Britain’s biggest family vacation plans over expensive Covid testing

BRITTANY’S BIGGEST FAMILY has revealed they will no longer travel abroad due to the exorbitant costs of coronavirus tests.

The Morecambe family of 24 had originally planned to travel to Portugal, but these were abandoned after considering the cost of getting a PCR test for some family members.

These tests can cost hundreds of dollars depending on where you buy them.

Speaking about one of their YouTube vlogs posted earlier this month, Sue Radford said, “We’re not going overseas this year.

“We increased the price from Portugal and were about to book it when Noel said we better see what the requirements are to go overseas.

“And basically… it would have cost us £ 3,500 before we even booked the holiday.

“It was just for corona testing, so we were like absolutely impossible to do it.

“I hope next year will be a little better.”

Sue and Millie in the YouTube video (Photo credit: YouTube / The Radford Family)

However, Sue revealed that the family have holiday plans in place to take place in the UK, but has remained tight-lipped on the details.

She said, “We’re going to do something.”

My daughter, Millie added that so many things they tried to organize were already booked, but they secured another trip to Alton Towers.

Lancashire Telegraph: The Family at Alton Towers (Jeff Spicer / PA)Family at Alton Towers (Jeff Spicer / PA)

In May, Sue and Noel Radford brought 15 of their 22 children – aged 1 to 19 – to the attraction with their eight-month-old granddaughter.

“With a brood as large as ours, it is often difficult for us to find a place that we can all go to and that everyone will enjoy,” said Mr and Mrs Radford.

“The noise the kids made when we told them we were going to Alton Towers Resort was almost as loud as when they all tried the Runaway Mine Train for the first time!”

What are the rules for traveling to Portugal during the pandemic?

The UK government has announced a traffic light system in which certain countries are placed on a “green” “amber” and “red” list depending on how they are to travel and return.

Earlier this month, Portugal moved from the Green List to the Orange List, which means vacationers will face stricter restrictions and costs if they plan to visit the country.

According to the latest changes, tourists who travel to Portugal despite its Amber List rating will no longer have to take a PCR test before leaving the UK.

Instead, UK holidaymakers can have a negative antigen test (which is cheaper than a PCR test) done within 24 hours of departure; or they can choose to have the PCR test within 72 hours of travel.

The FO notice states: “With the exception of children up to the age of 2, you must have proof of a negative COVID-19 test to travel to or through Portugal. The test can be :

“You must present your test certificate before boarding your flight to Portugal. Your airline may deny boarding if you cannot show it at check-in. Check with your airline before traveling. ”

Anyone arriving in the UK from Portugal must then undergo two PCR tests upon their return.

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