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Payday loans refer to small, short-term loans provided by financial firms which are to be paid back when the borrower receives their next paycheck. Payday loans are a relatively new financial product that provide many individuals relief from complex financial situations. However, there are a lot of misconceptions regarding this financial product with many consumers having questions about how to apply and how to repay the loan. The following guide on guaranteed payday loans aims to address these doubts.

#1 Payday Loan with Guaranteed Approval – Viva Payday Loans

How Can I Get an Instant Payday Loan Online with Guaranteed Approval?

Most payday lenders offer an easy-to-understand online platform from where their financial products can be easily accessed. While the exact method may differ a bit from lender to lender, the basic steps remain more or less the same. Let us take the example of applying with Viva Payday Loans, which is a lending broker. The broker provides a completely transparent system that can provide loans to applicants within 15 minutes.

Guaranteed instant payday loans online can be applied by following four easy steps as mentioned in this brief guide below.

  1. Visit a reputable loan provider – Use a reputable lender or loan finding service such as Viva Payday Loans. The official website contains details on the APR rates of the loans provided.
  2. Complete the application form – Viva Payday Loans provides a quick application form that asks for the loan amount preferred by the borrower. Loans can be found in the following denominations: $100 – $5000. Loan terms can range from 3 to 6 months.
  3. Get your decision – Once the borrower decides how much to borrow, some additional information related to personal information is required. Viva Payday Loans guarantees complete confidentiality when dealing with personal information.
  4. Receive your loan – Applicants will typically receive a decision within a couple of minutes of applying. The success rate of getting loans is high with Viva Payday Loans, as credit history requirements aren’t as stringent. If approved, receive your loan within 60 minutes.

What Are Instant Payday Loans?

Instant payday loans are short-term financial credit products that allow financially struggling individuals to cover their immediate cash needs until they receive their next paycheck. Compared to traditional loans, these loan products typically come with high, double-digit APRs (annual percentage rate) with terms ranging from three and six months.

Compared to other personal and consumer loans, payday loans work a bit differently. An individual may have access to instant payday loans via a physical broker or an online broker, depending on where they live.  In the United States, there are a number of payday loan brokers and lenders that provide online payday loans. However, payday loans may be subject to different state and federal laws which limit how much interest the lender can charge you, or the amount you can borrow.

Once approved, you will receive the loan in cash or check or the money is sent directly to your specified bank account. The loan is to be repaid within the pre-agreed loan period along with the finance charge, which can typically be up to 6 months. The finance charge is based on the loan amount and the lenders. Payday lenders have steep APRs to offset the risk they are taking to provide the loan to the individual.

Most individuals who seek payday loans guaranteed approval have limited options when it comes to accessing lines of credit. They usually have poor income, poor credit scores, and histories that disqualify them from traditional loan products from banks. They may not be comfortable asking their relatives for financial help and resort to these reliable, confidential, and instant lenders that provide short-term financial relief. Many people also choose payday loans because they are easy to get and involve little to no paperwork.

Guaranteed payday loans from direct lenders usually have fewer requirements when it comes to credit scores and histories, which allow them to be approved quickly. Most lenders do not run a credit check and simply require valid identification documents and the presence of a bank account. Brokers that work with a lot of lenders increase the chances of an individual getting payday loans. Choosing a lending broker gives the borrower a lot of access to different loan products from lenders offering preferable rates. It also saves the individual the hassle of applying for payday loans with individual lenders which saves a lot of time and energy.

5 Best Instant Payday Loan Providers Reviewed

Recognizing the demand for such loan products, online lenders and brokers for payday loans have increased in the past 5 years, with a number of reliable names coming forward. Here are some of the top brokers that can provide guaranteed payday loans no matter what.

1. Viva Payday Loans – Overall best payday loan provider

Vivapaydayloans.com is a reliable online payday loan provider under Payday Ventures Ltd. It is not a lender itself but works with a network of lenders using a matching service. It does not take any credit or loan decisions itself and offers a straightforward application process. You can get loans ranging from $100 to $5000 in several denominations as per your choice. The typical repayment term can range from 90 days to 6 months depending on your preferred terms. APRs for the loans can range from 5.99% to 35.99%.


  • The broker provides an easy-to-navigate website.
  • It is available in most states of the United States.
  • Their decision time is one of the fastest in the market at 2 minutes.
  • It has an extensive network of lenders which increases the chances of finding suitable payday products.
  • It does not charge users to use their search tool.


  • Viva Payday loans are not available in certain U.S. states.
  • It is not a direct lender which some borrowers prefer.

2. Credit Clock – Best for quick funding 24/7

Creditclock.net is another payday broker that uses a unique algorithm to match the borrower’s requirements to their panel of lenders. They make this match based on the applicant’s details, and preferences. The broker does not charge a fee for this.


  • It provides an easy-to-understand application form that can be filled up in minutes.
  • You can apply for a maximum of $5000 as a payday loan.


  • The broker does not provide its services in Montana, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, Montana, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, Arkansas, Connecticut, New Hampshire and New York

3. Money Lender Squad – Best for a wide range of lending options

Moneylendersquad.com is a payday loan broker which provides lines of credit in a matter of minutes. The website is a pretty simple one, with easily navigable options to input your preferred loan terms. The maximum term of loans provided is 6 months. It works with a large number of lenders under its network which may conduct individual background checks on borrowers.


  • Allows any borrower to apply and receive the loans in a few hours.
  • It does not conduct credit checks itself.


  • The website does not provide much detail about the lenders under its network.

4. Very Merry Loans – Best for guaranteed decision within 2 minutes

Very Merry Loans is a USA non-charging broker that connects borrowers to potential lenders while charging no extra fee. They make their money by receiving a commission from the lender every time a successful connection is made. Offering loans from $100 – $2000, the top rated broker provides funding for a wide range of needs. Very Merry Loans work with over 30 lenders and loan providers, increasing your likelyhood of acceptance.


  • The chances of getting a loan granted are high as it works with lenders having varied qualification criteria.
  • 24/7 customer support available with fast response times.
  • Very Merry Loans operates even on weekends and bank holidays offering round-the-clock application processing.


  • Borrowing costs cannot be guaranteed and can vary hugely from lender to lender.

5. Heart Paydays – Best for wide range of installment loan options

Heartpaydays.com is a bad credit loan provider specifically for less creditworthy individuals who have been turned down elsewhere for loans. They typically offer lenders with APRs ranging from less than 4% to more than 35%. The success rate of this depends on the quality of lenders that are matched with the borrower.


  • It takes anywhere from a few hours to a few days to get the loan amount depending on the lender chosen.
  • Applicants can easily choose from their preferred terms and conditions and loan term periods.
  • Loans are typically approved within one to two days.


  • The broker does not provide much information on the team behind the broker as well as other aspects such as registration.

Features of an Instant Payday Loan with Guaranteed Approval

While the exact legal definition is not clear, instant payday loans are short-term, high-cost loan products that range from a few hundred to about $5000. Payday loans are subject to several state and federal laws which may limit the amount one can access. While many of the features of guaranteed approval payday loans are similar to traditional loans, they differ in some key aspects as highlighted in brief below.

Smaller amounts

Payday loans are granted in much smaller amounts compared to other forms of loans such as mortgages and installment loans. For instance, Viva Payday loans provide loans of up to $5000.

Loan structure

Payday loans are typically repaid in a single or multiple payment structure depending on the terms of the lender in question. The due date for every month’s payment is also set according to the terms and conditions presented to the borrower before the loan is taken out. Some lenders allow repayments to be made before the schedule, letting them save a substantial amount on interest payments.


Repayment is usually made when the borrower allows the lender the authority to electronically debit the funds from the borrower’s bank account or another source. They can also choose to repay the loans by themselves according to the repayment terms.

Credit requirements

These lenders do not take an individual’s repayment ability into question while granting the loans as these products are specially aimed at individuals struggling with low credit scores and bad credit histories.  It is thus up to the borrower to ascertain whether you can repay the loan amount on time.

Higher interest rates

These payday loan lenders usually provide loans that charge higher interest rates than normal. This is to offset the risk these lenders are taking while providing lines of credit to financially struggling individuals.

States Available for Instant Payday Loans with Guaranteed Approval

Not all U.S. states allow payday lending as the state law does not provide sufficient leeway. There are many states that simply do not allow payday lenders to function as they charge higher interest rates than the ones permitted by state regulations.

16 states prohibit extremely high-cost pay lending:

  • Georgia
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Arkansas
  • New Hampshire
  • South Dakota
  • Arizona
  • North Carolina
  • Connecticut
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Pennsylvania
  • West Virginia
  • Vermont
  • District of Columbia

Advantages and Disadvantages of Guaranteed Payday Loans Online

Payday loans provide many people with the financial support they need when they encounter hard times. Sometimes these individuals are disqualified from accessing regular loans from banks and financial institutions due to some technical factors such as a dip in their credit score or bad credit history. Guaranteed payday loans for the same day help such individuals free themselves from financial burden. While there are critics of this form of lending, payday loans also provide some pronounced advantages which we will discuss in brief below.

Quickest access to credit

Easy accessibility is the most attractive feature of payday loans. Borrowers do not need to wait for long periods to access the loans and they do not involve complicated paperwork. In fact, borrowers receive the loan amount within the same day of applying in most cases. Payday lenders take instantaneous decisions after the borrowers submit their online applications. As its online, most of these services are available on a 24/7 basis. While traditional loans require you to submit multiple documents for identity verification, the entire process gets streamlined and condensed into two or three steps by using payday loan lenders.

No risk of seizure

Payday lenders provide fast cash in fewer amounts which provides instant financial relief. These loans are unsecured in nature and are not associated with any of the borrower’s assets such as a home or car. This gives a degree of peace of mind to the borrower knowing that his/her assets cannot be repossessed if any delays are made in payments. In case of any default, lenders will not be able to repossess your house as in the case of some mortgage loans.

Less rigid requirements

Traditional loans from banks and other financial institutions require the borrowers to submit documents such as social security numbers, photo IDs, proof of income, and credit score details. Additionally, borrowers must provide proof about their ability to repay the loan before they can receive the amount. Payday loans, on the other hand, require minimal paperwork. Many brokers just require a bank account, proof of citizenship and a valid email address.

Credit checks

Traditional financial institutions such as banks reject a lot of applications from people simply based on their poor credit history. Payday loans are the only way out for such individuals, protecting them from credit inquiry. While some lenders may access your credit details and history, the requirements for granting the loans are low.

However, like every form of loan, payday loans do come with their own set of disadvantages as well.

Debt cycle

If one doesn’t plan one’s repayment schedules properly, the borrower can end up getting trapped in a debt cycle where you have to take new loans to repay existing ones. This is quite the possibility in the case of payday loans as the interest rates and APR figures are quite high. Some lenders also charge additional fees to provide the service can also put a strain on one’s repayment ability.

Legal hassles

Payday loan borrowers have at times been embroiled in legal battles which can be a drain on one’s finances, time, energy and reputation. Not only does it have a negative effect on your credit score, but it also can drag the borrower to court for lengthy legal battles. In extreme cases, this can also lead to heavy fines and imprisonment.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for payday lending brokers such as Viva Payday Loans are less rigid to allow financially struggling individuals to receive money quickly. Almost all FICO scores are eligible for a payday loan. The three main criteria for getting a payday loan are as follows.

  • Be at least 18 years of age when applying for a loan at Viva Payday Loans.
  • Be the holder of valid citizenship documents in the United States and a bank account.
  • Have a valid phone number and/or email address.

Application Process

The application process at Viva Payday Loans is simple and straightforward. The website is very professionally designed and easy to navigate, providing all the details of the different loan amounts available. The online form is simple and can be filled in within a matter of minutes.

The broker requires some additional information to evaluate whether the applicant is qualified to receive a payday loan. The information the applicants sent will remain confidential and will only be shared with respective lenders. Once done, submitting the form will begin the process of loan approval.

Viva Payday Loans is a broker that is known for providing a decision within 2 minutes. This is handy for applicants who want instant financial relief. Regardless of credit history, almost all applicants are matched with a third-party lender. When connected with the lender, the borrower receives the fund within the next business day along with detailed instructions to access it.


Is a payday loan right for you?

Can payday loans damage your credit?

How much can I borrow as a payday loan?

What are the costs associated with payday loans?


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This Week in the Ninth: PowerPoints and Payday Loans | Morrison & Foerster LLP – Left Coast Appeals http://faithspixelpatch.com/this-week-in-the-ninth-powerpoints-and-payday-loans-morrison-foerster-llp-left-coast-appeals/ http://faithspixelpatch.com/this-week-in-the-ninth-powerpoints-and-payday-loans-morrison-foerster-llp-left-coast-appeals/#respond Mon, 20 Sep 2021 12:00:00 +0000 http://faithspixelpatch.com/this-week-in-the-ninth-powerpoints-and-payday-loans-morrison-foerster-llp-left-coast-appeals/

This week, the court is relaunching an ERISA claim and forcing arbitration of a dispute over Internet tribal payday loans.

The Court held that the PowerPoint presentations did not constitute plan documents and that, therefore, any representation they contained could not override ERISA’s default rule that social assistance plans can be changed at any time. time, and that a fair claim for breach of fiduciary duty under Section 1132 (a) (3) of ERISA does not require proof of intent to deceive.

The panel: Judges Christen, Bade and Feinerman (ND Ill.), With Judge Feinerman writing the opinion.

Climax : “[T]ERISA’s default rule is that pension plans do not vest and can be changed at any time. . . A plan can override this default rule, but only if it does so expressly in a plan document.

Background: After NetApp implemented a phased termination of its NetApp executive medical pension plan, seven retired executives sued NetApp, alleging that the plan termination violated the 1974 Act respecting retirement income security. employees (“ERISA”) because they were promised lifetime benefits. They argued both a direct claim for benefits under Section 1132 (a) (1) (B) of ERISA, and another claim for fair relief under Section 1132 (a) (3) on the grounds that NetApp allegedly misrepresented that the plan offered lifetime benefits. The district court granted NetApp summary judgment on the two claims and a retired executive upheld an appeal.

Results: The Ninth Circuit partially upheld, partially canceled and returned. The court upheld the district court’s grant of summary judgment to NetApp regarding the executive’s claim for direct retirement benefits under section 1132 (a) (1) (B) or ERISA. The panel explained that the default rule under ERISA is that employers can freely terminate social benefit schemes like the scheme in question. PowerPoint presentations presented to the retired executive by HR suggesting that NetApp would maintain the health insurance benefit for the life of members did not override the default rule as they were not plan documents as they were did not claim to meet the requirements of a written instrument. under Section 1102 (b) of ERISA. The cases finding de facto ERISA plans based on informal commitments to provide services are inapplicable in situations where the plan promoter has prepared a written instrument.

The court overturned the district court’s grant of summary judgment to NetApp on the retired executive’s claim for fair relief under section 1132 (a) (3). The court explained that trustees are in breach of their duties if they mislead plan members or distort the terms or administration of a plan. Disagreeing with the District Court and the Seventh Circuit, the Court held that proof of a breach of fiduciary duty under ERISA does not require a demonstration of intent to deceive. As there was a genuine dispute over material facts as to whether NetApp incorrectly told plan members that its plan provided lifetime health benefits, the executive’s claim for fiduciary duty in retirement survived. summary judgment. The Court did not consider whether the retired executive would be entitled to an appropriate fair remedy to redress the alleged wrong – another requirement of a fair claim under Section 1132 (a) (3) – but did rather left that issue to the district court to consider the referral. The retired executive did not drop this issue by not expressing it in his opening brief, as the issue had not been decided by the district court.

The Court held that an agreement delegating to an arbitrator the question of whether the underlying arbitration agreement with a choice of law provision choosing tribal law was inapplicable was not in itself inapplicable because its language simple did not prevent the plaintiffs from pursuing their contention that the arbitration agreement invalidly and prospectively waived their rights to sue under federal law before the arbitrator.

The panel: Judges W. Fletcher, Forrest and VanDyke, Judge Forrest writing the opinion and Judge W. Fletcher dissenting.

Climax : “We do not dispute that the borrowers have a reasonable argument that the arbitration agreement as written precludes them from asserting their RICO or other federal claims in the arbitration. . . . And if this is true, the arbitration agreement is probably unenforceable as a potential waiver. . . . But, where there is a clear delegation provision, that is not for us – or anyone wearing a black dress – to decide. “

Background: The applicants (“borrowers”) obtained short-term, high-interest loans from Indian tribal lenders (“tribal lenders”). Tribal Lenders’ standard loan agreements contain an agreement to arbitrate any dispute arising out of the contract. Each arbitration agreement includes a delegation clause requiring that an arbitrator, and not a court, decide “any question concerning the validity, applicability or scope of [the loan] agreement or [arbitration agreement]. The loan contracts also state that the contracts ‘shall be governed by the laws of the tribe’ or ‘tribal law’ and that an arbitrator shall ‘apply tribal law and the terms of this agreement.’ The borrowers asserted that the Payday loans they had taken out from tribal lenders were illegal under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act and California law and filed class actions against the defendants, including the tribal lenders and certain investors (“Investors” The investors requested binding arbitration, but the district court dismissed the petitions, concluding that each contract was unenforceable because it prospectively waived the borrowers’ right to pursue federal statutory claims by forcing the arbitrator to apply the law. The district court ruled that each delegation provision was inapplicable for the same reason. Several investors have appealed.

Results: The Ninth Circuit has reversed. The tribunal felt that it should first focus on the applicability of the delegation provision in particular, and not on the arbitration agreement as a whole. The Borrowers argued that the arbitration agreement and the delegation provision were inapplicable under the prospective waiver doctrine because they waived the Borrowers’ rights to pursue remedies under federal law. But given the plain language of the delegation provision, the tribunal concluded that it does not preclude the arbitrator from considering applicability disputes based on federal law. The court did not dispute that the choice of the tribal law loan agreement as the governing authority may mean that the arbitrator will ultimately decide that it cannot consider a challenge to the applicability of the arbitration agreement in its set on the basis of a potential waiver if tribal law does not recognize this doctrine. But, the court explained, this possibility does not prevent Borrowers from to chase their challenge to the enforcement of the prospective waiver in arbitration, which is key to determining whether the delegation provision is itself a prospective waiver. The tribunal acknowledged that its finding departed from the findings of some of its sister circuits, but disagreed with them because they viewed the potential waiver in the context of the arbitration agreement as a whole, and not as it applied to the delegation provision. The tribunal noted that if the arbitrator concludes that she cannot consider a challenge to the prospective waiver of the applicability of the arbitration agreement, the borrowers can return to court and argue that the arbitrator has exceeded. his powers.

Justice W. Fletcher was dissenting. Justice Fletcher concluded that the court’s decision failed to understand the effect of choice of law provisions in agreements. Under these provisions, the arbitrator can only apply tribal law and a small, irrelevant subset of federal law, which will prevent him from applying the law necessary to determine whether the delegation provisions and convention arbitration are valid. This, Fletcher J. concluded, invalidates both the delegation provisions and the arbitration agreements.

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CBZ Bank offers payday loans to its customers http://faithspixelpatch.com/cbz-bank-offers-payday-loans-to-its-customers/ http://faithspixelpatch.com/cbz-bank-offers-payday-loans-to-its-customers/#respond Thu, 02 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000 http://faithspixelpatch.com/cbz-bank-offers-payday-loans-to-its-customers/

The country’s largest bank in terms of deposits and assets, CBZ Bank introduced Payday Loan, an instant lending facility designed to meet the emergency needs of its customers within a day of demand.

The loan amount that clients can claim is 50% of take-home pay.

“CBZ Bank launched the product after realizing that customers need bridge financing to cover immediate financial emergencies. There is a lot of reasons to get a Payday loan like an unexpected hospital bill or a needed car repair. The Bank ensures that these loans are processed instantly to minimize inconvenience, ”the Bank said.

The facility is available to individual CBZ clients and non-CBZ clients are required to transfer their wages to CBZ in order to qualify for the loan. The product is accessible to public servants, uniformed forces and those in the private sector.

The loan is repaid within 30 days at an affordable interest rate.

“CBZ Bank remains committed to providing its valued customers with products tailored to their needs and the introduction of this product is clear testimony to this. There is no need to get help from unregistered lenders at outrageous rates when CBZ got this instant loan, ”CBZ said.

The Bank also offers a number of personal loan facilities as needed and their repayment term can be up to 36 months. These loans are quite substantial and can be used to finance long term financial needs.

The bank’s latest product offering is exciting news for its customers against the backdrop of unforeseen costs associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

It also comes at a time when most banks are reluctant to lend to individuals for fear of not repaying.

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Michigan Payday Loan Cap Rates – 36% Working – Film Daily http://faithspixelpatch.com/michigan-payday-loan-cap-rates-36-working-film-daily/ http://faithspixelpatch.com/michigan-payday-loan-cap-rates-36-working-film-daily/#respond Thu, 15 Jul 2021 07:00:00 +0000 http://faithspixelpatch.com/michigan-payday-loan-cap-rates-36-working-film-daily/

Michigan history shows the limit of payday loan service. The law tried to limit the ceiling on interest rates to 25%. In 2005, Michigan was the last state to allow payday loans at rates of 340% APR or more. But nowadays, this state is in the list of states colored in red on the loan card. If a customer asks online payday loans, the APR will be equal to 370%.

As a result, the Michiganders face the payday loan debt trap if they issue a short-term $ 300 loan (on average, that’s a 14-day term). Nowadays, citizens of this state believe that only a new accepted interest rate cap of 36% will help break the lending trap.

The opinion on interest limits was not unanimous. Some of them believe that these restrictions protect consumers from accessing fast credit. Others claim that it will prevent people from issuing quick loan options, especially in difficult financial situations.

So Michigan citizens sometimes find themselves in an ambiguous situation: If you run out of funds until the end of the month, you don’t have relatives or friends to borrow money, but you don’t have the possibility of issuing a short term personal loan because of the the rates.

But it will not be conducted among the citizens to see the real picture. As it has been clarified, many people use the payday loan as the main way out of a difficult life situation. They adapt to the terms and rates offered by many American lenders.

What to choose: an interest limit or the possibility of issuing rapid cash advances?

Every state, including Michigan, should weigh the pros and cons of the future law and its impact on Americans. There are times when people cannot find any other way out than online credit. In addition, not all customers are eligible to subscribe to a banking product as it sets strict conditions to benefit from it.

If you go to a bank, you have to provide many certificates, papers. In addition, requests are reviewed for up to 14 business days. Such credits are only justified if you are going to issue a mortgage or a car loan. One more reason is to borrow large amounts over the long term.

Payday loans, by definition and practice, are short-term financial products, they are not applicable for periods longer than 30 calendar days. The long-term APR offered by the banks appears to be much more favorable.

To summarize

Each borrower can find another way to issue financial products. It is a credit union. He fought for lower rates and had some success.

Another option to reduce the debt trap is to apply a 30 day “cooling off period”. You cannot submit a claim for 30 days from the time the first credit has been successfully paid.

There are many options to limit the rates, the debt trap and we cannot pretend that interest rate caps are the only possible initiative.

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More states impose interest rate caps on payday loans http://faithspixelpatch.com/more-states-impose-interest-rate-caps-on-payday-loans/ http://faithspixelpatch.com/more-states-impose-interest-rate-caps-on-payday-loans/#respond Mon, 12 Jul 2021 07:00:00 +0000 http://faithspixelpatch.com/more-states-impose-interest-rate-caps-on-payday-loans/

By Annie Millerbernd | Nerdwallet

Low-cost, short-term lenders, unencumbered by a maximum federal interest rate, can charge borrowers rates of 400% or more on their loans.

But more and more states are reducing that number by setting ceiling rates to curb high-interest lending. Currently, 18 states and Washington, DC, have laws that limit short-term loan rates to 36% or less, according to the Center for Responsible Lending. Other states are evaluating similar legislation.

“This legislative session, we have seen increased and renewed interest in limiting interest rates and limiting the damage caused by payday loans,” said Lisa Stifler, director of state policy for CRL .

Opponents of rate caps say that when a state caps interest, lenders can no longer operate profitably and consumers with already limited options lose their last resort. Consumer advocates say caps free borrowers from predatory lending models.

Here’s what happens when a state caps interest rates and what alternatives consumers have for small loans.

The legislation targets the APR

To deter high-interest lenders and protect consumers from predatory lending, the legislation targets the somewhat complex and decidedly unattractive annual percentage rate.

The APR is an interest rate plus any fees charged by the lender. A $ 300 loan paid off in two weeks with fees of $ 45 would have an APR of 391%. The same loan with an APR reduced to 36% would cost around $ 4.25 – and much less income for the lender.

APR is not an appropriate way to visualize the cost of a small loan, says Andrew Duke, executive director of the Online Lenders Alliance, which represents short-term online lenders.

“The number ends up sounding much higher and more dramatic than what the consumer perceives to be the cost of the loan,” he says.

Duke says consumers should instead use the actual fees to assess the affordability of a loan.

But what the fees don’t show is the expensive, long-term debt cycle many borrowers find themselves in, Stifler says.

More than 80% of payday loans are taken out within two weeks of paying off a previous payday loan, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

“The payday loan industry business model is based on repeat borrowing,” says Stifler. “It’s a product that sets off a debt trap that actually pushes people out of the financial system.”

In states that don’t allow interest rates above 36% or prohibit payday loans, there are no payday lenders, according to the Pew Charitable Trusts.

Consumers have other options

Some high-interest loans, such as pawn shops, may survive after a rate cap is implemented, says Duke, but limiting consumers’ options could force them to miss paying bills or incur credit fees. delay.

Illinois State Senator Jacqueline Collins, D-Chicago, who was a major co-sponsor of the Illinois consumer loan rate cap that was enacted in March, says that ‘She hopes the new law will remove the payday distraction and other high-interest loans and give residents of the state a clearer view of affordable alternatives.

Credit unions, for example, can offer small loans. Although credit scores are factored into a loan application, a credit union often has a history with a borrower and can assess their ability to repay the loan using other information. This can make it easier to qualify for a credit union loan.

For consumers who are struggling to pay their bills, Stifler suggests contacting creditors and service providers for a payment extension. She recommends that consumers turn to credit counseling agencies, which can offer free or inexpensive financial assistance, or religious organizations, which can help provide food, clothing, and travel assistance. job interview.

Exodus Lending is a Minnesota nonprofit organization that advocates for fair lending laws and refinances resident high interest loans with interest free loans.

Many people who seek help from Exodus say they chose a high interest loan because they were too ashamed to ask a friend or family member for help, explains Executive Director Sara Nelson-Pallmeyer. If Minnesota caps interest rates on small, short-term loans – something a bill pending in the legislature aims to do – she says she doesn’t care how consumers are ‘will draw.

“They’re going to do what people do in states where they’re not allowed,” she said. “Borrow from loved ones, ask for more hours, take a second job, sell your plasma – just the things people do that don’t go to payday lenders, and that’s most people.” . “

More from NerdWallet

Annie Millerbernd writes for NerdWallet. E-mail: amillerbernd@nerdwallet.com.

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It’s hard to find yourself in a situation where you need the cash right away, but you are not alone. In fact, 42% of millennials have used methods like payday loans to deal with debt, according to a study by the Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center at George Washington University.

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So what is a payday loan? The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau defines a payday loan as a short-term, high interest loan with no credit check, which typically does not exceed $ 500. Payday loans can be obtained online or through physical locations. When you don’t have a financial cushion in place and you need the cash quickly, a payday advance may seem like a good solution. But using a payday loan to get out of debt could be a costly mistake.

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Learn about payday loans and why they might not be the best way to get out of debt.

Last updated: July 7, 2021



5 reasons to avoid payday loans

Payday loans can be tempting when you have limited financial resources, but consider the dangers of payday loans before signing on the dotted line. Read on to see five disadvantages of payday loans.

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1. They create a cycle of debt

When your financial resources are almost depleted, getting a payday loan can help you temporarily. But at the end of the day, all you do is position yourself to take on more debt.

About 75% of payday loans go to people who take out 11 or more loans per year, according to CFPB data. Unfortunately, many people cannot repay their payday loans when due, so they consolidate the borrowed funds into a new loan and create a cycle of debt.

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three-twenty-dollar-sixty-dollar bills

three-twenty-dollar-sixty-dollar bills

2. High fees apply

Credit card APRs are typically between 12% and 30%. The average two-week payday loan, however, has a fee of $ 15 for every $ 100 borrowed – an APR that equates to nearly 400% per loan, according to the CFPB.

A short-term payday loan of $ 400, for example, could cost you $ 60 in fees. And if you extend the loan long enough, you could end up owing as much in fee as you originally borrowed.

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3. Rollovers allow you to get deeper into debt

When a payday loan is due and you cannot pay the full amount, some lenders will allow you to pay the upfront fee only to extend the due date. But, then another charge for the same amount is added to the principal.

For example, if you borrowed $ 200, with a charge of $ 15 for every $ 100 borrowed, you will owe $ 230 on your next payday. On your next payday, if you choose to pay the $ 30 fee to extend the loan, the lender will add an additional $ 30 fee and so on. Before you know it, you could be paying almost $ 100 in fees without reducing principal.



4. They come with the potential for repeat fundraising calls

Since these high risk loans are also expensive, you might not be able to repay your loan on time, which could lead to repeated calls from debt collectors. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act states that a debt collector, such as an online payday loan representative, is not allowed to repeatedly contact you with the intent to annoy you, abuse you, or harm you. harass you. Also, debt collectors are only supposed to call within the hours of 8am to 9pm.



5. They are not a solution for big financial problems

According to the CFPB, payday or online loans are generally capped at $ 500. So don’t expect this type of loan to help you get out of debt for good or face major expenses like replacing a roof. According to Fixer.com, a DIY services site, the national average for the cost of a roof replacement is over $ 6,000.



Alternatives to payday loans

With a little research you can find other potential options to generate money quickly without high fees. Take a look at these payday loan alternatives.



1. Borrow from a trusted friend or family member

While it can be awkward, humbly approach a friend or family member you trust and explain why you need to borrow money. Offer to have a specific but realistic written payment plan to show that you intend to repay the loan. Even if the person wants interest on loaning you the money, it probably won’t be something like you would with a payday loan.

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2. Get a side job that offers immediate payment

Do not underestimate the income potential of a good side activity; opportunities with immediate payment are available. These examples include, but are not limited to:

Lyft or Uber: Drive your car, as an alternative to a taxi service, and get immediate payout with just $ 50 earned. You might have to pay a 50 cent instant payment fee to get your money back, but it’s your money, not the money you have to pay back.

Uber eats: Forget about dealing with passengers and instead deliver food as a side work or weekend work. Apply with Uber Eats, a delivery service for people who want food from their favorite restaurants delivered right to their doorstep.

Craigslist Ads: Search concert listings to find jobs that pay quickly. You might find opportunities to help people pack their bags for a move, driving jobs, cleaning jobs, or childcare opportunities.



3. Seek credit counseling

Having a qualified professional who knows the ins and outs of debt management can prove to be beneficial. Contact a reputable service, such as the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, and speak with a credit counselor who can help you create a realistic, personalized budget as part of a debt relief plan.



Find other ways to pay off your debt

Payday loans can be extremely dangerous to your financial health, especially if you are already struggling with debt. With the high fees charged by payday lenders and the ability to extend loans more than once, you can easily find yourself in a cycle of debt, a target of collection efforts, or both.

Take other steps to pay off your debts right away, like borrowing from a friend or family member or getting a side job that pays off quickly. Next, consider contacting a credit counselor to help you get out of debt for good.

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