Easter Eggs You May Have Missed in Scream

There are several big references to the original “Scream” in the final episode, which are more subtle than the direct references made throughout the film.

Our opening scene girl, Tara (Jenna Ortega), is memorable for many reasons, but one thing that will stand out about her for fans of the original is that she’s really following Casey Becker’s lead. Casey Becker, the first “opening scene girl” (played by Drew Barrymore), was psychologically tortured by Ghostface over the phone as she ran around her house – but the phone call started innocently enough in her food. Tara’s kitchen, where she’s also entangled in a phone call with Ghostface’s new killer, almost resembles Casey’s. She even plays with a knife in a cutlery block during conversation, like Casey in the first film.

Here’s another one: remember that Nick Cave banger playing during the 1996 original? It’s called “Red Right Hand,” and its brooding tone and creepy beat made it the perfect soundtrack to Woodsboro’s unease during his first Ghostface slaughter. Before it became the theme song for “Peaky Blinders,” the song was practically synonymous with “Scream,” so the makers decided to use it again to highlight the new movie’s first kill. Kyle Gallner’s character Vince, who aggressively tries to get back together with Sonia Ben Ammar’s Liv from the moment he’s introduced onscreen, meets his demise by Ghostface as the first victim – and the bizarre death takes place in a parking lot after he’s been lured to his own car, which is driving with the headlights on and playing the Nick Cave creeper.

Later in 2022’s “Scream,” our favorite sheriff, Dewey Riley (David Arquette), reveals he’s still in possession of his sister Tatum’s ashes. Tatum was played by Rose McGowan in the original film. Speaking of the original movie itself, there’s also a scene where several Woodsboro kids watch ‘Stab’, but it’s actually ‘Scream’ – you can tell because you can hear Barrymore as Casey fight Ghost face.

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