Roman Originals

Connoisseur vs. crook

Kerala might not have something as valuable as Nataraja’s Bronze or the Peacock Throne, but it does have a good number of interesting antiques. The problem is that very few of these antiques are actually for sale and even fewer are the people who can spot a fake. But with …

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Before 3D prints, there were plaster copies

For nearly a century, plaster copies were deemed unpleasant and soulless, sometimes stored in broken warehouses, left to rot in boiler rooms and “vandalized”. With the exception of dinosaur casts and architectural replicas, many European and North American museums were reluctant to exhibit copies. In 2007, the Hamburg Museum of …

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Italian Villas in Houston, Texas, for $ 6.5 million

Outside Realtor screenshot Some estates define the word “extra” in the best possible way, and this gem that recently hit the Houston real estate market is a perfect example. Known as The Villa, this $ 6.5 million mansion was inspired by seemingly old-world Italian luxury, but has all the smart …

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