Farrah Abraham: teen mom sucks! The Critics Choice Awards are full of S – t!

Believe it or not, Teen mom was nominated for an award!

This is great news for fans of the franchise who wished it had been better recognized for showing the lives and struggles of these young mothers.

You know who is not do you like this news? Farrah Abraham.

Good news for MTV and for Teen mom Fans!

MTV’s official Twitter account tweeted this:

“NEWS: #TeenMom is nominated for Best Unstructured Reality Series at the #CriticsChoice Awards 2018! @AmberLPortwood”

Their competition in this category includes:

Born like this

Ice road truckers


PD live

Ride with Norman Reedus

We’re willing to bet that most people haven’t even heard of every series on the list, but that’s the critics’ choice – this is the series they think is best executed. , not necessarily the most popular series with all viewers. .

But Farrah Abraham was not in a festive mood:

Farrah Abraham in white

Farrah responded to the tweet, writing:

“I don’t think he will win because he is very structured, manipulated by the network.”

So that’s the sort of thing Farrah – like so many disaffected reality TV stars – loves to say about a reality show once they’re gone.

Farrah’s tweet continued: “Almost scripted production and screenplays at this point …”

So nothing we haven’t heard from her before.

Cattily, MTV’s Twitter account replied to Farrah:

“Well, it’s an honor to be nominated, it’s at a really big awards show.”

Farrah Abraham Lingerie

Honestly, part of what must have been under Farrah’s skin was that MTV directly tagged Amber Portwood in the ad.

Farrah really don’t like Amber Portwood.

But another problem Farrah has lately is that she is being forced by a producer to choose between continue sex work or be a Teen mom og Star.

(It’s a little more complicated than that; we’ll come back to that)

We all remember how Farrah Abraham spoke of “hate crimes”, what she apparently believes are just things people hate.

She accused Viacom, the parent company of MTV which also owns most of the things that don’t belong to Disney (we’re exaggerating … hardly) of shaming her.

She first announced that she had been fired … then clarified that she was do not dismissed, simply hateful and ashamed of sex.

Farrah Abraham in Camsoda Merch

The real story behind Farrah Abraham’s “dismissal” is that a producer who does not represent either Viacom or MTV presented Farrah with the ultimatum: stop camgirling or quit Teen mom.

He didn’t have the power to do that. He also appeared to stage the situation so that Farrah’s reaction could be filmed. Maybe he was just looking for a drama.

However, it caused a serious split between Farrah and MTV and Viacom, as Farrah tends to explode with anger and resentment instead of, you know, realizing that a silly producer has overstepped his limits.

In the process, she may have moved away from decision-makers who do matter.

And that’s what Farrah’s response to the MTV nomination was – she’s still bitter and resentful and, as usual, has spent a lot of time and energy going after the wrong people throughout. by making matters worse for itself.

It is, if nothing else, very branded for her.

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