Dodgers: mini surge might not be enough to win Cody Bellinger’s starting role

So far, everything has been going well with Cody Bellinger’s return from a fractured rib. The Dodger outfielder was injured earlier this month in a collision with left fielder Gavin Lux (before he attacked the wall). Since then, Lux had taken over center field (again, before attacking the wall) while Cody was on the injured list.

Right before Cody reached IL, he had undergone a change in focus and approach that had yielded mixed results. Now, after coming back from IL, that swing change produced a home run, a single, and a few hard hits along the way. With that in mind, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts was invited to share his assessment of Bellinger’s situation on the swing front.

I think the swing itself is much more functional. He hit a hard ball, stayed in a hard ball last night which was good to see… [so] as much as mechanically, considerably better.

Where Doc’s tone changed was on his overall assessment of appearances on Cody’s plates. Something that could apparently cost him playoff opportunities.

I think now, and given that we don’t have a lot of time left as we watch the rest of the season and into the playoffs, it always has to be a batting quality. Do not run after a 3-2 pitch below [the strike zone]. Really, it’s just about keeping on competing and taking some good hitters and going at bat.

The lawsuit has been a growing problem for Bellinger over the past two plus years. It is swinging on throws which are balls – sometimes obviously balls – out of the zone. With the emergence of Gavin Lux at center field, and primarily his bat playing in September, Cody has an obvious contender for his home plate appearances in the outfield. In fact, he has someone who deserved these appearances far from him.

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While Belli has experienced a mini surge since the swing change (2 doubles and a home run in 25 batters), this small sample size probably won’t and really shouldn’t be enough to replace a terrible season in the game. ‘together. Yet Dave Roberts likes his guys… And Cody has three more games to make enough of an impression to get his job back.

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