Derby Dames celebrates diversity with Pride Scrimmage

Friends of Los Alamos Pride

The Los Alamos Derby Dames (LADD) invite the community to their Rocky Horror Showdown scrimmage on Saturday, June 18 at the Los Alamos County Rink.

The first whistle is at 8 p.m. and admission is free, but monetary donations will be collected for Self Help’s Techo Fund, which helps LGBTQ+ youth and young adults in northern New Mexico secure housing sure.

During intermission, catch a family halftime show by the Atomic Follies. The Follies, founded by local comedian, writer and instructor David Daniel, recently performed two sold-out cabaret shows at Muy Salsas.

This scrum is special to celebrate Pride Month, but the Ladies honor the spirit of Pride Month all year round, said Marissa Poppell, known on the derby track as Rissa Rampage.

“The Los Alamos Derby Dames aren’t just a group of athletes,” she said. “They are mothers, daughters, neighbors, teachers, engineers, entrepreneurs, gays, straights. They are many things at once, but most importantly, they are proud of who they are.

Poppell said the Ladies promote a safe place not just for members of their own league, but for anyone who wants to get involved – volunteers, spectators, skating officials and visiting skaters.

“LADD encourages everyone to be themselves and live an authentic life,” Poppell said. “LADD loves you and we want you to love yourself too! LADD wants to celebrate our diverse and inclusive community. This is what we are and we are proud of it!

Poppell added that Pride Month is a time to remember the struggle so many people have gone through to achieve equality and to be seen for the person they are inside.

“It’s an ongoing fight and the road ahead is not paved for smooth skating,” she said. “While many of us are now in safe places, not everyone has been so fortunate. Persecution and discrimination are still feared, sometimes by those closest to us. Pride is an incredible statement for those who feel insecure. It shows they are not alone. We are here for you. LADD will continue to be a strong support system and is proud to be a member of the LGBTQIA+ family.

Seating at the edge of the track and in the stands is limited. The Ladies recommend bringing a chair for the best experience. LADD merchandise will be available for purchase.

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