ALBUM REVIEW: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin – Beth Hart

ZEPPELIN LED is a hallowed name in the rock world that needs no introduction. One of England’s greatest rock and metal bands on Mount Rushmore alongside BLACK SABBATH and DARK PURPLE, talking about them, their music and their influence is one thing, but covering them is a whole other beast. However, the Grammy-nominated powerhouse BETH HART takes on this monumental task on his latest album A tribute to Led Zeppelin. With a mixture of ZEPPELIN classics and deep cuts, Stag highlights the incredible musical spectrum in which the legendary rock band operated. Staying true to the structure and composition of the original songs but bringing them into the 21st century with explosive modern production, Stag brings an energetic and fresh perspective to these rock belts.

Usually known for her blues rock and soul roots, Stag is definitely a student of the classics and is recognized as one of the most talented singers of her generation. His story with ZEPPELIN LED returns to childhood, his older brother introducing him to the band alongside BLACK SABBATH. His first release on a major label – his debut album Immortal – was published by Atlantic Records in 1996, 27 years after the release of this same label ZEPPELINis an acclaimed and highly influential debut album. Born from the frustrations of the pandemic, Stag was ready to channel all the tension and aggression and release it all in the best way possible.

With every inch of his power and might, Stag delivers these songs with a furious passion that only a true ZEPPELIN LED fan could muster. His intense, thunderous alto voice tackles the band’s most explosive classics while capturing the emotional delicacy of the band’s famous ballads. Although she decided to cover the songs in their original style, instead of reinterpreting them and adapting them to her own style, Stag channels the mystical and divine aura of Robert Plante with maximum effect. It also adds to the timeless quality of the songs and brings them into a modern musical setting. The only difference with the originals, however, is that StagThe rich and soulful voice of adds a new flavor of emotion to the band’s lyrics that was previously untapped.

Stagpassion and respect for ZEPPELIN LEDThe music really shines on the album. Whether it’s the sweeter ballads like stairway to Heaven and The rain songor the raucous and restless spirit full of love, Black Dog and Cashmere, nothing is left to chance and every part of the band’s legendary career is told through the music and done so with the utmost respect. Even within his own music there is an ever-present ZEPPELIN LED influence, and in the grand scheme of things, it feels like this album was unofficially predestined.

Two notable tracks are Stag‘s medleys of Dancing Days / When the Levee Breaks and No quarter / Baby, I’ll leave you now. Both medleys demonstrate StagThe understanding of how the band’s music works, as the two effortlessly transition between their respective songs so cleanly it’s barely noticeable and truly, masterfully done. Crisis has a wonderful swagger about it, chic and swinging so you can’t help but marvel Stagbut also the incredible orchestral arrangement around the main riffs and rhythms. stairway to Heaven is sung so delicately that you can’t help feeling a plethora of emotions, which is what you need after the greatness of Cashmere and full of love. Closing the album with the beautiful orchestral The rain song is appropriate, as it is an emotional conclusion to a truly passionate and heartfelt tribute.

Although it is a tribute album, Stag has truly come into its own, taking on the challenge of matching and in some cases enhancing the powerful magnetism of Robert Plante. Although this is an album born out of the frustrations of the past few years, you can tell an incredible amount of love and respect has gone into this album. It’s a refreshing listening experience, as one artist honors another purely out of love and respect for the music.

Rating: 8/10

A Tribute To Led Zeppelin is set for release on February 25 via Provogue Records/Mascot Label Group.

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