“Cheaper to fly to London than Sarawak” Internet users outraged by expensive plane tickets during Christmas holidays

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Malaysians recently discovered that taking an international flight to London, England is said to be cheaper than taking a domestic flight to Kuching, Sarawak from Kuala Lumpur at Christmas.

Taking their grievances online, netizens had a bone to choose how much local and regional airlines charge for plane tickets to East Malaysia for the upcoming year-end vacation.

A Tweet sent by the user aripfredo asked Malaysian Airlines to explain why the price of tickets from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to Kuching International Airport was so high.

Sharing images from the airline’s booking page, aripfredo made a comparison claiming that a standard direct “economy” class flight to Kuching on December 25, 2021 costs between RM 1,499.18 to over RM 2,000 per compared to a similar plane ticket to London, which costs only RM1469.

(Credit: aripfredo via Twitter)

He joked that it was better for him to celebrate Christmas in London, over 10,000 miles away, rather than returning to his home country just 971 miles across the sea.

In response to Aripfredo’s request (and presumably other internet users who were also triggered by the absurd scenario) Official Malaysian Airline social networks Account had this to say:

“Please note that our prices are set dynamically based on demand and availability. Prices may vary depending on the dates and times chosen. We recommend that you look for a different date combination to get your preferred rate.

Malaysian Airlines via Twitter

But Malaysian Airlines is not the only carrier to be challenged by the issue of expensive flights to hornbill country.

Sarawakan singer-songwriter Alena Murang asked the same question on her social media accounts ask why it was so expensive to travel with Malaysian Airlines, AirAsia and Indonesian carrier Malindo Air over the Christmas holidays.

She also tagged Sarawak Transport Minister Datuk Lee Kim Shin and claimed it was cheaper to travel to Kota Kinabalu in Sabah and Langkawi in Kedah than to travel to Kuching for Christmas.

“On behalf of all Sarawakans, those who work outside of Sarawak and those who are waiting for their loved ones to return home. Please lower the prices or at least give us a logical explanation for the prices, ”she pleaded while making a similar joke that she might as well fly to London instead of going home for the holidays.

In her post, Alena included several screenshots that indicated that KLIA’s flights to Kuching between late November and late December had extreme price differences.

From what we have been able to tell, the difference between the cheapest ticket (RM261) and the most expensive ticket (RM1499) is almost multiplied by six.

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