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SRINAGAR: The People’s Conference said on Saturday that opposition parties’ silence on Article 370 – repealed by the Center – amounts to approval of the revocation of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir.

The party’s statement came a day after a virtual meeting of leaders of 19 opposition parties demanded the release of all political prisoners in Jammu and Kashmir, the restoration of its full statehood status, including the JK framework of central services and the holding of free and fair assembly elections at the earliest.

“The meeting of 19 opposition parties by selectively repeating the state demand and criminal silence on Articles 370 and 35A approved the revocation of the special status of JK,” said spokesman for the People’s Conference of JK (JKPC), Adnan Ashraf Mir.

“In a statement released after the meeting, there was no question of repealing the decisions taken by the BJP government on August 5, 2019,” he added.

Mir said the opposition had “buried” the demand from the residents of JK to bring back Articles 370 and 35A and the former state’s domicile rights.

“Two senior leaders (CN chairman) Farooq Abdullah and (PDP chairman) Mehbooba Mufti attended the meeting. They failed to convince the opposition parties to inscribe the restoration of Articles 370, 35A and the right at home on their agenda. Why did these senior leaders attend the meeting when they could not persuade the opposition parties of the demands made in the Gupkar Declaration? ”He asked.

The Center had repealed the special status of the JK under Article 370 on August 5, 2019.

The JKPC spokesman said “constructive ambiguity” was a better option than “criminal unambiguity” expressed by the silence of the 19 opposition parties.

“The point is, the easiest way to restore Sections 370 and 35A is through Parliament. The judicial process takes time. The BJP has, in the past, made it clear that it will never restore special status. The position taken by the opposition parties after the meeting makes it clear that they will not restore JK’s special status in parliament, “he said in a statement.

Affirming that both the PDP and the NC “approved” the position of the opposition parties through their participation in the meeting, Mir asserted that Abdullah and Mehbooba nailed the coffin of the special status of JK.

“It seems that the NC and the PDP are too enthusiastic to jump into the framework and be seen wooing the national opposition. But at what cost ? ‘and above all betrayed the commitments made to the people of J&K. “

“If these 19 opposition parties will not support the demand of the people of JK, then what is the pleasure of attending such a meeting?” Mir asked.

He said that the NC and the PDP will have to explain that if the two specters of Indian politics – the ruling party and the opposition parties – are against the reestablishment of the special status, then who will reestablish it in Parliament.

“The current dispensation from power is not exactly known for its tolerance. On the one hand, Mufti-Abdullah is breaking bread with an opposition group that does not have the requirements to be in power.

“Yet they refuse to support the position of the people of JK. If this is the position of these out-of-power parties, they will surely be tougher when they are in power,” he said.

Mir said the JKPC has always maintained that there is a national consensus on Article 370 between the left, right and centrist parties.

Earlier, JKPC Chairman Sajad Lone in a series of tweets said JK leaders should either get the national opposition to approve the demand for the restoration of Section 370 so that there is some hope for the future or just stay away from the united platform. .

“No mention of Article 370 in meetings of opposition parties. I wonder how the leaders of J and K can justify their presence at the meeting if they fail to convince the leaders to talk about 370. La BJP’s anti-370 stance is clear. What is the national stance of the opposition, “Lone said on Twitter.

Lone asked why JK’s leadership was becoming part of a process “that approves of not talking about Section 370” speech.

“Wow, so (you) are part of a national opposition that abandons the 370 and (you) anger and anger a party in power, not known for its tolerance and thus even endangering the state.”

“For heaven’s sake. Let’s at least resolve that if we can’t facilitate, neither will we. J and K leaders should either get the national opposition to approve 370’s request so that nationally, there is hope for a future date or just stay away, “he said.

The National Conference (NC) denounced on Saturday the jibe pulled by the People’s Conference during a meeting of the opposition parties convened by the president of the Congress, Sonia Gandhi, as unfounded and out of step with reality.

The People’s Conference, led by Sajad Lone, said NC President Farooq Abdullah and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) leader Mehbooba Mufti, who attended the virtual meeting on Friday, failed to convince opposition parties to impose the restoration of Articles 370 and 35A of the Constitution. and domicile rights on their agenda.

In a joint statement, the leaders of the NC segment of the Kupwara district, including Choudhary Muhammad Ramzaan, Mir Saifullah, Qaiser Jamsheed Lone, Kafeelur Rehman and Shafqat Watali, declared that the “rants” against the party president came from a person “who is hopelessly inconsistent in his views”.

“Known for its shifting narratives, its only permanent character (of Lone) is that of a pendulum, which keeps swinging from one extreme to the other. From joining the PAGD to its exit, it has does that hurt the cause of the restoration of Sections 370 and 35A, “they said.

The People’s Conference said the leaders of Jammu and Kashmir should either get the national opposition to approve the request for the restoration of Article 370 so that there is some hope in the future or just stay away from the united platform.

However, NC leaders said neither they nor other like-minded political parties needed Lone’s certificate on their commitment to fight for the reinstatement of Article 370.

“In fact, he (Lone) needs to be clear about his desertion from the cause and his recent unabashed rallying with the RSS in Pahalgam,” the joint statement said.

Reiterating the party’s position on the reestablishment of “the abridged democratic and constitutional rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir”, he declared that the NC had never claimed a national consensus on the reestablishment of articles 370 and 35A.

“There are parties which support our position but others which do not and we continue to engage with each of them to convince them”, declared the leaders of the NC.

They said it was unacceptable to be lectured by a party led by an individual who left the People’s Alliance for the Gupkar Declaration (PAGD) and abandoned the fight against the Center’s August 5, 2019 decision to ” to repeal the provisions of Articles 370 and 35A and to branch off the former State of Jammu and Kashmir into the territories of the Union.

“His hesitant approach (of Lone) lets slip his dishonesty about the cause. He has never been honest with either his supporters or the general public. His singular act of deserting the PAGD has been the biggest blow to him. the unity that had been forged to fight for the restoration of the dignity of Jammu and Kashmir. He was rewarded for this by being invited to the high table of the conferences supported by RSS in Jammu and Kashmir “, have- they stated.

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