5 popular American grocery stores with amazing seasonal deals

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Holidays are one of the best times of the year, but they can also be one of the most expensive if you are not careful. Between trips, gifts, and vacation dinners, costs can add up quickly.

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None of us like to see our vacations ruined in retrospect after realizing that our bank accounts are being tapped or our credit cards are at their peak. To make matters worse, inflation is starting to show its head, which means things get even more expensive. Grocery items have become more expensive, making these deals more essential than ever.

Truth be told, the holidays will always be a bit expensive if you throw big parties and travel across the country to share a meal with your family. Still, these meals don’t have to be that expensive, which is why we’re focusing on groceries in this article. Some of them have great deals that can help make your vacation much cheaper.

1. ShopRite: Free Turkey or Ham

ShopRite, a popular grocery store with locations in the Northeast, will give you a free turkey or ham if you spend enough. The exact amount you need to spend varies, ranging from $ 250 to $ 400. Alternatively, you can get $ 1.49 / lb. on any fresh, frozen or kosher turkey up to 21 lbs. Also note that this offer requires the Price Plus Club Card from ShopRite.

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$ 250 might seem like a lot, but that just means ShopRite wants you to do the rest of your Thanksgiving shopping there. If you are planning a Thanksgiving reunion with your whole family (and extended family), it it is not inconceivable to spend so much. In addition, the amount can come from several transactions and does not have to be at the same time.

This offer runs until November 25, 2021.

2. Food Lion: $ 20 off

Food Lion, a Southeastern grocery chain, is currently offering a $ 20 discount. This offer is valid until November 24, 2021. To take advantage of it, you must spend $ 50 six times by then. You can track your eligible trips by checking the bottom of your receipt after each transaction. Once you reach six qualifying purchases, you get a $ 20 coupon printed on the bottom of your receipt. It can then be used in store, but requires Food Lion’s MVP card.

3. HEB: 12 ​​days of offers

Texas-based HEB has one of the best deals for vacations: 12 Day Deals. For now, her website is just telling you to come back soon. But if the past years are any indication, you can expect some good deals. In 2015, its 12-day deal included a Corona cooler for $ 79.99 (was $ 159.97), 50% Bella devices, and 40% off Cocinaware and Calphalon.

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Of course, this sale is a nod to the song “12 Days of Christmas”, which means it takes place in December. In 2015, it was announced on December 5th and ran from 5th to 16th, so check back frequently to see what deals await.

4. Safeway: $ 20 discount and free shipping for online orders

Safeway, one of the most popular grocery chains in the western United States, currently has a lot of online ordering. You can get $ 20 off your first online order from Safeway when you spend $ 75 or more. It even includes free shipping. To get the offer, you will need to use promo code SAVE20 at checkout.

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It is not advertised as a vacation offer, but it lasts until 12/30/21. So, it aligns with the holiday season, ending on New Years Eve. Holiday shopping can also be very stressful, so ordering online is a great way to avoid the crowds. Note: Safeway’s website states that this offer is not available with Instacart orders.

5. Save a lot: Black Friday sale

We often associate the Black Friday sales with stores like Amazon and Best Buy. But can’t grocery stores have fun too? Save A Lot, a popular Midwestern grocery store, thinks so. This sale has yet to be announced, but last year it had a Black Friday sale that lasted for several days in late November. If that’s any indication, you can expect some great business again this year.

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As the sale has yet to be announced, we don’t know exactly what will be offered. However, last year the sale included 30% off Banquet’s Brown ‘N Serve, 50% off Sunny D, free Mantia’s pizzas, and three for $ 10 off 12 packs of Pepsi products.

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Last updated: October 29, 2021

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