Andrei asks Larissa Lima about her children in Brazil

Stay-at-home dad Andrei Castravet confronted Larissa Lima about her multiple surgeries and three children in Brazil during the 90 Day Fiancé Tell-All.

Larissa Lima shocked both Debbie Johnson and 90 day fiancé fans by revealing that she had children in Brazil. Since then, Colt’s ex-wife has been repeatedly berated for neglecting her family. As Larissa flaunts one new plastic surgery procedure after another, TLC fans keep asking her why she isn’t spending the money on her kids instead. Larissa’s co-actor Andrei Castravet echoed those thoughts when asking Larissa about her children in 90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever? Say it all. And Larissa, obviously, was not happy.

Larissa Lima was recently fired from her 90 day fiancé switch to TLC. But when the Brazilian arrived in America, she came with a dream of starting life again with Colt. Larissa didn’t get the happy marriage she wanted due to the fighting and arrests, but in the midst of everything else, she also kept her personal life in Brazil a secret. When Larissa finally spoke about her children, she had revealed that she had two children, Arry and Luana when there are supposed to be three. In November 2018, he said 90 day fiancé fans that she “One dayPlanned to bring her daughter Luana, who currently lives with Larissa’s father in the United States. But Marcos, a second man who would have custody of his youngest son Arry, had alleged that Larissa abandoned the baby when he was only 7 years old. Marcos was a transvestite and bisexual man who had cheated on her with various men. She claimed to have had depression due to which Arry has now stayed with Marcos’ sister. the 90 day fiancé star had also accused Marcos of stealing $ 20,000 from his credit cards and creating a false tax return. Strangely enough, the location of the third child has not been revealed. However, since Larissa said she spent $ 72,000 on her surgeries and earned over $ 100,000 on CamSoda, people have started taunting her for being a selfish mother. It seems that Andrei from 90 day fiancé also, had an issue with Larissa’s parenthood which he confronted her in the Say it all.

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During the 90 Day Tell-All Fiancé, Andrei comments on Larissa’s cosmetic makeover by asking Colt, “Why do you play with women so much, and they’re so heartbroken that they’re already changing faces? I don’t recognize her, what’s going on?“With wife Elizabeth sitting next to him, Andrei comments that Larissa’s face might have people calling her “Michael Jackson 3.0. Debbie laughs and Larissa claps, “At least I have a job. ” In his 90 day fiancé scenario, Andrei is often accused of using the money of his stepfather Chuck Potthast. Larissa adds that she will soon have an all-in-one “Brazilian bu * t lift, tummy tuck and liposuction. Hearing this, fellow cast member Syngin Colchester suggests: “I think a person should be careful to spend too much, you know, like you say you have family at home, to be sure you can give them a little too. But Larissa said, “Everything I do is for my children, ”And that she send money to her daughter.

Larissa Eric and Elizabeth Andrei: TLC: 90 Day Fiancé

When Andrei asks where Larissa’s children are right now, Larissa asks him why he needs to talk about it. “I’m not talking about your kids, I’m not talking about mine. Stop being low», Argues Larissa. “You have three kids and you’re sitting in the US, you have surgery on your face, and we’re talking about kids», Andrei alleges. But a restless Larissa swears on Andrei and accuses him of not having “moral. Andrei then asks her to stop swearing before adding that, “you will have to change this every two years», Regarding Larissa’s plastic surgery. But she responds instantly, “I’m not talking to you. I refuse to talk to you. “

The heated conversation between Andrei and Larissa seems to end here, but it’s unlikely that 90 day fiancé fans will never stop questioning him about his private life. Now that Larissa has been fired by TLC due to her derogatory performance from CamSoda, the threat of deportation also threatens her. Larissa’s future in America after 90 day fiancé is subject to speculation, but the least she can do is give confirmation to her followers that her children are doing well and are happy in Brazil.

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90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever? Airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.

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