Canadian Thrashers Razor – New Song + First Album in 25 Years

Canadian thrash lords Razor have been lurking in the shadows for the past 25 years, active in a light-hearted capacity, but now they have ended the 25-year drought between albums and have just announced Cycle of contemptan 11-track effort featuring new single “Flames of Hatred”.

“We are so excited to finally offer this recording to our awesome and patient fanbase! We had the pleasure of preparing it for you and sincerely hope you think it was worth the wait. Play hard my friends,” exclaims guitarist Dave Carlo, one of the two remaining original members, bassist Mike Campagnolo being the other.

Joining them in the lineup is vocalist Rob Reid, whose first stint lasted from 1989 until Razor broke up in 1992 and has been at the forefront since reuniting in 1996, as well as drummer Rider Johnson, who joined the group in 2014.

Age hasn’t softened this band at all, as evidenced by the song titles on Cycle of contempt alone, projecting a no-nonsense attitude, done with your bullshit to the likes of “Jabroni”, “All Fist Fighting” and “King Shit” to name a few.

“I tried to write songs that everyone could listen to and say, ‘Yeah, I know a guy who did this to me or did this, or I know this situation. I can relate to that,” adds Carlo, “And I didn’t want to do everything about me specifically because when you do that, you exclude people. I wanted to include anyone who has ever felt upset about anything.

“Flames of Hatred” is a biting dose of adrenalized thrash that’s no different to how Razor has been doing it since it was first released. Executioner’s Song in 1985.

Listen to the new track below and check out the album art and track listing further down the page. Look for Cycle of contempt to drop September 23 on Relapse Records and pre-order your copy here.

Razor, “Flames of Hate”

The razor, Cycle of contempt Album cover + track list

Razor, ‘Cycle of Contempt’


01. “Flames of Hatred”
02. “Jabroni”
03. “Off My Meds”
04. “A Bitter Pill”
05. “Crusader”
06. “First Order Hatred”
07. “Cycle of Scorn”
08. “Punch Your Face In”
09. “All Fist Fights”
10. “Darkness Falls”
11. “The King of Shit”

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