Coufal and Souček surprise children at the Holiday Active Fund program

Comments from families include:

“It’s a great experience for my children. I used to worry about what we would do over the holidays, but to have this on our doorstep for free and with a club like West Ham is amazing.

“It’s been a huge relief financially and just being able to give my daughter a safe place to go where she can meet and play with others over the holidays has been awesome.”

“We love the recipe cards and ingredients, it’s something we’ve all gotten involved in and it’s been really helpful in finding ways to make food stretchier.”

Following the launch of the Players Project in 2018, male, female and academy players helped raise awareness of key areas of community work including poverty; demonstrate their support in a variety of ways, ranging from volunteering their time, offering donations and advocating for crucial causes.

Former club captain Mark Noble has regularly shown his support for initiatives within the poverty strand and during the pandemic, with the boroughs of East London and Essex being disproportionately affected and pressures on food banks increasing , the whole team became more involved in this area.

West Ham United Foundation program director Bryan Glover said: “Over the past four years we have seen demand for these programs increase and so we are delighted that we have been able to continue to strengthen our efforts and partner with local councils. to support even more children, families and communities.

“When you hear and see the difficulties people are facing, it is distressing and it is an issue that everyone at West Ham cares about. Although we are proud to have delivered so many meals and activities so far, we are committed to continuing to meet needs, collaborate and make a positive difference wherever we can.

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