10 Times Heroes Couldn’t Be Trusted

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure features a variety of unique characters. The story follows many twists and many twists are unexpected. Anime doesn’t follow clichés too often. Many of the characters have complex morals and are interesting to unpack.

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However, there were instances when the heroes couldn’t be trusted. Whether through questionable choices or brainwashing, these characters caused the audience and other characters to question their intentions. It’s natural to be suspicious of other people’s motives, especially in a world as bizarre and ever-changing as that of JoJo’s.

ten Iggy wanted nothing to do with the Joestar gang

Iggy’s lack of confidence doesn’t stem from sneakiness or ulterior motives. Instead, it stems from the fact that Iggy is simply a dog who wants nothing to do with Stands or fighting DIO. So when he was dragged against his will with the Joestar gang in Stardust Crusadershe was defiant and didn’t care what happened to others.

He only cared about helping himself and getting through each battle safely. Iggy’s motives are not grandiose or indicative of significant character development; instead, his unreliability stemmed from being unreliable for most of Part 3.

9 Okuyasu shot Koichi and fought with Josuke

Okuyasu became one of the deuteragonists of The diamond is unbreakable. However, at the start of Part Four, Okuyasu and his brother were determined to find a Stand ability that could finally put their father out of his misery. As a result, Koichi was hit by the Stand’s arrow. Josuke confronted Okuyasu and the two fought.

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After straightening things out, Josuke and Koichi figured out the situation with the Nijimura brothers’ father. Most misunderstandings could have been avoided if Okuyasu wasn’t single-minded and aggressive.

8 Giorno was a crook

giorno with money

At the beginning of golden wind, Giorno Giovanna was basically a petty serial thief operating out of Naples airport. Giorno offered Koichi a ride but stole all of his luggage and booked it. When Koichi tried to stop him with Echoes, Giorno smiled and ran away.

However, before running, Giorno turned Koichi’s luggage into a frog with his stand. Giorno even spends all the money he stole from Koichi. Although he is the main protagonist of the fifth part, Giorno was certainly a trickster in the beginning!

7 Jotaro bets on the souls of his mother and his friends

While Stardust Crusaders, the Joestar gang meets D’Arby The Gambler. After Joseph and Polnareff lost to D’Arby, Jotaro decided to take a chance. Although Jotaro’s integrity had been proven many times before, it was hard to trust his judgment here. He bet on his soul, his mother’s soul, Abdol’s soul and Kakyoin’s soul.

Despite his questionable choice, he won by playing mind games with D’Arby and keeping his cool. It was a risky call nonetheless, because if his bluff had been called, D’Arby would have won on the sole basis that Jotaro had received a bad hand.

6 Polnareff tried to attack the Joestar gang in Hong Kong

polnareff in hong kong jojo

Polnareff eventually became a prominent member of the Joestar gang during Stardust Crusaders. However, at first he was working as DIO’s agent and tried to attack them. Due to his vulnerable state of mind after his sister’s death, DIO found it easy to plant a flesh bud in Polnareff’s brain and use it for his evil bids.

Therefore, Polnareff attempts to attack the Joestar Gang in Hong Kong. When Abdul defeated him, he decided not to kill himself and instead let the flames consume him out of respect for Abdol’s strength. Polnareff proved himself trustworthy after the flesh bud was removed.

5 Foo Fighters first worked for Enrico Pucci

Manga JoJos Bizarre Adventure Support Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters became one of the main allies of ocean of stone. However, before that, they were an agent of Enrico Pucci. They were first used to guard the discs at the prison and attacked Jolyne and Ermes when the two tried to retrieve the discs.

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Foo Fighters is quite interesting; their personality is centered around the idea that they are an intellectual with little or no life experience. Foo Fighters wants to be recognized as sensitive. The Foo Fighters quit working for Pucci when Jolyne saved them from dehydration; from then on, they swore to protect Jolyne.

4 Kakyoin was initially an agent of DIO

rorero kakyoin from jojo stardust crusaders

Kakyoin was under the influence of DIO at the beginning of stardust crusaders, though he was saved by Jotaro and joined the Joestar gang. Under DIO’s influence, he used his Hierophant Green to possess a school nurse and use her to kill Jotaro.

Jotaro and Star Platinum eventually defeat Kakyoin. Jotaro called him out during this fight for using his position to manipulate the weak – and especially for hurting an innocent woman. Jotaro knocked him out and removed the flesh bud.

3 Josuke initially seemed stubborn and oversensitive, especially about his hair.

When Josuke is first introduced in The diamond is unbreakable, he is seen trying to attack Jotaro for making a comment about his hair. Josuke immediately took out his Stand, Crazy Diamond, and started swinging at Jotaro. He also refused to hear anything Jotaro had to say at this point.

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The only thing Jotaro wanted to do was warn Josuke of the strange happenings in Morioh. Since this was the first impression the audience had of Josuke, it’s obvious that he seemed untrustworthy at first. However, Josuke’s defensiveness over his hair became one of the running gags of Part Four.

2 Bucciarati seemed like a cunning gangster

When Bucciarati was first introduced in golden wind, he was tasked with tracking down and interrogating Leaky-Eye’s killer Luca. He confronts Giorno on a train to ask him about it, and he is able to see right through Giorno’s dishonesty. Of course, that led to the iconic scene where Bucciarati licked Giorno’s sweat and said he tasted like a liar.

Also, Bucciarati put an eyeball in Giorno’s hand to surprise him and prove he was lying. Bucciarati seemed ruthless at first, but became one of Giorno’s closest friends due to his kindness and willingness to help him overthrow the Passione boss.

1 Rohan tried to use Koichi as material for his manga

Rohan Kishibe is one of the most compelling characters in The diamond is unbreakable. Initially an antagonist, he is a mangaka who likes to have realistic material. He even licked a spider to see the taste of its innards as research. Koichi was a fan of his manga and wanted to meet him.

Unfortunately for Koichi, Rohan’s Stand, Heaven’s Door, allows him to open people up and read their lives like the pages of a book. Rohan took a great interest in Koichi and decided he was the perfect material to use as inspiration for his manga. Despite his eccentric ways, Rohan became an ally during Part Four and eventually became friends with Koichi.

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