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Britain’s best theme parks will get a spooky Halloween makeover in October, with a range of spooky events and spooky experiences planned.

It’s the perfect excuse for a fun, Halloween-themed family break over the mid-term vacation with more wicked activities than you can shake a stick (or wand) and cheap family accommodation in proximity.


Beware of the Wild Witches of Adventure Point casting spooky spells this Halloween at Chessington World of Adventures

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Chessington World of Adventures Howl’o’ween Event will take over Surrey Park from October 16 to October 31 with fun characters creating a spooky atmosphere and the return of its award-winning spooky maze.

All around the complex, the Wild Witches of Adventure Point will appear to cast spells and bring frightening creatures to life.

In the Forbidden Kingdom area, ancient Egyptian crocodile god Sobek will offer surprise scares to guests around Chessington’s new Croc Drop ride.

The Spooky Caves: The Spooky Resurgence Maze takes center stage as the park’s main spooky attraction, while for young families, the Forgotten Forest Trail leads visitors into the Magical Woods.

There are also live shows from Wilf the Werewolf and the Wild Witches of Adventure Point daily on the mini stage.

At Pirate’s Cove, visitors will be entertained by the lost captain, the Black Buccaneer, while around the Vampire Ride, the terrifying Vampire Villagers are sure to make an appearance.

The Chessington Zoo also offers a series of spooky experiences, with the seasonal Pumpkin Chomp and Stomp enrichment activities for animals, and the chance to get your hands on spooky critters and snakes.

Tickets start from £ 37 per person, with free entry for children under three years old.

Families can book overnight stays at the two themed hotels in the park during Halloween and the October break with prices from £ 372, based on a family of four sharing a standard room.

Alternatively, nearby overnight stays at Premier Inn Chessington are from £ 50.50 in a standard room for a family of four.

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TO Alton towers in Staffordshire, visitors can expect even more Halloween fun for the theme park special Scarefest, which will start October 8-10 before returning from October 15 until Halloween on October 31.

Along with the new Trick O’Treat Town family attraction, visitors can explore a plethora of spooky mazes, including the Darkest Depths ghost ship and Altonville Mine Tours: Uncover the Legend of the Skin Snatchers.

Creepy clowns haunt the Freak Show: Toxic Junkyard maze, while the Dead Governess provides additional scares in The Attic: Terror of the Towers.

Like all places, the park is the spookiest after dark, so the gates will be open until 9 p.m. so guests can experience its attractions at night.

Families looking for a cheap stopover near the resort can find Standard Family Rooms at Travelodge Stafford M6 for £ 54.99 during the school holidays.

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Just in time for the October semester, LegolandThe Brick or Treat Halloween party returns October 14-31.

The family-friendly theme park has plenty of new tricks and treats in store for visitors overseen by its resident Lord Vampyre, including the Creepy Crypt Trail and Monster Rocker’s fang-tastic Pumpkin Trail and the spooky Lego building.

Lord Vampyre’s own Haunted House Monster Party attraction will be open to families, along with costume contests and special Halloween-themed Lego models that will pop up at the resort.

Brick or Treat tickets cost £ 39 per person and for those spooky nights, Windsor Theme Park extends the Halloween theme to its on-site Castle hotel, with family packages from £ 341 per night.

Affordable stays in nearby Windsor include family rooms at Travelodge Windsor Central from £ 49.99 per night.

  • Book Legoland Brick or Treat Halloween Party Tickets here
Spooky mazes and spooky characters abound in UK theme parks this Halloween semester


Spooky mazes and spooky characters abound in UK theme parks this Halloween semester

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EPL: Mikel Arteta picks player after Arsenal beat Burnley Sun, 19 Sep 2021 06:51:53 +0000

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta praised defender Magalhães Gabriel after the Gunners registered their first away Premier League win of the season against Burnley on Saturday.

Arsenal beat Burnley 1-0, thanks to Martin Odegaard’s stunning free-kick at Turf Moor as Arsenal claimed their second consecutive victory of the new campaign.

Arteta described Gabriel’s performance against Burnley as “formidable”.

“We know he is [Gabriel] a player with an incredible future who has already given us a lot, ”said Arteta in his post-match press conference.

“It doesn’t get much harder than playing here in the Premier League and he’s been great today.”

Arteta added: “It was a hard-fought victory in a really difficult location. You must be ready for a fight.

“In the first half we had some really good times where we were really dominant and should have scored more goals. In the second half we gave the ball too often at low cost.

“We have players who are not at their level to play in this type of game, but they did their best and we won.

“I’m very proud of them defensively and I’m really happy with the win.”

Arsenal’s next match will be against Wimbledon in the EFL Cup on Wednesday.

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10 wrestling factions where no one was the leader Sat, 18 Sep 2021 22:00:00 +0000

The history of wrestling factions will usually see a star leading the rest of the group. The leaders of a faction can help make a stable important by their mere presence. Hulk Hogan leading the New World Order, Ric Flair leading the Four Horsemen, and Shawn Michaels leading D-Generation X made these groups relevant from the start.

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However, there have been unique cases of stables not having a leader. The idea behind this thinking is that anyone can get over it. Some stories show no talent above the rest, while some examples just made sense for the angle. Each of the following factions have spent most of their time without a specific leader.

The shield

The shield pose

The magic of The Shield for WWE was that they all came out as equals from day one. WWE clearly viewed Roman Reigns as the greatest prospect of three, but that was not stated in the reservation during their time together.

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Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose have all had the chance to show their overall potential by making great games together. WWE fans considered the three wrestlers to be credible big names when the group broke up, and it helped them all win world titles.

Spirit Squad

Spirit Squad

WWE formed the Spirit Squad by selecting five of the top prospects in the developmental core of Ohio Valley Wrestling. Kenny Dykstra was considered the name with the most potential, but the group has remained linked by identities.

The Spirit Squad has received enough thermal heel work programs with Kane, Big Show, D-Generation X, Ric Flair and a few other big names. WWE might have benefited more from making Kenny the leader since his singles push failed after their split.

Dirty animals

Dirty animals

WCW reserved some of the best members of the cruiserweight division together when creating the Filthy Animals. Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, Konnan, and Billy Kidman were all close friends and it showed during the formation of a faction.

The Filthy Animals received big standing ovations for the beloved act, especially with Torrie Wilson eventually joining them. No one in the group was the leader and they all proved to be equal during their time together.

The new breed

The new breed

WWE’s ECW redesign featured the company hoping to create a third brand with the young stars before moving on to a bigger show. One of the biggest angles featured a stable known as the New Breed rivalry with the Originals.

Elijah Burke received more opportunities than Matt Striker, Kevin Thorne and Marcus Cor Von, but he was never presented as the leader. CM Punk’s short stint in joining the new breed was the closest thing to a leader before it turned on them after a few weeks.

Team Canada

Team Canada

The TNA version of a Team Canada faction created an act with a lot of heat at the heel. Scott D’Amore spoke most of the time as a manager, but wrestlers often held more power than he because of their actions.

Bobby Roode, Eric Young and Petey Williams were all on par as talented rising stars. Team Canada worked because of the anti-American gimmick as a way to get heat at the heel, so a leader was not as important as with other factions.

Ball club

Bullet Club AJ Styles

Wrestling fans have seen people like Finn Balor, AJ Styles, Kenny Omega, and Jay White as the leaders of the Bullet Club. However, the group themselves have made it clear that they never want one person to dominate others.

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Bullet Club was considered a leaderless faction due to the intended outcome of making everyone count. Previous eras would see Styles and Omega say that Karl Anderson was the closest thing to a leader due to his role in starting the group.

Xtreme team

Xtreme team

The trio of Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy and Lita has become one of the most popular artists of the Attitude era. WWE found the perfect chemistry when Lita became a wrestler and joined two wrestlers who had similar personas.

Team Xtreme was the name given to the trio due to their high risk moves. Neither of them played the leading role and it even played out in a storyline when Matt and Jeff got into a mini-feud. Lita was just as important as them as the most beloved woman on the list.

The Radicalz

The Radicalz

The Radicalz’s WWE debut made a huge statement that WCW was reaching the end of the road. Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, and Perry Saturn all left the ship in the early 2000s and presented themselves as a faction together.

Fans naturally viewed Benoit and Guerrero as the leaders due to their success and potential at the time, but no one was a leader above the other. The Radicalz eventually broke up when the group no longer coexisted as characters.


The anti-Americans

WWE wanted to get the heel heat with the concept of The Un-Americans to come when American fans were fully in patriotism in the early 2000s. Lance Storm, Christian, Test and William Regal were all on the same level and no one. was reserved above others.

Promos have often seen Storm speak the most since he had experience with the act in WCW’s Team Canada faction. Test had a big feud with The Undertaker, but he wasn’t booked in a way that put him in the spotlight more than the others at any point.

New day

New Day Summerslam 2015

The success of New Day proves how little it means to have an official leader if the group has enough chemistry. Kofi Kingston could have been the leader on paper at the start of the group since he achieved more than Xavier Woods or Big E.

However, the intention was for all three wrestlers to be equal and to show their real friendship as part of the act. Kingston and Big E each winning the WWE Championship showed they can reach the top together. Even though Woods is the only one who does not reach this level, he is still as important as the other two.

Eric Bischoff, Stéphanie McMahon, Kurt Angle
10 faction members who made no sense

It can be difficult to get every member of a faction correct. Sadly, there have been occasions in the past where faction members made no sense.

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Mason County District Court | Independent Ledger – Maysville Online Sat, 18 Sep 2021 17:31:14 +0000

September 10, President of Judge Kim Leet Razor:

Brian Carl Ball, 39, booster seat violation, failure to produce rejected insurance card with evidence, failure to appear, notice October 20.

Ashton K. Blythe, 23, une / expired license plates, no appearance, notice October 20.

Brandi M. Brannock, 44, license suspended / revoked $ 50 fine, unexpired Kentucky registration receipt rejected with proof, unexpired license plates rejected with proof, failure to produce license insurance rejected, plus legal costs.

Tonya Clark, 48, public controlled substance poisoning, not guilty plea, pre-hearing conference Oct. 18.

Shabrianna Clay, Disorderly Second Degree Conduct, lecture October 4.

Shannon Cooper, 54, unexpired / unexpired Kentucky registration receipt, une / expired license plates, failure to appear, notice Oct. 20.

John Dickson, 43, fourth degree assault with no visible injury, notices Sept. 27.

Noble J. Grooms, 48, leaving the scene of the accident, failure to purchase insurance, driving with suspended DUI license first offense, operating with suspended / revoked license, failure to appear, arrest warrant issued.

Noble J. Grooms, 48, theft by illegal taking under $ 500, failure to appear, arrest warrant issued.

Noble J. Grooms, 48, robbery by illegal taking under $ 500, assault in the fourth degree, no visible injuries, two counts, failure to appear, arrest warrant issued.

Noble Jonathan Grooms, 48, third degree criminal mischief, failure to appear, arrest warrant issued.

William A. Hamilton, 53, no operator license in possession of $ 50 fine, $ 500 / $ 400 insurance breach suspended, court fees waived.

William Honea, 35, second degree disorderly conduct, threatening, not guilty plea, pre-hearing October 13.

Chelsea Anne Horn, 25, not wearing a seat belt. Misappropriation of six months, non-presentation of the rejected insurance card with proof.

Austin Jackson, 21, endangered without cause in first degree, two counts, possession of marijuana, not guilty plea, preliminary hearing Sept. 27.

Austin B. Jackson, 21, unlit back license, drug paraphernalia two counts, not guilty plea, pre-hearing conference Sept. 27.

Austin B. Jackson, 21, minor injuries for fourth degree assault, not guilty plea, pre-hearing conference Sept. 27.

Mikayla Elaine Keyes, 22, une / expired license plates, failure to report, notice Oct 20.

Tommy Lynn Locklear, 43, speeding 24 miles over the limit, operating with suspended / revoked license, possession of open alcohol container in motor vehicle, failure to appear, warrant for arrest issued.

Emilie K. McCane, 31, operating with suspended / revoked license $ 50 fine, failure to wear seat belt $ 25 fine, court fees waived.

Jerry Wayne Phillips, theft by deception under $ 500, failure to appear, arrest warrant issued.

Katelyn Phillips, 26, fraudulent use of a credit card under $ 500, is serving 30 days on parole plus court costs.

Adam Gordon Rhonemus, 32, speeding 10 miles over the dismissed limit.

Joseph Allen Stanton, 47, license plates not / expired, $ 25 fine, court costs waived.

Stephanie Jeanette Streine, 29, unexpired Kentucky registration receipt, une / expired license plates, failure to appear, arrest warrant issued.

Charles Travis Thomas, 72, license plates not / expired, Kentucky registration receipt not / expired, license to possess, business license suspended / revoked, failure to appear, arrest warrant issued.

Catherine Carlene Watkins, 20, unexpired Kentucky registration receipt, une / expired license plates, failure to appear, arrest warrant issued.

Delphia Pitre, 22, minor assault with fourth degree domestic violence, serving 30 days on parole, court fees waived.

William Archie Polley, 30, local bylaw, pre-trial conference October 25.

Tyrik K. Thomas, 25, third degree illegal transaction with minor, pre-trial conference October 25.

Sarah Young, 20, second degree disorderly conduct, pre-trial conference Oct. 4.

Matthew A. Elliott, 34, failure to turn off headlights, driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol third offense, driving with a suspended DUI license first offense, possession of a can of alcohol opened in motor vehicle, possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, not guilty plea, pre-trial conference on September 29.

Kelly Renae Sidebottom, 40, first degree possession of a controlled substance, first offense, fraudulent use of an identity card or electronic code for services, theft by illegal taking, possession of marijuana, public intoxication with controlled substances, drug paraphernalia, not guilty plea, pre-trial conference Sept. 27.

Chasity Dawn Smith, 33, first offense for first degree possession of controlled substances, public controlled substance poisoning, not guilty plea, pre-hearing September 27.

Amie B. Walton, 41, possession of marijuana, first degree possession of controlled substances, public intoxication of controlled substances, failure to appear, warrant for arrest issued.

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School owner’s 11 dogs mutilate toddler to death in Anambra Sat, 18 Sep 2021 17:15:08 +0000

A 2 year old student from Global Growth Academy, Amokpo, Umuanunwa, Nteje, Anambra State, was treated to 11 dogs belonging to the school owner.

The owner of the school, Chef Chinedu Oka, has been informed that he is based in the UK.

A source in the community said the minor was recently enrolled in school by his parents from Anam, in the Anambra West local government area of ​​Anambra state.

“The kindergarten student had been taken to the owner’s compound by another student for a race, where around 11 dogs belonging to the owner, Chief Chinedu Oka, were being bred.

“It was one of the dogs who dragged the little boy to the other 10 who feasted on him to death, with no one in sight to save him.”

The source said vigilant youth from the community entered the compound owned by British company Oka and killed all the dogs.

Police from Oyi Division Headquarters in Nteje confirmed the incident, saying arrests had been made and those arrested were already helping their investigation.

Anambra State Command Police Public Relations Officer, Deputy Police Superintendent (DSP) Tochukwu Ikenga also confirmed the incident, assuring that the situation was under control.

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Brits rush to airports as holiday bookings explode after Orange travel list is removed Sat, 18 Sep 2021 16:48:17 +0000

Vacationers were quick to book their getaways after travel changes also saw costly PCR tests scrapped – with demand for October mid-term breaks booming