Every Stranger Things game and appearance, ranked

Netflix’s Stranger Things has become a global phenomenon ever since the not-so-calm town of Hawkins first crept into our hearts in 2016. The intriguing supernatural premise set against a backdrop of ’80s nostalgia wasn’t just a labor of love for the creators of series. Duffer Brothers, but a proven recipe for success, because now it’s hard to go anywhere without getting a glimpse of the Upside Down.

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Like any gigantic entertainment property, Stranger Things has now spread far beyond its humble streaming beginnings – the gang is now firmly cemented in novels, comics, tabletop RPGs, and of course video games. While fans haven’t had an ambitious triple-A adventure yet, there have been plenty of weird original titles and exciting crossovers to play.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

Stranger Things The Seven Deadly Sins crossover eleven powerful pose demogorgon nosebleed silhouetted in background

Originally released in March 2020, The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is a mobile RPG available for IOS and Android users. The anime-inspired game lets fans experience adventures in the world of the series through a skill-based card battle system.

As one of Netflix’s most critically acclaimed anime originals, a collaboration with Stranger Things was certainly an effective synergy capitalization for the streaming service. The limited-time event ran from April 27 to May 11, 2021 and allowed players to step into the shoes of Eleven, Will, Mike and Hopper. While it definitely has its limits, this unique crossover gave fans a unique cinematic experience, cool bonus rewards, and brought an exciting anime explosion to Upside Down.

Rocket league

Stranger Things Rocket League crossover official game illustration football arena with mindflayer in assault background

Psyonix’s already successful Rocket League only gained popularity after going free in September 2020. The title is now considered one of the best multiplayer games on the market, while having a dominant presence in the market. eSports scene. The rocket-powered soccer game has collaborated with several other gaming and pop culture franchises over the years, including Stranger Things.

In October 2019, to celebrate Halloween, the game transported its farm arena to the Upside Down, with a terrifying Mind Flayer overseeing all the action. During the event, players could participate in matches to win candy corn in exchange for fall-themed cosmetics, including top-secret products developed at Hawkins National Laboratory.

VR experience

VR Experience Stranger Things Game official screenshot byers family lounge christmas lights

With virtual reality still a fairly new concept, new content is always exciting, especially when it’s free. Stranger Things: The VR Experience took players on a tour of Byers’ Christmas-clad house, becoming more intimate than ever with the town of Hawkins.

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As you walk around the house with only a motion-controlled flashlight in hand, you will see familiar Easter eggs from the show while experiencing strange phenomena before being finally greeted by the Demogorgon. Overall, the short game isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s a nice showcase of VR capabilities that fans of the series will surely appreciate.


Stranger Things Minecraft crossover game full official artwork main character models

With seemingly endless possibilities, Minecraft has one of the best response values ​​in games. The sandbox building title allows players to get creative and build as they please. Now more than a decade since its initial release, the game has grown into one of the best-known around the world, and developers Mojang Studios are still thinking about engaging new ways to captivate their player base.

Crossovers have been breathing new life and excitement into Minecraft for years. In 2017, following the resounding success of Stranger Things, the main cast was added to the mix in the form of skin packs. Unfortunately, there still hasn’t been an official map added but supporting your favorite character is still a long time.


Forenite Stranger Things Crossover official artwork from the game demogorgon pose menace lakeside backdrop

Fortnite has become known for having some of the best crossover skins in the game, and in 2019 Stranger Things received the treatment when Chief Hopper and the Demogorgon were included in the Battle Royale during the Fortnite X Stranger Things crossover event.

The event was held with the aim of promoting the show’s highly anticipated third season. It featured upside down portals on the map, which, if entered, would transport the player to another portal elsewhere on the map. Fan-favorite Chips Ahoy ice cream shop was also included for players to visit on their way to their victory royale.

Stranger Things: The Game

Stranger Things 1984 The Game official illustrations of the main cast of playable character sprites

The first mobile interaction in the series came when Stranger Things: The Game released in October 2017 for IOS and Android users. The gameplay is a classic beat-em-up adventure where the player can take control of seven playable characters (namely Hopper, Will, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Eleven and Nancy) in a non-canon storyline that takes place between the first and second seasons of the series.

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The retro-styled 16-bit title has perhaps been the most apt adaptation of the series so far, emulating popular NES games of the time – truly taking gamers back to the ’80s, giving them the chance to explore various locations in Hawkins and uncover an alluring mystery along the way.

Stranger Things 3: The Game

Stranger Things 3 The Game official artwork dustin lucas mike eleven sera max

The follow-up from BonusXP developers to their aforementioned mobile exclusive title has come in the form of the aptly named Stranger Things 3: The Game. Launched in conjunction with the release of season three, this installment features a playable version of the series’ plot, as well as a new set of side quests to take on.

Players can take control of all of the same characters as the previous game and then some with the additions of Joyce and Jonathan. Local co-op support is also included, allowing fans and their friends to take on the Mind Flayer together. Sadly, for unknown reasons, the title was pulled from digital storefronts in August 2021 but is still available to anyone who had previously purchased the title.


Stranger Things Smite crossover official illustration of the game jim hopper weapon and flashlight in hands

One of the franchise’s last crossovers came when Upside Down took to the battlefield of the iconic High Rez Studios-inspired MOBA, Smite. The alternate dimension has infiltrated the Roman Colisuam games map, and skins for Eleven, Hopper, The Demogorgon, and The Mind Flayer have all become available to players through the exclusive Smite x Stranger Things Battle Pass.

As a combat-focused title, Smite has arguably delivered one of the funniest video game iterations in the series to date. Despite the time-limited event, fans can still get their hands on the skins and enjoy wreaking havoc as a monstrous Mind Flayer or unleashing Eleven’s powerful telekinetic powers on the opposing team.

Death by the light of day

Dead By Daylight Stranger Things game official crossover art Steve and Nancy fear pose demogorgon chase in background

Behavioral Interactive’s gripping survival game, Dead By Daylight has grown into one of the most famous multiplayer titles available in recent years thanks to its intriguing gameplay loop that pits a team of up to four survivors against a ruthless killer. Since its initial release, Dead By Daylight has showcased a number of popular horror franchises by injecting weird familiar faces into the game.

With its big emphasis on supernatural horror, a Stranger Things crossover seemed inevitable, and in August 2019, fans were finally treated to one. Steve and Nancy were added to the survivor pool, and the Demogorgon became available as a killer. Getting into first-person persona of the interdimensional creature to mercilessly hunt down survivors is an adrenaline-filled experience while using Steve and Nancy’s unique perks to outsmart the killer can be a thrill ride. Fans will have to hurry, however, if they wish to dive in, as the DLC only stays in digital storefronts until November 2021.

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