Court dismisses forgery action against Reps spokesperson Benjamin Kalu

A Federal High Court sitting in Umuahia has dismissed a lawsuit filed against House of Representatives spokesman Benjamin Kalu for allegations of infringement.

An Okey Ezeala had filed a complaint against the representative, alleging name forgery on his academic certifications, he claimed there was a name discrepancy in the legislator’s certificates.

Recall that Chima Anyaso, the PDP candidate who lost in the last election against the legislator made an unsuccessful attempt to join the trial earlier.

But a judgment handed down by Judge AO Chijioke at the Umuahia High Court, the judge dismissed the lawsuit against Representative Benjamin Kalu, describing it as malicious.

Accepting all of the arguments of lead counsel for Representative Benjamin Kalu, KC Nwufor SAN, Judge Chijioke said this was a pre-election matter and therefore, statute-barred and frivolous.

Representative. Benjamin Kalu fully complied with the law in his name change.

“The applicant has failed to differentiate or prove his allegations of forgery and identity theft against Representative Benjamin Kalu,” he said.

The judge, while agreeing with KC Nwufor, SAN, said the plaintiff should have produced the original bearer of the name that Representative Kalu allegedly impersonated.

Addressing Chima Anyaso’s attempt to join the trial as a co-plaintiff against Representative Benjamin Kalu, the court found it improper and malicious given that Chima Anyaso had exhausted all of her rights in the lost case. the election, the electoral tribunal and the court of appeal. .

In the hour and thirty minute judgment, the court also said that the lawsuit against the lawgiver appeared to be a matter of “the hand of Esau and the voice of Jacob.” Thus, confirming statements made by Senior Legislative Assistant to Representative Benjamin Kalu a few days ago, alleging that Chima Anyaso organized and funded the frivolous lawsuit against Representative Kalu to distract him.

After dismissing the case, the court also awarded costs against the plaintiff.

Attempts by our correspondents to speak to Chima Anyaso were unsuccessful because he could not be found after the judgment was pronounced, reports the DAILY POST.

Representative Kalu, when contacted during the judgment, said: “As I have always said, God is the God of justice. As a believer in God, I was convinced that he would not allow injustice to be done against me.

Furthermore, as a product of the judiciary, I had absolute confidence in the ability of the judiciary to uphold justice, especially when the facts speak so clearly for themselves ”

“I have experienced the jurisdiction of justice since the elections, the tribunal and the court of appeal. Thus, I was sure that justice would maintain their fairness and luckily, they did not disappoint me. I thank my supporters who believed in me, supported me and showed great concern during this time. ‘

“It’s been two horrible years, coming and going in court. The idea of ​​this litigation was to distract me from working for the people of Bende, however, I refused to be distracted.

In an interview with our correspondents, KC Nwufor SAN, lead counsel for Representative Kalu, said that all the issues raised by him were fully confirmed by the Court while none of the issues raised by the Applicant have survived. He added:

“It is a day for justice and I am happy that justice has been served. As you can see, this was a frivolous and malicious lawsuit aimed at defaming the reputation of one of the best lawmakers Abia State has ever sent to Abuja. He aimed to tarnish his reputation as an image maker and spokesperson for the National Assembly; a man who has resisted any attempt to blackmail him into this matter.

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