Amazon just made this Le Creuset cast iron oven 40% cheaper, and we are drooling over this offer

from amazon The first Black Friday offers are upon us, and as Thanksgiving is just around the corner, we’re taking note of a very special cookware deal. The Creuset cast iron sauté pan is on sale for a whopping 40% off right now, and we’re already dreaming of the glorious dishes this baby will help cook.

We say this with confidence because the Cast iron sauté oven cooking makes cooking easier, it’s like having an extra helping hand in the kitchen. You can slowly braise meats, roast vegetables and cook other dishes all-in-one in this unique essential. And, if you think ahead (which you should be), he can make perfectly cooked soups and casseroles for your Thanksgiving feast. Your friends and family will be dying to come to your house for the holidays.

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Did we forget to mention that this baking oven is also extremely aesthetic? You can choose from 11 stunning colors to create the right ambiance in your kitchen. This is the kind of cookware that you want to to be omitted as it serves as a decorative centerpiece just as much as it is a kitchen essential. Like everything that comes from Le Creuset, this play is both a conversation starter, a stage thief, and a main character.

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You should hurry on Amazon, because such a good deal won’t last long. (FYI, this deal is only for Prime members, so if you don’t have a subscription but still want the discounts, sign up for a free trial here.)

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Le Creuset Cast Iron Saute Oven

Courtesy of Le Creuset.

Courtesy of Le Creuset.

Le Creuset Cast Iron Saute Oven $ 179.95

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The pan’s 3.5 quart capacity lets you cook for two to four servings at a time, AKA the perfect size for your side dishes and one-pan dishes. It can go in your oven or on your stovetop, but it can also go straight in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Now this is what you want in your kitchen arsenal.

The Cast iron sauté oven has a 40% discount for a limited time only, bringing the price from $ 300 to $ 179.95 now. Never in our wildest dreams have we thought that one of these iconic dishes would be within budget, but sometimes dreams are destined to come true.

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