12 Best WWE Table Matches of All Time

For the first time in nearly three years, “Raw” caster returned on “Monday Night Raw.” Raw Roulette is similar to regular casino roulette, but instead of having numbers on it, it has matching stipulations. These stipulations include a special guest referee, falls count anywhere, or even a pillow fight has been featured at roulette. This time, fate, or quite possibly the creation of WWE, had decided on a main event tables match between John Cena and Randy Orton.

Cena and Orton had a good, solid match, as one would expect, when a sudden encounter of all the members of Nexus – and later, Sheamus, Edge and Chris Jericho – would turn the match upside down. With a WWE Championship match scheduled to take place this weekend between Cena, Orton and Wade Barrett, this match served as the final battleground for the five contenders to inflict damage on each other.

In the end, the match turned into what Jim Ross would call a “human demolition derby” as bodies and smashed tables were laid out all over the ring. While the actual match that Cena and Orton had around all that interference wasn’t bad, the match is mostly worth revisiting based on some terrific bumps that some Nexus members took and the chaos that ensued. interference.

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