A history of Marcus432 and his inspirations

Growing up in the Bay Area surrounded by hip hop music, Marcus432 quickly developed an interest in creating his own music. After seeing an opportunity in the industry, he started working on his craft at a makeshift studio that he built in his college hall at the time. After expanding his knowledge in the industry, he then used his experience and started marketing for others. “I created music everyday and helped hundreds of other artists, producers, influencers, businesses, etc. grow their brands online,” explained Marcus432.

Touring with, and being the opening act for Blueface, opened up a network of possibilities for Marcus432 and gave him invaluable experience performing in front of large audiences. Asked about his inspiration in the music industry, Marcus432 revealed Mac Miller, Logic, Drake, J Cole and Lil Dicky as his top 5.

Marcus432 has also had his fair share of adversities along his musical journey. With depression and anxiety being its antagonists, he shared, “I constantly feel like I wasn’t good enough and had to look or act a certain way to be accepted into the hip hop community. . ” Marcus432 further shared that he overcame his difficult roads by “meditating, believing in himself and remaining consistent with creation.” Always ready to make his name known in the industry, Marcus432 has high hopes for his music. He wants his listeners to know, through the music he creates, that they can achieve anything they want in life if they believe in it and take the necessary steps to make it happen.

Stay connected with Marcus432 on Instagram: www.instagram.com/marcus432_

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