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Thanksgiving table decorations are a lovely way to set a festive table (along with the essentials, of course) after the holidays are over. Whether you go for fall-themed pieces and scented candles that reflect the fall vibe or something more specific (eg, turkey-shaped candle holders or anything that says “Thank You”), these Thanksgiving table decor ideas will immerse you in the spirit of the season.

If you’re not into cooking, decorating might be the way you get on vacation. Or, maybe you’re a crafty person who likes to imagine new tabletop displays to always keep parents and guests guessing. Either way, now is a good time to think about linens, decorations, and fun dishes to help you serve your feast.

Are you looking for inspiration? Gather together – here are 20 currently available Thanksgiving table decor items that will make your holiday shine.

Best Thanksgiving Table Decorating Ideas

Want to add a touch of color to your table? This table runner is a gorgeous way to do it inexpensively. Not only will it add warmth to your table, but it can also be used throughout the fall. This table runner is 100% cotton and perfectly sized for a table that can accommodate 4 to 6 guests.

$ 21.99 AT WAYFAIR

If you dare to save space on the Thanksgiving table, why not opt ​​for a festive centerpiece? This one features matching maple leaves and three great places for pillar candles. It will really help put your whole Thanksgiving table together.


This round tablecloth might not be the best solution for your main Thanksgiving table, but it will easily brighten up a dessert or table with a festive charcuterie board on top. According to one of his many fans who bought it from Wayfair, this fabric is also durable enough for outdoor use if needed.

$ 13.99 AT WAYFAIR

It can often be difficult to find seasonal glasses and dishes that are not showy. However, these stunning wheat wine glasses are a great way to celebrate the fall season – and all other seasons as well, to be honest. Made in the USA, they’re dishwasher safe and ready to help you and your guests immerse yourself in a lively (responsible way, of course). These come in a set of 4.


Even if you choose not to have a turkey this year, you can still thank the popular bird by presenting these adorable candle holders. Six come in a package, and they are sure to delight your guests. Amazon user (and supposed grandmother) Texas grandma was quite a fan of his review, stating, “These looked so cute with battery operated orange tea lights on our Thanksgiving table. My young grandsons really enjoyed them. They could also be used with a place card to sit on. They are heavy and stand up well.

$ 22.99 AT AMAZON

If you are having a fancy Thanksgiving dinner, this might not suit your mood. But if you have a bunch of kids in the family who might be prone to breaking down if dinner isn’t served at a certain time, then these placemats are absolutely perfect. They come in a set of 12 and are a great way to show kids that not only are they welcome at the feast, but their coloring skills make dinner even more special.


Thanksgiving is the time to pull out the right towels. (Or, uh – any napkin, if you’re the type of person who relies primarily on paper napkins for messes.) This seasonal set from Pier 1 is a gorgeous – and practical – way to brighten up your table. .

$ 29.95 AT QUAI ONE

Not very good with words, but looking for a great way to toast the annual Thanksgiving toast? Let this room do the work. This festive orange and brown pumpkin has silver brushed accent text that reads: “Bless the harvest and give thanks. Simple, but sincere.

$ 49.95 AT QUAI ONE

Want to make Thanksgiving a more magical experience? Consider dimming the main lights and adding some lighting with this sparkling garland. You can place it directly in the center of the table, or even along the edges. Even without using the lights, it is still a very festive piece of decoration.

$ 7.99 AT AMAZON

Place cards turn any dinner party into a fancy occasion. It’s also something that really appeals to kids, so you can give them the task of making sure everyone has a seat at the table. Amazon Reviewer Marci W had another cute use for these after purchasing them. “These are super cute. [We] use them for Thanksgiving. Instead of business cards, we [write] positive words on them and put them all around the table, ”she said. It’s a pretty awesome way to celebrate. BTW, this set even comes with 20 cards to write down your intentions.

$ 7.99 AT AMAZON

One of the best things about Thanksgiving is seeing the table with so many delicious foods and sides on top. This trivet is a cute way to keep dishes a little warmer, which means it will brighten up your table and do some pretty important service. This is the product you probably didn’t even realize you needed.


Tea lights are a great way to set the mood for any hangout. Best of all, these flameless LED tea lights are maintenance-free – so you don’t have to worry about a niece or nephew accidentally touching or knocking them over. These battery operated lights can be used across the table or you can add them to your centerpiece.

$ 16.99 AT AMAZON

If you are planning on having a lot of kids, this gratitude tree could be a wonderful centerpiece that anyone can participate in. All you have to do is write down what you’re grateful for. Truly, it is a decorative piece that should be the center of your table all year round.


If you have fancy napkins, you should invest in a fancy towel rack set. Are they needed at 98% of the dinners you organize during the year? Probably not. But Thanksgiving is the Super Bowl of dinner parties. You want to treat him with respect and go all out.

$ 12.79 AT JC PENNEY

Best cheap Thanksgiving Table Decor

It can often be difficult to find seasonal glasses and dishes that are not showy. However, these stunning wheat wine glasses are a great way to celebrate the fall season – and all other seasons as well, to be honest. Made in the USA, they’re dishwasher safe and ready to help you and your guests immerse yourself in a lively (responsible way, of course). These come in a set of 4.


You can wrap them around the large plate of turkey, or maybe wrap them around the mashed potatoes. These artificial vines are just one more accessory that will give your table an Instagram worthy look. They are an inexpensive way to feel festive and can stay on display during the holiday season.

$ 7.99 AT AMAZON

If you’re having a low-key Thanksgiving in your home this year, these festive paper plates are the way to go. (Plus, having extra plates is always a good idea for a crowd.) Now you can spend less time doing the dishes and more time with your family. There are 8 plates per package.


It’s almost inevitable: Thanksgiving means spills. There are so many hands around the table that something is bound to leak. This tablecloth is affordable for all budgets and will save you some headaches. Plus, the warm colors and golden details are sure to stun.

$ 12.91 AT AMAZON

It’s great to find such a festive tablecloth for under $ 20. This one might remind you of Thanksgiving dinners from your past. Warm, welcoming colors set the mood for the meal, and it’s a tablecloth you can use throughout fall.

$ 15.99 AT WAYFAIR

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