burn down, spreading throughout the property.

The service is now urging people to let their electrical devices cool before putting them away.

Police stopped 2,500 cars in the area last week, a visitor to Wigan was sent to pack his bags after saying he wanted to visit Talacre Lighthouse.

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In a statement, firefighters said: “The fire in Pwllheli this afternoon is believed to be caused by heat radiated from a hairdryer placed in a drawer.

” Fortunately, nobody was hurt. Please be sure to let all electrical appliances cool completely before putting them away. “

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“Little Slice Of Hell” Home Expected To Sell For $ 590,000 In Colorado Hot Market – CBS Denver Fri, 18 Jun 2021 13:26:00 +0000

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Now is the cheapest time to take a ski vacation in Australia Fri, 18 Jun 2021 04:28:51 +0000

Between ski passes and exxy accommodations, those ski vacation costs can really add up. So finding areas where you can save money is imperative if you’re looking to avoid a winter breakout.

In this case, one of the easiest ways to save money is to plan your ski trip during the windows, when plane tickets and accommodation are cheapest.

These great vacation destinations can save you hundreds, especially if you’re traveling with your family, so they’re worth getting on board.

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Want to know when you can get the cheapest flights and stays?

When it comes to accommodation, Australians open to a last-minute getaway can still get cheaper nights at the end of June, according to data from

As for the cheapest weeks to book, it depends on which Australian ski resort you have your eye on.


Cheapest weeks for a last minute Australian ski trip

  • Mount Buller: June 21, 2021
  • Perisher: June 21, 2021
  • Thredbo: June 28, 2021
  • Hotham: July 12, 2021
  • Falls Creek: July 26, 2021

Of course, if you’re planning a ski vacation later in the year – especially during peak July and August – it’s worth setting up price alerts on comparison websites like Kayak to make sure not to miss any instant sales or the prices go down.

RELATED: A Guide to Australia’s Best Winter Festivals

The travel platform also revealed that the cheapest month to book flights will be August. Data is based on flight comparisons to all nearby airports including Albury, Cooma, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney from any domestic destination.

After even more ways to save? Here is what Kayak offers:

  • Use the flexible filter options at to compare flexible travel options in one place. This allows you to plan ahead to get the best deal while ensuring you’re covered if travel restrictions affect your travel plans.
  • Set up and sign in to your account when researching and booking your stay online to unlock exclusive offers and savings, like “Private Offers” from

Sydney Solstice (June 8-20)

A guide to Australia’s best winter festivals

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Vickie Deane’s business is in full swing Thu, 17 Jun 2021 17:31:08 +0000

Unique brooch created by artist Vickie Deane. Courtesy photography / Geistlight

Los Alamos Daily Post

“I make jewelry the way I paint,” said artist Vickie Deane. “It’s all about color, composition and line. “

Deane has been an artist since childhood. Art supplies were her favorite toys. Originally from New York, she graduated from Kent State in visual arts. Deane arrived in New Mexico in the mid-1980s. She began making jewelry about 25 years ago, in addition to continuing to paint.

“Jewelery is a medium that makes my work more accessible. I can support myself and it’s a blessing to be able to do something creative, ”she said.

Before COVID 19, Deane roamed the country, hosting art markets and shows, including Los Alamos art fairs. At one of the fairs, she met Fuller Lodge Art Center Director Ken Nebel and he urged her to put her work in the center store.

“When COVID hit, I decided to go out there and sell my work in galleries,” Deane said.

Jeweler and painter Vickie Deane

She sells her work at the Art Center, the Georgia O’Keefe Gallery in Santa Fe, the Fine Arts Museum in Albuquerque, and the Harwood in Taos, among other more distant locations.

Deane still wants to do local art shows and markets and shows his work at the Santa Fe Artists’ Market which is held on Saturdays at the Railyard and plans to attend local events once they resume. She also has a new website at

Created by jeweler Vickie Deane. Courtesy photography / Geistlight

“I’m not going to hit the road again,” Deane said. “I want to stay local for now. “

With museums closing and art fairs canceled due to COVID-19, Deane has had time to rethink his design ideas and ideas on how to run his business in the future.

“I have to use my stock of stones,” she said.

Most of Deane’s creations have a botanical touch. One line is even called Botanicals.

Created by jeweler Vickie Deane. Courtesy photography / Geistlight

I am a passionate gardener, ”she said. “There is so much natural beauty in New Mexico. It inspires me.

Deane offers unique pieces on its website and at fairs and markets. Its Botanicals line is available in retail outlets. She designs in silver, gold and precious and semi-precious stones.

What is Deane’s favorite gemstone? It changes all the time, she said.

“At the moment, these are opals,” Deane said.

Created by jeweler Vickie Deane. Courtesy photography / Geistlight

Check out Deane’s jewelry and paintings on her website at, stop by the Fuller Lodge Art Center or one of the other venues where she has artwork for sale.

Or visit her in person at the Santa Fe Artists’ Market. She’s there most Saturdays.

Unique earrings created by Vickie Dean. Courtesy photography / Geistlight

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How to save even more on Amazon Prime Day Thu, 17 Jun 2021 11:38:58 +0000

Amazon Prime Day is next Monday, but the deals have already started – and it’s not just Amazon that has deals, many other big retailers are offering discounts in an effort to compete.

Which means you should do some comparisons before you buy anything.

“We know Amazon’s Prime Day deals are the best on Amazon products. find these items at Target or Walmart, ”said Andrea Woroch, money saving expert.

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A d

Woroch has a list of hacks that she uses to capitalize on Prime Day offers. She says if you buy something from a small business on Amazon by June 20, you can earn a $ 10 spend credit to use on Amazon Prime Day. She also says to check your credits, because you might have already done so.

When it comes to early bird deals, Woroch says if you see something you want, buy it now because there’s a good chance they won’t cut it down further. Also look for early bird deals at competing retailers. Woroch says Best Buy has great deals on TVs, laptops, and small kitchen appliances.

After: Amazon won’t be the only place to check out discounts on Amazon Prime Day

A d

Woroch recommends using the Popcart price comparison tool to help you find the best prices on products.

“It lives on your browser and will alert you when something is browsing a certain website, if it’s available cheaply and how much you can save,” Woroch said.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the cheapest prices for items on Amazon. Woroch recommends using Cently because of its “best Amazon price” tracker. The tool helps sift through the many Amazon sellers, as sometimes the cheapest price for a product is not immediately visible.

Make no mistake about it either: some discounts may not be the lowest prices.

Woroch encourages consumers to check the price history of a product by visiting the or websites. Both websites will show you the price increases and decreases on certain products sold on Amazon over a period of time. If this is an item you don’t need right now, you might want to wait for the holiday sales.

A d

Note: Some of the Amazon Prime offers are already changing or sold out. The retailer was offering a $ 10 credit with the purchase of a $ 40 gift card. The deal is no longer available since this article was published on Thursday. The website now says to come back for their Prime Day gift card promotion.

Related: Amazon to reimburse millions of dollars in tips wrongly withheld from Michigan drivers, says Nessel

Copyright 2021 by WDIV ClickOnDetroit – All rights reserved.

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82 new cases, total 204,472 with 3 new deaths and 192,629 cured Thu, 17 Jun 2021 02:35:31 +0000

SANTA FE – Officials from the New Mexico Department of Health today announced 82 new cases of COVID-19.

Los Alamos County is not reporting any new cases today, so the total remains 535 people who have tested positive for COVID-19. (County totals are subject to change after further investigation and residency determination of those positive for COVID-19.)

This update today includes 3 new deaths in New Mexico linked to COVID-19.

The New Mexico Department of Health reports the most recent cases:

  • 22 new cases in Bernalillo County
  • 1 new case in Cibola County
  • 1 new case in Colfax County
  • 3 new cases in Curry County
  • 8 new cases in Doña Ana County
  • 3 new cases in Eddy County
  • 2 new cases in Grant County
  • 2 new cases in Guadalupe County
  • 1 new case in Lincoln County
  • 3 new cases in Luna County
  • 1 new case in McKinley County
  • 6 new cases in Rio Arriba County
  • 4 new cases in Sandoval County
  • 11 new cases in San Juan County
  • 2 new cases in San Miguel County
  • 3 new cases in Santa Fe County
  • 2 new cases in Socorro County
  • 2 new cases in Taos County
  • 1 new case in Torrance County
  • 4 new cases in the county of Valencia

The Department of Health is today reporting 3 more deaths in New Mexico linked to COVID-19:

A recent death:

  • A man in his 50s from Santa Fe County. The person was hospitalized with underlying medical conditions.

Two * deaths> 30 days:

  • A woman in her 50s from Doña Ana County. The person was hospitalized and suffered from underlying conditions.
  • A woman in her sixties from the county of Valencia. The individual had underlying conditions.

* COVID-related deaths are reported when a death certificate has been issued and some death certificates are delayed due to insufficient information.

The death toll of New Mexico residents linked to COVID-19 is now 4,305.

The ten zip codes across the state with the most COVID-19 cases today are:

  • 87114 – 5
  • 87528 – 5
  • 87107 – 3
  • 87121 – 3
  • 87420 – 3
  • 88030 – 3
  • 88101 – 3
  • 87031 – 2
  • 87059 – 2
  • 87109 – 2

The number of cases and daily test numbers are raw data based on information the state receives today, i.e. data that has not yet been reviewed to identify potential duplicates or the positives or negatives arrived late. On the other hand, the County level analysis red yellow green provides a very accurate image for a period of two weeks.

Previously reported figures included two cases in Bernalillo County that were identified as duplicates; these have now been fixed.

Including the cases reported today, New Mexico has recorded a total of 204,472 cases of COVID-19:

  • Bernalillo County: 58,835
  • Catron County: 95
  • Chaves County: 9057
  • Cibola County: 2,897
  • Colfax County: 798
  • Curry County: 5,279
  • Baca County: 177
  • Doña Ana County: 25,020
  • Eddy County: 6,926
  • Grant County: 1,743
  • Guadalupe County: 455
  • Harding County: 12
  • Hidalgo County: 365
  • Léa County: 8,388
  • Lincoln County: 1,762
  • Los Alamos County: 535
  • Luna County: 3,374
  • McKinley County: 12,360
  • Mora County: 173
  • Otero County: 4,050
  • Quay County: 532
  • Rio Arriba County: 3,740
  • Roosevelt County: 2,021
  • Sandoval County: 12,195
  • San Juan County: 15,631
  • San Miguel County: 1,391
  • Santa Fe County: 10,548
  • Sierra County: 781
  • Socorro County: 1,325
  • Taos County: 1,699
  • Torrance County: 875
  • Union County: 258
  • Valence County: 6,864

County totals are subject to change after further investigation and residency determination of those positive for COVID-19.

The Department of Health is today reporting the following numbers of COVID-19 cases among people detained by federal agencies at the following facilities:

  • Cibola County Correctional Center: 445
  • Otero County Federal Correctional Institution: 447
  • Otero County Treatment Center: 249
  • Torrance County Detention Center: 184

The Department of Health is currently reporting the following numbers of COVID-19 cases among people held by New Mexico Corrections at the following facilities:

  • Central New Mexico Correctional Facility in Valencia County: 298
  • Guadalupe County Correctional Facility: 253
  • Lea County Correctional Facility: 762
  • Northeastern New Mexico Correctional Facility in Union County: 167
  • Northwestern New Mexico Correctional Center in Cibola County: 128
  • Otero County Correctional Facility: 473
  • New Mexico Penitentiary in Santa Fe County: 219
  • Roswell Correctional Center: 229
  • Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility in Doña Ana County: 231
  • Springer Correctional Center in Colfax County: 151
  • Western New Mexico Correctional Facility in Cibola County: 75

To date, 98 people are hospitalized in New Mexico for COVID-19. That number may include people who tested positive for COVID-19 out of state but hospitalized in New Mexico. This number does not include New Mexicans who have tested positive for COVID-19 and may have been transferred to an out-of-state hospital.

To date, there are 192,629 cases of COVID-19 designated as cured by the New Mexico Department of Health.

The Department of Health has identified at least one positive case of COVID-19 today among residents and / or staff in the past 28 days at the following long-term care facilities:

  • The Aristocrat Assisted Living in Alamogordo
  • Beehive Maisons Clovis
  • Farmington Beehive Houses
  • Portales beehive houses
  • Cedar Ridge Inn in Farmington
  • Society of the Good Samaritan Las Cruces
  • Homes with assisted living by heart
  • Laguna Rainbow treatments at Casa Blanca
  • The Rio Rancho neighborhood Assisted living in Rio Rancho
  • Red Rocks Care Center in Gallup
  • Retirement ranches in Clovis
  • The Rio Las Estancias in Albuquerque
  • Sierra Hills Assisted Living in Truth or Consequences
  • Sugar Hollow Assisted Living in Albuquerque

The Department of Health has detected community spread in the state of New Mexico and is investigating cases with no known exposure. The agency reports that given the infectious nature of the virus, it is likely that other residents are infected but have not yet tested or confirmed positive.

To this end, all New Mexicans have been ordered to stay at home, except for outings that are absolutely necessary for health, safety and well-being. These additional restrictions were enacted to aggressively minimize person-to-person contact and ensure the spread is mitigated. New Mexicans are strongly urged to limit travel to what is necessary for health, safety and well-being.

The New Mexico Department of Health conducts active positive patient surveys, which include contact tracing and swabbing of symptomatic individuals who have been in contact with positive cases.

Every New Mexican must work together to stem the spread of COVID-19. Stay home, especially if you are sick. Wear a mask or face covering in public and around others.

New Mexicans who report symptoms of COVID-19 infection, such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, repeated tremors with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, stuffy or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea and / or loss of taste or odor should immediately call their health care provider or the NMDOH COVID-19 hotline (1-855-600-3453).

The Department of Health strongly encourages the following groups to get tested:

  • Symptomatic people with COVID-19 symptoms of fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, repeated tremors with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, stuffy or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea and / or loss of taste or feel;
  • Asymptomatic people who are close contacts or household members of people in their infectious period who have previously tested positive for the coronavirus;
  • Asymptomatic people who live or work in collective settings such as long-term care facilities and group homes; and
  • Patients who are due for surgery and whose provider has advised them to get tested before surgery.

New Mexicans who have questions or concerns unrelated to health can also call 833-551-0518 or visit State of New Mexico, which is regularly updated as a single source of information for families, workers and others affected by and seeking more information on COVID-19.

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Ukraine promulgates law on the introduction of an information and telecommunications system for preliminary investigations Wed, 16 Jun 2021 20:40:03 +0000

On June 16, 2021, Ukrainian Law No. 1498-IX On amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine regarding the introduction of the information and telecommunications system of the preliminary investigation entered into force.

The relevant amendments establish the legal framework allowing a participant in criminal proceedings to use an information and telecommunications system for the preliminary investigation. In this context, the System:

  • enable the creation, collection, storage, retrieval, processing and transfer of materials and information for criminal proceedings;
  • allow participants in criminal proceedings to access items stored in the system;
  • allow the provision of preliminary investigation documents in electronic form;
  • recognize documents signed with an electronic signature as originals.

We believe that these changes will improve the efficiency of the criminal process and allow for more effective interaction between the parties during the proceedings. The system will go into service on December 15, 2021.


Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to the Code of Criminal Procedure of Ukraine regarding the introduction of the information and telecommunications system of the preliminary investigation” No. 1498-IX of June 1, 2021 (in Ukrainian).

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Britain’s biggest family vacation plans over expensive Covid testing Wed, 16 Jun 2021 15:32:24 +0000

BRITTANY’S BIGGEST FAMILY has revealed they will no longer travel abroad due to the exorbitant costs of coronavirus tests.

The Morecambe family of 24 had originally planned to travel to Portugal, but these were abandoned after considering the cost of getting a PCR test for some family members.

These tests can cost hundreds of dollars depending on where you buy them.

Speaking about one of their YouTube vlogs posted earlier this month, Sue Radford said, “We’re not going overseas this year.

“We increased the price from Portugal and were about to book it when Noel said we better see what the requirements are to go overseas.

“And basically… it would have cost us £ 3,500 before we even booked the holiday.

“It was just for corona testing, so we were like absolutely impossible to do it.

“I hope next year will be a little better.”

Sue and Millie in the YouTube video (Photo credit: YouTube / The Radford Family)

However, Sue revealed that the family have holiday plans in place to take place in the UK, but has remained tight-lipped on the details.

She said, “We’re going to do something.”

My daughter, Millie added that so many things they tried to organize were already booked, but they secured another trip to Alton Towers.

Lancashire Telegraph: The Family at Alton Towers (Jeff Spicer / PA)Family at Alton Towers (Jeff Spicer / PA)

In May, Sue and Noel Radford brought 15 of their 22 children – aged 1 to 19 – to the attraction with their eight-month-old granddaughter.

“With a brood as large as ours, it is often difficult for us to find a place that we can all go to and that everyone will enjoy,” said Mr and Mrs Radford.

“The noise the kids made when we told them we were going to Alton Towers Resort was almost as loud as when they all tried the Runaway Mine Train for the first time!”

What are the rules for traveling to Portugal during the pandemic?

The UK government has announced a traffic light system in which certain countries are placed on a “green” “amber” and “red” list depending on how they are to travel and return.

Earlier this month, Portugal moved from the Green List to the Orange List, which means vacationers will face stricter restrictions and costs if they plan to visit the country.

According to the latest changes, tourists who travel to Portugal despite its Amber List rating will no longer have to take a PCR test before leaving the UK.

Instead, UK holidaymakers can have a negative antigen test (which is cheaper than a PCR test) done within 24 hours of departure; or they can choose to have the PCR test within 72 hours of travel.

The FO notice states: “With the exception of children up to the age of 2, you must have proof of a negative COVID-19 test to travel to or through Portugal. The test can be :

“You must present your test certificate before boarding your flight to Portugal. Your airline may deny boarding if you cannot show it at check-in. Check with your airline before traveling. ”

Anyone arriving in the UK from Portugal must then undergo two PCR tests upon their return.

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