‘Every time I lift James Harden off the ground, it’s a lift’: Patty Mills and Kevin Durant create incredibly funny story on Brooklyn Nets bench after Ben Simmons trade

Patty Mills and Kevin Durant shared a lighthearted moment while indirectly reminiscing about their time with James Harden on the Nets.

By now, most NBA fans will have realized how big a risk the Brooklyn Nets took last January by trading for Harden. It’s not that James Harden wasn’t a player worth betting on. The man is an MVP and a four-time scoring champion, after all.

However, it is still possible to improve a team at either end of the pitch by improving its depth. And the Brooklyn Nets took a big hit on those terms, traded or swapped picks with Houston for the long haul.

In return, they now have Ben Simmons, who is theoretically even better suited than Harden, but hasn’t played this year. It will take the two-time All-Star a few weeks to return to some semblance of playing in NBA live action.

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The acrimonious manner of Beard’s exit from Brooklyn and the leaking of reports back and forth by the Sixers and Nets camps make it clear that the split was not made in heaven. It has been reported that Harden was particularly upset with Kyrie Irving and his antics this year.

Patty Mills and Kevin Durant share a lighthearted moment at the expense of James Harden

Now that Ben is in New York and about to take to the field, Brooklyn Nets fans can afford to poke fun at their former player, who is now on his 3rd team in 14 months. They do just that on NBA Reddit.

A user posted a clip from earlier this year, in which Patty Mills is seen helping out James Harden. Watching Kevin Durant and co on the bench, the Boomers legend was found saying:

“Every time I lift James Harden off the ground, it counts as a lift.”

Now, there are many ways to take this comment, which is exactly why the internet chooses childish. A browse through the comments of posts should tell you a lot about how NBA Redditors think!

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