8 tips for a cheap holiday in Australia

bukamata – Moving to Australia can be an option to fill your vacation time or take a break from your job. Unfortunately, for some people, a vacation to Australia is still considered expensive, especially when compared to other overseas destinations not far from Indonesia, such as many Southeast Asian countries.

Some people even choose to go to Japan or South Korea because the cost of travel is not much different.

Although we have to apply for a visa when we visit Australia, apparently a tourist visa for Indonesia is valid for multiple entries, i.e. multiple visits.

So if you want to go back to Australia in one to three years, you don’t have to worry about that.

“Especially for Indonesian visitors, visas can be valid for one to three years, multiple entries. So you can (come) more than once and that’s only to Indonesia, as of 2015,” said Agitya Noorani, Country Manager Indonesia, Tourism Australia. Reported by bukamata of compass.com, Sunday (28/8/2022).

Here are several budget Australia vacation tips for those of you who are planning to vacation in kangaroo country.

One of them, it is important to plan the trip in advance to reduce expenses.

cheap holidays in australia

1. Book longer flights

Booking flights in advance is one of the tips for cheap holidays in Australia and other destinations.

Agitya recommends booking tickets to Australia six months before departure time. Because the greater the distance between the booking and the flights, the more seats are available in affordable class.

“Because since the pandemic, the airlines haven’t recovered 100%, so they have to book in advance. In fact, sometimes there are no expensive seats,” Agitya said.

Another option is to look for promotional tickets at travel fairs, where airlines, accommodations or travel agencies offer lower prices.

You can also choose Low Cost Carrier (LCC) flights to make the cost of flights more affordable.

2. Choose a city with free public transport

Choose cities that have free public transport to explore the city. Agitya gave the example of Melbourne and Perth. This way we can move around without worrying about additional costs for transportation.

We may divert transportation costs for other purposes, such as sampling local cuisine or shopping.

Also, alternative destinations in Australia such as Yamba in New South Wales, Port Elliot in South Australia and Dunsborough in Western Australia.

However, talking about destinations, of course, comes down to everyone’s tourist destinations.

3. Choose your accommodation carefully

Avoid staying in the city center, advises Agitya. You can choose to stay in a hostel on the outskirts of the city, but it is affordable by public transport.

“Can be chosen what is not downtown really, but a little out of the way downtown Even then accessible with public transport,” They said.

4. Avoid high season

avoid high season Or one of the general tips for saving money during peak holidays.

However, when high season For a holiday in Australia?

Apart from the holiday season, it turns out that May to July is the best time to visit Australia if you want to save money.

The reason is that these months include low season In Australia, therefore, we can find relatively cheap accommodation prices.

The same is true during Eid holidays. Eid holidays which fall on different dates each year can also be used for budget holidays in Australia.

5. Eat together

Going on vacation to Australia with family or loved ones can be the perfect way to save money, especially when it comes to food.

Because the cost of eating a portion in Australia is very expensive. However, the food portions here are actually quite large.

For some Indonesians, portions of the meal can be enjoyed together so that spending is more efficient.

“The food is really expensive (price) in Australia, but the portion is big, so you can share it,” Agitya said.

As an example, the cost of eating in a restaurant is around AU$12 to AU$25, or around IDR 120,000 to 250,000.

6. Take advantage of free Wi-Fi

Simple, but very economical. Be sure to take advantage of the free WiFi to access the internet.

You can enjoy WiFi from the airport or other public places, restaurants or cafes and hotels.

7. Shop for souvenirs at the market

Buying souvenirs in the souvenir center of the city or at the airport is definitely not the best option. As an alternative, you can go to the local market to buy Australian souvenirs.

Some of the popular places to buy cheap souvenirs are Fremantle Market, Queen Victoria Market, Adelaide Central Market and others.

8. Bring a bottle of drinking water

The cost of bottled water in Australia is quite high. A 600ml bottle of drinking water can cost around AU$2-3 or Rp20,000-30,000.

So bring your own water bottle and fill it with available tap water.

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