Dodgers: Dave Roberts tries to explain Matt Beaty won’t start

Sunday afternoon was a great time for Dodgers fans. Their guys came out swinging the bats and ended a losing skid to the Brewers. It was also their chance to see Matt Beaty shine, a guy we all know he can hit at any level.

Beaty didn’t just hit, he had a career day. With 7 runs and 4 hits, Beaty was a big part of the reason the Dodgers hung up 16 runs on Milwaukee. So when Beaty’s name didn’t appear in the original Monday roster against the Cubs, fans were wondering.

This match was obviously delayed, but Beaty was not yet in the roster Tuesday morning. The latest lineup announcement for Double Title Game 2 once again does not get it started. That was Doc’s explanation yesterday as to why he wasn’t getting the lead.

Matt had a hell of a day and it was great. But I think the thing for our club and for Matt to have an impact on our club is to get periodic starts to keep him in shape and to be that precious stick off the bench… the plan is to bring Matty in tomorrow. .

Dave Roberts also didn’t start Beaty on Tuesday. He also didn’t go to him in a pinch role in Game 1 with the Dodgers threatening to score. Instead, he went with struggling Edwin Rios who rolled over a slow ground ball first.

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It doesn’t make sense that the Dodgers continue to lead Edwin Rios there when you have a hot hand like Matt Beaty. And that doesn’t mean Matt won’t be coming back to earth at some point. He’s obviously not going to hit base at a 500 clip, but he’s doing it right now.

These decisions are hurting the team right now. Rios needs a little time to straighten things out, but not at the cost of losing his grip.

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