Christopher Walken’s Most Memorable Roles, Ranked From Worst To Best

Sometimes things that seem like a good idea on paper aren’t executed well enough, especially in Hollywood. A prime example of this is the disappointing film ‘Man of the Year’, released to poor reviews in 2006. It stars Robin Williams as talk show host Tom Dobbs, who decides to run for president. He ends up in the White House, not because he’s the right person for the job, but because there’s been a mistake with the voting machines.

In theory, a political satire starring Williams as a commentator-turned-president sounds like comedic gold. Add in Christopher Walken as the gruff, sour-tongued manager (and later campaign organizer), and the bombastic Lewis Black as the editor, and you have what seems like a recipe for success. They certainly have their moments, but the film gets bogged down in subplots that are both boring and hard to believe.

Overall, critics hated it: “Man of the Year” only got 21% on Rotten Tomatoes. Those who enjoyed it did so because of Walken. “Christopher Walken, as Tom’s wise and loyal manager, is having a great time, as he always does, stopping mid-sentence, raising his eyebrows and defying gravity with his hair,” said the New York Times.

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