Farrah Abraham slams MTV and ‘Teen Mom’ over her dismissal

Farrah Abraham is not on her Teen mom cooking. The reality TV star has slammed the cast of the reality TV series and the producers of MTV on social media. As fans know, Farrah always talks about what she believes in. She defends herself when no one else does.

On Thursday September 24th, Farrah wrote a passionate Instagram post. She hit back amid allegations surrounding Ellen DeGeneres. Farrah shared an excerpt from Fox news host Tucker Carlson who reported that Ellen felt “betrayed” by these allegations and “wanted out of the show.” Inspired by Ellen’s story, Farrah decided to share her thoughts on her shot on MTV.

Farrah Abraham still suspended on dismissal

the Teen mom og star claimed that MTV housed a toxic work environment as well as. It included a video of MTV producer Morgan J. Freeman accusing Farrah of being the worst Teen mom. He said it was difficult to work with her. She claimed she had to choose between filming the series or working in the adult entertainment industry.

MTV fired Farrah after playing in the Backdoor Teen Mom adult video with James Deen.

“Ladies, [your] the journey of adulthood never means you have to succumb to a man [sic] mediocrity like other weak teenage moms have by every way, ”she wrote in the caption.

Besides, Farrah didn’t like the way Teen mom portrayed her on the show. She didn’t like having to choose between reality TV and the adult industry. However, it is common, even if it is not fair. As Ace TV Shows reported, TLC fired 90 day fiancé star Larissa Lima to appear on CamSoda. And Love island the producers removed Noah Purvis during his adult entertainment career.

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1. MORGAN CALL ME AFTER THAT and gave me a Teenage Mom or Adult Entertainment ultimatum and I chose “FARRAH ABRAHAM”. path. 2. Ben Hurvitz from Viacom told me to have fun on this show after wrongly firing my 8 year old story producer for no reason, but other moms have their producers as god moms of their kids and the like. female executives had left which supported the female outlook. Odd Morgan’s choice of words and lying to my face and the world I am about, the hardest worker, a woman who got fired when she’s down, who shows kindness and generosity, but I don’t give my life to fake stories and failed justice and against why I joined this show. It’s weird how men try to make a widowed teen mom famous for being a pornstar, but they are the ones who watch porn and I haven’t changed careers and a career is not sexually transmitted . Again an example of a clearly mediocre type casting. 3. The rest of the women on the crew infected with evil neuroses created fake scenes, dramas, disrespected my parents, ignored my counseling limits, and created fights in front of my daughter. This mother chooses her child above all. 4. In addition to being fired on a day when I had no plans to work and the production did not complete its own contract, I summed it up to the privilege of white men, careers are not sexually transmitted, I do not have to conform to gender norms, and as the woman who wishes to have my fame, my wealth, my life and my strength and instead live in a failed reality of “family, friends, in a team”, entertainment is strictly professional, as always my talent from past shows has learned from me if you want a better deal, legal protection, a professional atmosphere then business is business. Not a network family – it’s business. 5. It’s pathetic Teen Mom never grew up with their main talent (myself) My brand shows beyond woman to not have to conform to gender norms, not to allow reverse physiology privileged men, whom I have the chance to be the first woman among all those who wanted better for the whole network

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“… I am the hardest worker, a woman [who has] was fired when she’s down, who shows kindness and [gives,] but i don’t give my life to [a] false story … [which is] against the reason I joined this show, ”argued Farrah in her post.

Additionally, Farrah claims the drama was scripted. She argued that she had not signed up for a “psychodrama”, rather a documentary about her life. The influencer also accused MTV of creating a “false sense” of her character. She claims it was not a healthy environment for her and her daughter.

Former MTV star accuses producers of fabricating dramas

Farrah Abraham criticized the cast and crew for creating a manufactured drama.

“The rest of the women on the crew infected with the perverse neuroses created fake scenes, dramas, disrespected my parenthood, ignored my counseling limits and created fights in front of my daughter,” he said. Farrah continued. “This mother chooses her child above all.”

In the long post, the controversial celebrity referred to herself as the show’s “frontman”. Then Farrah added that it was “deplorable” how much the show had changed. She also tagged Creative Artists Agency and ViacomCBS in her post. Farrah’s latest post is interesting when she already hinted at her daughter, Sophia abraham, struck a deal with MTV earlier this year.

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