Cheap Holidays – Faiths Pixel Patch Thu, 22 Jul 2021 19:07:16 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Cheap Holidays – Faiths Pixel Patch 32 32 End of Summer Holidays for Green List Malta from £ 299 per person Thu, 22 Jul 2021 11:28:00 +0000

BRITS still keen to go abroad this summer can find great deals on travel to the Malta Green List.

The island nation entered the green list thanks to its low daily rate of Covid cases and high vaccinations.


There are special offers in Malta at the momentCredit: Getty

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Travel agencies have great deals for the holiday destination starting at just £ 299 per person.

There are offers from Mercury Holidays, Thomas Cook and British Airways.

Mercury Holidays is even currently offering a beach holiday flash sale, with a reduction of £ 50 per person on all departure dates.

The holiday company is also offering up to £ 100 off per person on escorted tours.

Some of the best deals are:

  • Mercury Holidays August 4 * Santana Hotel b & b from £ 331 pp and September from £ 299 pp
  • Mercury Holidays August 4th Qawra Palace half board from £ 399 pp and September from £ 399 per person
  • Mercury Holidays August 4 * Soreda Hotel all inclusive from £ 528 per person in September from £ 430 per person
  • Mercury Holidays 4 * Perluna Hotel and Spa with half board from £ 489 per person in September from £ 448 pp
  • Thomas Cook Holidays – find here
    Seabank Resort & Spa all inclusive from £ 735 per person
    Pergola Hotel b & b from £ 307 pp
  • BA Holidays Topaz Hotel b & b from £ 307 per person
Malta is on the green list but there are a number of restrictions for Britons entering the country


Malta is on the green list but there are a number of restrictions for Britons entering the countryCredit: Alamy

Mercury also offers a green destination testing package, which includes two PCR tests for £ 86 per person.

Malta is on the UK’s green list, but Brits over 12 must be fully vaccinated – with proof via the NHS app or an NHS letter.

Children aged 5 to 11 can travel if they are accompanying their vaccinated parents / legal guardians and must show proof of a negative PCR test, dated less than 72 hours before arrival. Children under 5 do not need to be tested.

The best deals of the week on holidays abroad

If you’re looking for more travel inspiration, we’ve found the UK’s best holiday parks with kids’ entertainment and the best holiday parks with outdoor pools.

There are also great UK coach trips for families and campsites with availability for the summer.

Alternatively, we found party weekends at the holiday parks, cheap stays with hot tubs, and tree stays.

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Bucks GM Jon Horst, a champion with humble roots Wed, 21 Jul 2021 03:59:33 +0000

So many heroes. The Milwaukee Bucks had no shortage of them to move towards this NBA championship. Giannis Antetokounmpo, of course, tops the list. Khris Middleton, Jrue Holiday, Brook Lopez too. The actors have stepped up. Mike Budenholzer is now Champion Head Coach after being Assistant Champion. They are all etched forever in the tradition of Bucks.

Garth Pleasant should be too.

He got a phone call 15 years ago. What he did with it helped the Bucks win that title.

It stands to reason that even the most ardent Bucks fan might not know who Pleasant is, which is understandable. Pleasant spent nearly four decades coaching at a small Michigan school called Rochester University, and one of the players who could barely leave his bench was a guard named Jon Horst – who would go on to become the Bucks general manager and assemble a lot of what is now an NBA Championship roster.

Without Pleasant, Horst might be working at FedEx right now. True story.

“He was the subject of our program,” Pleasant said, “although he played very little.”

Horst, by all accounts, was not a star player on his college basketball team. He rarely played at what was then called Rochester College. And while stepping onto the bench hasn’t always been easy for Horst to accept, Pleasant couldn’t have been more grateful for his attitude.

So when he got that call in 2006 asking if anyone on his roster would be suitable for an internship, Horst was the player Pleasant chose to recommend. The call was from Joe Dumars’ office, the offer was from the Detroit Pistons, the pay was around $ 0.

Horst took the concert.

He was awesome, always working, always listening, living on cheap food and desperately trying to stay in the NBA even though he had an offer for a leadership position at FedEx. Finally, John Hammond left Detroit for Milwaukee, took Horst with him …

“And the rest is history,” Pleasant said.

Horst is only 38 years old, was previously one of the NBA Executive of the Year and is now the general manager of the reigning world champions. He managed trailer parks and dug ditches. He entered the NBA through the lowest level of the gateways. He worked tirelessly, climbing the ranks. He hired Mike Budenholzer to coach the Bucks, rocked the trades that brought Holiday and others. He found the parts needed to complete Antetokounmpo and Middleton.

Here they are, world champions.

“When he got the job, people would call me asking who Jon Horst was,” Pleasant said. “And yes, he inherited from Giannis and Middleton. But look at what he does every year. He made them better and better. I hope he now gets all the credit he deserves.

Oh he will.

The Bucks could also be built to last a while. Antetokounmpo signs a supermax contract. Middleton, Holiday, Lopez and Pat Connaughton are also locked up for years to come. Horst has clearly put something in place that will last, the Bucks have shown they’re not afraid to spend, and the fun thing about winning a championship is that a lot of people suddenly want to come in. your city and play.

And it all comes barely a week after they lost the first two games to Phoenix and looked like they were about to get sucked into those NBA Finals.

Never say again that a team needs to tank, that a team needs to be in a major market to build a winner, that a team needs a bunch of top five picks to be enough. talented to win a title. The Bucks debunked all of these theories – and then some.

“We had a theme called ‘And Then Some’,” Pleasant said. “We are a denominational university and it comes from the Bible. When someone needs something, you do it, and then some. That’s what Jon has always been.

Horst, without a doubt, is now high time. No need to get on the bench anymore. No need to maintain trailers. No more internships.

But he never forgot who he is, where he came from and who helped him either.

That’s why an SUV pulled up outside Pleasant, Michigan’s home on Tuesday morning, ready to take the 72-year-old coach and his grandson for a seven-hour drive to Milwaukee for Game 6. Horst l ‘quietly called earlier in the week, offering her tickets and a hotel room. Pleasant had planned to drive himself; Horst didn’t hear of it and arranged for the car service.

Horst needed him to see what this internship recommendation meant for him.

It changed her life.

It started his championship journey.

The kid who wasn’t good enough to play in college is now on top of the NBA world, helping the Bucks win their first title in half a century.

“He says I was a big part of who he is,” Pleasant said. “I was only a small part. He did everything else. He made it happen.


Tim Reynolds is a national basketball writer for the Associated Press. Write to him at treynolds (at)


More NBA AP: and

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Can Giannis and the Bucks finish the job? Tue, 20 Jul 2021 16:52:30 +0000

On Tuesday night, Game 6 of the NBA Finals kicks off at 9 p.m. ET, with the Milwaukee Bucks looking to shut down the Phoenix Suns at home.

If you’re unfamiliar with the unique play format, check out my primers on DraftKings or FanDuel before creating your rosters.

Series preview

The finals were a story of two series. The Suns dominated the first two games, but the Bucks came back strong to win each of the last three. Game 5 was an instant classic, highlighted by some elite defensive play from Jrue Holiday:

With their victory in Game 5, the Bucks now have a chance to close this streak on their home turf. They are currently listed as five-point favorites in Game 6, and they’ve gone down to around -425 to take the title. If they can wrap it up, it would be their first NBA Championship since 1971.

One more victory would also cement Giannis Antetokounmpothe legacy of. He’s averaged 29.2 points, 12.8 rebounds and 5.3 assists per game during the playoffs, and he upped those numbers to 32.2 points, 13.0 rebounds and 5.6 assists per game. during the final.

He moved to -400 to win the MVP of the final, and adding that to his CV would give him a serious trophy for a 26-year-old. Only one other player in league history has won two regular season MVPs, a playoff MVP and a Defensive Player of the Year award, and his name is Michael Jordan.


Giannis comes out of a sub-par match in Game 5, finishing with just 52.25 DraftKings points. Optimal lineup on DraftKings actually didn’t have Giannis in it for the first time in every series, but it took a lot of factors to make that happen. Not only did Giannis have to post a deadly stat line, but a handful of other players in this contest had to leave as well.

With that in mind, I return straight to the well with Giannis in game 6. He will command massive property, but he is simply the safest investment in fantasy. He’s posted a plus / minus positive on DraftKings in 13 of his last 14 games, and the only exception was the injured game against the Hawks. He leads all players in median, ceiling and floor projected in our NBA models – not surprisingly – but he also ranks first in the projected Over / Under.

Devin Booker has had some breathtaking moments in the last two games. He’s been criticized for not getting his teammates involved early enough in games, but he displayed some of the best shots we’ve seen in the NBA in years. Some of the two difficult mediums he created were extremely impressive.

Jesse D. Garrabrant / NBAE via Getty Images. Pictured: Phoenix Suns No.1 Devin Booker.

Overall, he posted a use rate of at least 43.1% in consecutive games, and his 55.5 DraftKings points in Game 5 was his best score of the series. It is only the sixth most expensive option in this contest on FanDuel, earning it a 97% rating.

Khris Middleton also took a step forward in the playoffs. He’s come closest to the Bucks and he’s been phenomenal in that role. He started Game 5 just 1 of 7 in the first quarter, but was 11 of 16 in the last three.

Middleton doesn’t have as many bright spots as Booker, but he’s much better in the outlying categories. He averaged 6.6 rebounds and 5.4 assists in the final, making him the preferred target of both.

Jrue Holidays just had his best game of the series in Game 5. He’s been phenomenal on the defensive end of the court throughout the playoffs, but he’s been hit and miss offensively. He finished with 61.5 DraftKings points on Saturday thanks to 27 points and 13 assists, so I would definitely classify that as a “hit.”

It has similar projections to Booker and Middleton in our NBA models, but it’s cheaper than the two players on DraftKings.

Chris Paul completes that price bracket, and the Bucks have done a great job of neutralizing it in the last three games. Some have speculated he was injured, but I don’t think that gives enough credit to what Holiday has done defensively. The combination of big playoff minutes and vacationing in your chest for 90 feet on every possession is enough to wear anyone out, especially a 36-year-old.

The Bucks coaching staff also deserves some credit. They made the decision to let Booker beat them and focus on the rest of the offense. This capped Paul’s fantasy upside down.

He finished with 44.0 DraftKings points in Game 5, but he shot 60% from the field and a perfect 100% from the 3-point range. This makes him a candidate for regression in Game 6.


Deandre Ayton could very easily be considered a stallion. He just picked up 20 points and 10 rebounds in Game 5, which earned him 40.5 DraftKings points. He’s delivered such performances throughout the playoffs, so there’s no reason to think he won’t be able to do it again on Tuesday. His projected Over / Under only follows Antetokounmpo’s in our NBA models, and he leads all players in the points per dollar projection.

Jae Crowder walked out the gates burning on Saturday. He was 3 of 3 with eight points in the first quarter, and the Suns as a team shot a ridiculous 73.7 percent. Unfortunately, Crowder only took one extra shot in the last three quarters, and he finished with just seven total shot attempts.

Still, he has established himself as the clear No.4 option for the Suns in this series. He just lost 40.1 minutes in his last game and Crowder has great potential with so much playing time. He finished with just 25.75 DraftKings points in Game 5, but he tallied at least 32.0 DraftKings points in each of his previous three games.

Mikal Bridges was super efficient in Game 5. He shot 5 of 6 from the field and a perfect 3 of 3 for 3 points, but still finished with just 26.0 DraftKings points. His minutes were also up slightly, so the fact that he couldn’t put in a better performance when everything went well for him is concerning. It is a bit expensive considering its current role.

Brook lopez is a very attractive low buy option on Tuesday. He only played 21.2 and 19.2 minutes in Games 3 and 4, but that figure rose to 28.7 in Game 5. That didn’t lead to a fantastic good outing – he finished with just 15.5 DraftKings points – but Lopez is capable of averaging over 1.00. DraftKings points per minute. There’s no guarantee he’ll see that much playing time again on Tuesday, but he’s a good bet to bring in value if he does.

Gary Dineen / NBAE via Getty Images. Pictured (L to R): Pat Connaughton, Khris Middleton, Brook Lopez, PJ Tucker and Jrue Holiday.

Pat connaughton was one of the unsung heroes of the Bucks. No one in this series has scored more than 3 points, and Connaughton has scored at least 23.5 DraftKings points in three of his last four games. That said, its price has climbed to $ 5,200 on DraftKings, and it’s hard to justify that price. His cap has been capped at around 25 DraftKings points, so he offers very little benefit to that salary. That’s a much stronger target at just $ 8,500 on FanDuel.

Bobby portis completes this level and he has played at least 18.3 minutes in three consecutive games. His salary also dropped by -600 after Game 5, which gives him added appeal.

Values ​​& Plates

  • Cameron Johnson ($ 4,400 on DraftKings, $ 9,000 on FanDuel): Johnson’s role with the Suns was growing throughout this series, but don’t be surprised if he takes a step back on Tuesday. He was absolutely appalling in Game 5 as the Suns were outscored by -19 points in his 21.9 minutes.
  • Cameron Payne ($ 4,000 on DraftKings, $ 8,000 on FanDuel): Payne had a few moments for the Suns during the playoffs, but there just isn’t a lot of work available for him with healthy Paul and Booker. He still has an edge at this price – he finished with 21.0 DraftKings points in 14.6 minutes in Game 5 – but his ownership could be a bit inflated as a result of that performance.
  • PJ Tucker ($ 3,400 on DraftKings, $ 7,500 on FanDuel): Tucker’s workload is down for the Bucks, which makes sense in this series. His value comes from his defensive ability against forwards like Kevin Durant, and the Suns don’t really have one in their lineup. Tucker is one of the worst fantasy producers in the league on a per minute basis, so he has to play close to 40 minutes to be relevant. He probably won’t do it on Tuesday.
  • Torrey Craig ($ 2,600 on DraftKings, $ 7,000 on FanDuel): Craig has seen a few minutes off the bench for the Suns in this series, but he has yet to manage 7.75 DraftKings points. However, he finished with 6.0 DraftKings points in the game 5 on 1 in 4, so he has the potential for a slightly better performance tonight.
  • Jeff Teague ($ 2,000 on DraftKings, $ 7,000 on FanDuel): Teague was a whopping -11 over 7.5 minutes in Game 5, and the Bucks better not play him at this point. Still, he’s screened for about seven minutes in our NBA models, giving him an outside chance to return value.

In the photo above: Giannis Antetokounmpo # 34 of the Milwaukee Bucks.
Photo credit: Jesse D. Garrabrant / NBAE via Getty Images.

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Traditional Greek wooden boat builders a declining profession Tue, 20 Jul 2021 08:44:29 +0000

DRAKAIOI, Greece (AP) – On the forested slopes of a mountainous island, the morning mist swirling around its summit, the unmistakable shape of a traditional Greek wooden boat emerges: a caique, or kaiki, who sailed on these seas for hundreds of years.

Each wooden beam, each plank has been cut down, cut and shaped by a single man, hoisted and nailed using techniques handed down from generation to generation, from father to son, from uncle to nephew. But the current generation could be the last.

Wooden boats are an integral part of the Greek landscape, adorning tourist brochures, postcards and countless vacation photos. They have been sailing through Greece for centuries, used as fishing boats, to transport goods, livestock and passengers, and as pleasure boats.

But the art of designing and building these entirely hand-crafted ships is threatened. Fewer people are ordering wooden boats because plastic and fiberglass ones are cheaper to maintain. And young people are not as interested in joining a profession that requires years of learning, is physically and mentally exhausting, and has an uncertain future.

“Unfortunately, I see the profession slowly dying,” said Giorgos Kiassos, one of the last boat builders in Samos, an island in the eastern Aegean Sea that was once a major production center.

“If something doesn’t change, there will come a time when there will be no one left to do this type of work. And it’s a shame, a real shame, ”said Kiassos during a brief break in his mountain work site where, between walnut trees and wild mulberry trees, he works on two: a 14-meter (45-foot) pleasure craft and a of 10- one meter fishing boat (about 30 feet).

The boats are made to order, the largest costing around 60,000 euros ($ 70,000) and the smallest around 30,000 euros ($ 35,000).

The caiques of Samos are renowned for both their manufacture and their raw material: the wood of a pine species whose high resin content makes it durable and more resistant to woodworms. A few decades ago, numerous shipyards dotted the island, providing an important source of employment and supporting entire communities. Now there are only four left.

“Yes, it’s an art, but it’s also hard work, it’s hard work. It is the manual work that is tiring, and now the young people, none of them follow, ”said Kiassos. He encouraged his 23-year-old son to learn, but he’s not particularly interested. Instead, he hopes to become a merchant captain.

Kostas Damianidis, architect with a doctorate. on traditional Greek shipbuilding, said there are several reasons for the dramatic decline of shipbuilders, or traditional boat builders, across Greece.

“It’s a traditional craft that is slowly dying, yet it is treated as if it were just a manufacturing or sourcing business. There is no state support, ”he said.

In addition, for years the European Union, of which Greece is a member, has subsidized the physical destruction of these vessels in order to reduce the country’s fishing fleet. This practice has led to the destruction of thousands of traditional fishing boats, some described by environmentalists as unique works of art, by bulldozers.

The policy is “a blow to timber shipbuilding,” Damianidis said. “They might be old boats, but that’s a contempt for the profession. When a young person sees that he is breaking wooden boats like useless things, why would he bother to learn how to make them? “

For their creators, the destruction is heartbreaking.

“It’s a bad thing, very bad. Because this art is one of the best and one of the most difficult. An ancient art, ”said retired boatbuilder Giorgos Tsinidelos. Now 75, he started working at the age of 12 at his grandfather’s shipyard in Samos. He spent years as an apprentice before moving to the main shipbuilding area of ​​Perama, near the main Greek port of Piraeus.

“You don’t learn this trade in a year or two. It takes many years, ”he said. “Remember that you are taking wood and creating a masterpiece, a boat.

Another important factor in the rapid decline in the number of marine carpenters is the lack of formal education.

“The young people have to go and learn alongside the old craftsmen, often for five years, six years, so that they are able to make themselves a small boat, a kaiki”, explains Damianidis. “There is no boat building school.”

Damianidis is the curator of a new museum of Aegean shipbuilding and maritime crafts being set up in Samos, and hopes that a traditional shipbuilding school, which would be Greece’s first, will open in the museum.

It could also help Samos’ remaining boat builders, who now work mostly alone due to a shortage of skilled assistants.

“It’s important to have someone with experience because if you make a mistake, especially in the early stages of (building) the boat, the boat might end up being – well, more of a pool than a boat, “Kiassos laughed.

Like Tsinidelos and all current boat builders, Kiassos started young. Now 47, he has been working for over 30 years but says he continues to learn. As a schoolboy, he would sit in his uncle’s shipyard, watching the logs transform into beautiful ships. He started working there at 16 while finishing his studies.

He learned when the right season is to cut down trees – when to use naturally bent lumber and where on the boat each piece should go. If you get it wrong, the ship could end up in trouble, he explains. Get it right, and its creation combines beauty, functionality and durability.

The time and effort put into production means that boat builders often bond with their creations, and ultimately delivering them to their owners is often bittersweet.

Kiassos says he can’t wait to finish each boat and start the next.

“But when he leaves, I’m kind of sad. Yes, I’ll be happy when I see it in the water and see that it’s okay, but it’s like something is going away – like a part of me, how can I tell? He catches the words. “It might sound a little strange the way I say it, but it is like that.”

Despite the gloomy future prospects of his profession, another builder from Samos, Andreas Karamanolis, 45, remains hopeful.

“I believe people will go back to the wooden boat. I want to believe it. Because the truth is, no other boat has the durability of the wooden boat. Not the plastic ones, none of them, ”he said. “Wood is a living organism, which no matter how many years you use it, it continues to be alive.”

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Flights between UK and Spain up 400% as quarantine rules change Mon, 19 Jul 2021 14:22:04 +0000

Madrid, July 19 (EFE) .- The number of flights between the UK and Spain has increased by 400% since July 8, as UK holidaymakers take advantage of new rules which mean UK residents returning to England from so-called orange destinations only need to observe a quarantine period if they are fully vaccinated.

Data from the Spanish Airlines Association will be good news for the Spanish tourism industry, which has seen bookings surge as UK beachgoers scramble to travel abroad this summer.

“Today alone there are 31 flights from the UK, which represents some 6,000 people,” Toni Mayor, president of Hosbec, an association of hotel and tourism companies in Valencia, told Efe.

Hotel occupancy is around 65%, the mayor said, with around 15-20% more tourist establishments open compared to last summer.

Following the announcement of the rule change in England, low cost airlines such as Ryanair and Easyjet have added new routes between Spain and the UK.

Ryanair said flight bookings to Spain have increased 500% since last week, reaching a new record since September 2019, with Alicante, Malaga, Tenerife and Murcia the most popular destinations.

Despite the fact that the easing of restrictions in the UK has had a positive impact on Spain, its summer season remains “very volatile and unstable”, the president of the Spanish tourism association Exceltur, Gabriel Escarrer told Efe. .

Last week, the UK government announced it would remove the Balearic Islands, which have reported a spike in coronavirus cases, from its no-quarantine green list on Monday, leading to many holiday cancellations as unvaccinated Britons cut their plans short. vacation.

At least 68% of UK residents who have been fully vaccinated against severe symptoms of Covid-19.

UK visitors are essential for Spain’s very important tourism industry, which in 2019 saw over 18 million arrivals from the UK. EFE

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NBA Finals: Holiday, Bucks steal Game 5, seek to close storybook race Sun, 18 Jul 2021 14:38:04 +0000

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You can book a series of luxury getaways for free – with a home exchange Sat, 17 Jul 2021 20:52:31 +0000

Vacationers looking for a summer vacation have a tall order this year, but you can book a range of luxury getaways for free – with a home exchange.

Vacationers looking for a summer break have a tall order this year. Covid overseas travel restrictions have shaken up plans and UK housing is filling up fast.

But for those looking for a cheap getaway as Covid restrictions lift from tomorrow, a home swap could be the way to go. Such an arrangement allows you to stay with someone else at no cost while staying at home for the same period.

The concept is based on trust: you take care of their home as if it were your own, knowing that they are doing the same for yours.

Saving: Simon and Jane Perkin (pictured) – swapping their Midlands home for stays in Bath, Edinburgh and the Brecon Beacons


Simon and Jane Perkin have planned four free vacations this year – thanks to house swaps.

They are exchanging stays in their four-bedroom house in Warwickshire for vacations in the Brecon Beacons, Peak District, Bath and Edinburgh.

Simon, Jane and their son Ed have been enjoying house swaps through HomeLink UK for over a decade.

Simon, Business and Wellness Consultant, says: “It has opened up a wonderful world of luxury vacations and fabulous city breaks – saving us thousands of dollars. We find it often more relaxing and fun than staying in an impersonal hotel. ‘

He adds that home exchanges have a few hidden advantages. “Having someone in your house can help deter burglars, and sometimes guests can help water the garden and even feed pets,” he says.

You don’t have to live in a fancy mansion or penthouse to do a home exchange. In fact, so many people are looking for a change of scenery after months of restrictions, that we are just happy to be somewhere – anywhere – different.

One of the main attractions of home swapping is that it doesn’t have to be comparable. A modest rural retreat might just be the ticket for someone who lives on a property close to many amenities – and vice versa.

To find a home exchange, start by asking your family and friends if they would consider a week or two in your home in exchange for the same amount of time with them.

If nothing is right for you, you can consider using a specialist website like HomeLink UK, Love Home Swap, or HomeExchange.

These charge an annual subscription to share details among thousands of like-minded people looking for an exchange.

No money changes hands. You both agree to use each other’s home energy and internet, plus a few extras, such as access to bikes and games.

Insurance for buildings and home contents should cover any breakage or accidental damage.

However, for added security it may be worth considering additional coverage using a specialist insurer such as Guardhog, where you typically pay from £ 1.50 per day to protect against customer damage and liability. civil.

Caroline Connolly, director of HomeLink UK, says home exchanges are built on friendship and trust and as such can be a much happier arrangement than paying for accommodation. “There is no dreaded critical customer mentality on Tripadvisor, because both parties want nothing more than to be a good guest,” she says.

HomeLink UK has seen twice as many homeowners sign up this year. The most popular destinations are Cornwall and the coastal areas around North Yorkshire, Norfolk and southern England.

However, there is also a great demand for a modest change of scenery, which means you don’t have to live in a palace to enjoy the places of exchange with a like-minded family.

Subscription fees for a company like HomeLink, with 8,000 properties on their books, are typically £ 115 per year.

This year, HomeLink UK has offered a special £ 50 subscription discount to new members who just want a break in Britain and are happy to be limited to choosing from 700 homes. HomeExchange charges $ 150 per year (£ 110) and Love Home Swap starts at £ 96 per year.

While you don’t have to live in a show home to exchange, it’s important to keep it clean, comfortable, and inviting.

Due to the pandemic, it is essential to clean all work surfaces and make disinfectants available everywhere.

It also helps to be flexible in these difficult times. “It has been wonderful to see how understanding people have been over the past few months,” says Connolly. “But due to the pandemic, it may be necessary to cancel or rearrange in the short term.”

A few simple ground rules should also be defined to avoid confusion or problems.

When accepting a home exchange, you need to sign a contract with rules and a clear understanding of what to do if something goes wrong, like a last minute date change or if something valuable is accidentally broken. You can also exchange referrals through a home exchange agency.


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Scottish shoppers stock up on cheap cooling products as heatwave hits the country Thu, 15 Jul 2021 13:26:36 +0000

Scotland is on the verge of a heat wave this week, which has led shoppers to share their favorite products to cool off.

The feeling of missing a summer vacation makes us make the most of the days off in the sun, at the beach and with family and friends.

But there’s the challenge of balancing summer fun and summer heatstroke and doing so without spending a fortune – luckily, bargain shoppers know what to look for.

Everything from inflatable pools for the kids to cooler mats for the night and slushies were on the shopping lists of trendy Scots who shared their tips.

Slushes have proven to be a hit for the whole family

Slush Original Puppy

Frozen drinks have been a hit with kids and adults alike and these cost 89 pence compared to the home deals.

The homemade version of Slush Puppies can be frozen in the freezer and after a photo was posted on social media, more than two hundred people have commented.

One buyer said: “Has anyone else tried these great home deals, only 89p and wow they are gorgeous”

More than one person said they mixed theirs with a spirit to make a summer cocktail.

One grandmother said, “My grandchildren love them. thinking about putting on vodka next time for me, not for my grandchildren. “

A comment read: “I have the cherry and I mix it with disaronno”

Another person said: “Put them in the freezer, then add vodka later for an alcohol splash”

Swimming pools

Pools have been a huge hit this summer, with families opting for large pools to fill their gardens and keep the family entertained and cool.

The giant pool at Aldi Kidsgrove was a very popular option at £ 12.99.

One person said: “The giant swimming pool at Aldi for 12.99, there is also a hexagonal one, I can’t complain for the kids”

“The best thing I have ever found at Aldi is only $ 12.99,” said another.

Someone else bought Aldi’s 12ft Summer Waves metal frame pool for £ 89.99 and said it made up for the lack of vacation.

They said “Pic doesn’t do it justice and it’s not full yet, but it’s the 12ft pool that I built tonight, my girls are so horny and the weather is nice.”

“Who needs a vacation abroad”

Fresh carpet

Cool rugs are great for the whole family, including the dog.

They act as a cooling surface to doze on, so they’re great for the night or for dogs struggling in the heat.

A customer bought a rug from Aldi for £ 5 and alongside a photo of the product in her bed said: “Aldi is in serious need of making the refreshing pet rugs on a human scale! We are fighting for that lol “

Another said: “This cooling mat is great for summer evenings, just £ 2.99 in home deals.”

You can currently purchase an Aldi 2 in 1 Cooling / Heated Pet Mattress for £ 24.99 which will also last during the winter months.

Baby fans

Keeping babies cool on summer walks was high on the priority list of a buyer who shared a good deal at Home Bargains.

She said: “Pure Baby Clip-on Stroller Fan, £ 3.49 in home deals.”

Another said: “I got it at b @ ma a few weeks ago at £ 2.50 because he cut them off in our store”

“Aldi has them for 2.99x,” said another mom.


Irritation is a common and dreaded side effect of being in the sun, which is why many buyers recommend anti-irritation or anti-chafing products.

“Chub rubbers windfall,” said a buyer who shared an image of XCB Liquid Talc which normally sells for £ 6.99, but was on sale for 99p at Asda.

Comments on the post indicated that some had found similar products for as little as 69p at Aldi.

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The endless search for cheap gasoline – I don’t miss it at all! Wed, 14 Jul 2021 15:21:11 +0000

By David Waterworth

I don’t miss the endless search for cheap gasoline at all!

In Australia we have a phenomenon known as the oil price cycle. Oddly enough, it has nothing to do with the price of a barrel of oil. Gasoline prices tend to go up just before a long weekend or the start of school holidays. These peaks were once about 10 ¢ a liter, top to bottom. In recent years, this has increased a lot! Last week they went up to 40 in one hit, resulting in the traffic jam seen in the image below when all the surrounding servos increased their prices to $ 1.75 per liter and PUMA to 1, $ 33.

Some of my neighbors even filled several jerry cans so they could last until the next low point in the cycle.

So I put this post on the Model 3 Queensland Facebook page:

I walked past a servo yesterday – gasoline was $ 1.33 per L – everyone around it was $ 1.75. 20 cars lined up on the road blocking two lanes. Don’t miss the weekly search for cheap gasoline!

Some of the comments are hilarious.

“But in reality, we’re talking about the difference of a charge costing $ 5 versus $ 10 or $ 15. Nowhere near the roughly $ 100 that a tank costs to fill.

“I take mine to the gas station every weekend to buy the paper.”

“I haven’t had to think about it in a while. But last week, $ 1.70. Then we laughed.

“I just refueled my ICE Holden SW work car. It costs $ 112 to $ 1.71 / L, so I’m glad it’s not my car. “

I even got a few likes on my Facebook homepage. The general public still doesn’t know how cheap it is to charge an electric car (I pay 18 cents per kWh).

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Prepare your vacation in space Tue, 13 Jul 2021 03:01:24 +0000

At the turn of the 20th century, Russian scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky predicted that humans would reach space by 2017. Considered by many to be the father of astronautics, astronomers owe him a great deal. But his prediction was miles away. Yuri Gagarin flew into space in 1961, and since then many countries have sent people into space, including Hazza Al Mansouri from the United Arab Emirates in 2019.

On Sunday, a whole new phase of extraterrestrial travel began when British billionaire Richard Branson soared nearly 86 kilometers above the Earth’s surface, 6 kilometers above the altitude that NASA considers space. outer space. Mr. Branson is not a trained astronaut. He is a businessman who, since 2004, has been fighting against other companies to create a company that sells his customers the possibility of flying beyond our planet.

The safe commercialization of space travel paves the way for many other milestones beyond the atmosphere. There are already plans, for example, to create an orbital hotel. The company’s backers predict it will be operational by 2027.

But the greatest revolution inaugurated by Mr. Branson is more fundamental. Very soon, normal people, although only the rich for now, will be able to go to space. The training of a NASA astronaut can last up to two years and does not begin until after an exceptionally competitive selection process, which in 2020 included 12,000 possible candidates. Even Laika, the Soviet space dog who completed his mission in 1957, underwent selection and training. To date, just over 550 astronauts – of which only 10% are women – have had this immense privilege.

If the success of programs like Mr. Branson’s continues, this will all change very quickly. Virgin Galactic – Mr Branson’s company – already has more than 600 people on its waiting list, which, if allowed, would double the current number of space travelers in history. Although impressive, the figure will remain limited for some time due to the considerable costs involved. Tickets for a Virgin Galactic flight are priced at $ 250,000. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos auctioned off a seat on his spacecraft, due to launch on July 20, for $ 28 million last month.

Although it takes time for prices to drop, many forms of transportation originally started out as affordable only to the elites. Branson has said he wants to “open up space for everyone,” and beyond tourism, reusable craft built by a number of companies, particularly at Elon Musk’s SpaceX, will bring business operations to- beyond the earth’s atmosphere in a more cheaper era environment.

What money cannot buy for those soon to be propelled into the afterlife is the legendary fame of pioneer astronauts, such as Neil Armstrong, Yuri Gagarin, and Hazza Al Mansouri, who all embarked on new frontiers. The household names of space travel today are not just those who fly the craft, but the entrepreneurs who make these accessible journeys possible. And on Sunday, Mr. Branson became the winner of this new privatized space race.

Updated: July 13, 2021 3:00 a.m.

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