Airlines offering cheaper fares for flights from Mumbai between August and October

With the Union government raising the cap on the lowest fares by 15 percent not too long ago, airline fares are higher than before, while demand has also increased slightly. However, travelers see lower prices, but only for travel dates between August and October.

While the average cost of a plane ticket for July is around 10,000 (Mumbai-Delhi), the fare is only 4,600 for August. Mumbai Mirror reports that this phenomenon can be observed in the domestic airline segment.

Falling prices can be seen regardless of the sale status of an airline or a particular route. Busy routes such as Mumbai to Calcutta, Srinagar, Chennai, Kochi, Varanasi and Lucknow now show a price reduction in August compared to the average July air fare.

Despite the reduction in air fares, health experts have warned that this may not necessarily be the best time to book airline tickets given concerns of a third wave of coronavirus. Most airlines offer free date changes on multiple routes to allay the uncertainty around blockages or travel restrictions.

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Travel industry representatives believe the decision to offer a free date change on bookings will bring more confidence to potential travelers. “It’s always easy to change reservations and get refunds when the ticket is booked through travel agencies. Travelers are tired of staying at home and are ready to go on vacation or start business flights after completing two shots of the vaccine, ”said Jay Bhatia, vice president of the Association of Travel Agents of India.

Since August airfares are not capped at this time, it is possible that fares will increase later. This is another crucial incentive for customers who get their tickets as early as possible.

“If the fare cap comes later, no additional fare will have to be paid by passengers,” Bhatia added.

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