Bitefest returns to Tubi with two original shark-tastic films

Who needs a week of shark-themed shows when you can have a whole month?

In August, Tubi brings back Shark Month: Bitefest, a month-long “feeding frenzy” of shark-themed shows. This includes two new Tubi Originals – “Shark Bait” and the delightfully titled “Shark Side of the Moon” – plus over 70 movies, all streaming for free. In other words: you’re going to need a bigger boat for all that shark fun.

Indeed, the four slices of the “Jaws” The franchise will premiere on the FOX-owned streaming service in August. There will also be educational shark documentaries, such as “Gordon Ramsay: Shark Bait”, as well as shark-themed thrillers, such as, for example, “Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda,” with Conan O’Brien, “Dark Waters”, with Lorenzo Lamas and the Tubi Original “Bathing,” with Joey Lawrence.

This is a shark lover’s dream!

Bitefest kicks off in style on August 1 with new Tubi Original movie “Shark bait.” The survival thriller follows a group of friends who decide to steal a few jet skis while enjoying a weekend getaway. But when they find themselves stranded at sea after a horrific head-on collision, they must find a way home, while hungry predators lurk in the water below them.

Bitefest then takes things to a whole new level with “Shark Side of the Moon” August 12. The sci-fi thriller comes from the maestros of low-budget filmmaking at The Asylum, the film company that previously created the cult “Sharknado” franchise. The wild-looking film opens during the Cold War, where the USSR developed hyper-aggressive humanoid sharks. Unable to kill them, USSR military scientists do the next best thing: launch them on the Moon, of course.

The rest of the film takes place in the present day, when the first team of American astronauts on the Moon in decades must repair a module found on the dark side of the moon – while fending off those ‘unkillable Russian moon sharks’ .

“Shark Bait” stars Holly Earl (“Doctor Who”), Thomas Michael Flynn (“Happy Place”), Malachi Pullar-Latchman (“YO!”), Jack Trueman (“The Conversation”) and Catherine Amy Hannay ( “Doctors”), while the cast of “Shark Side of the Moon” includes Reginald William Stalling (“Everybody Wants Theirs”), Maxi Witrak (“Maggie”), Terrance Livingston Jr. (“JoJo & Pitt” ), Lydia Hunter (“The Deck”), Konstantin Podprugin (“Walter”), Tania Fox (“Children of Agony”), Michael Austin Deni (“T-Rex Ranch”), Michael Marcel (“Sanador: The Healer” ), Roman Chsherbakov (“All Our Dishes”), Ego Miktas (“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”), Lindsey Marie (“Bull Shark”) and Sandi Todorovic (“Coasters”).

You can check out a list of Shark Month: Bitefest titles below, all of which will be streaming for free on Tubi in August.

Shark Month: Bitefest

“Shark Bait” (Airing August 1)
“Shark Side of the Moon” (Airing August 12)
“Gordon Ramsay: Shark Bait”
“Jaws 2”
“3-D Jaws”
“Jaws: The Vengeance”
“The Reef”
“Dark Waters”
“USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage”
“Of Shark and Man”
“Shark Attack”
“Shark Attack 2”
“Shark Attack 3: Megalodon”
“Shark Lake”
“Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre”
“Sharknado: Feeding Frenzy”
“Sharknado: Heart of the Shark Spirit”
“Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda”
“Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf”
“Swamp Shark”
“The old Man and the Sea”
“Saving the Jaws”
“Land of the Sharks”
“Surf and Sharks”
“The Shark-Con”

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