10 things we’ve come to expect from Resident Evil 9

No one knows what Resident Evil 9 will look like yet, but fans desperately want to see these aspects explored in the sequel’s title.

resident Evil has been on a roll in recent years with annual outings all of which have taken it out of the park. This winning streak continues with Resident Evil Village. The game is quite short, only taking around ten hours to complete, so a lot of fans have skimmed through it about two or three times already.

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Looking ahead, we hope that the next main entry will continue this upward trajectory. If they include at least a handful of the entries below, fans should have no reason to worry. Resident Evil 9. It’s still a mystery if they try to pick a subtitle to fit in the Roman numeral “IX”, however.

ten Culmination of a trilogy

Umbrella Corporation logo in the family crest - Resident Evil Village Easter Eggs

The seventh main entry introduced many new characters and concepts, including Ethan Winters, The Mold, The Blue Umbrella, and Connections. Resident Evil Village develops most of these ideas while adding a few twists. Everything seems to lead to a third game becoming the culmination of all these elements. Obviously, that wouldn’t be a climax to end the series, but the end of a specific era and storyline, similar to how Resident evil 5 finally finished Albert Wesker.

9 It should be scarier than Resident Evil Village

resident evil village digimon

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is one of the scariest games of the last generation. While that doesn’t say anything negative about the overall quality of the sequel, Resident Evil Village is significantly less scary than its predecessor. While the over-the-top nature of the new title is appreciated, we want the terror that stings the back of the seventh game, which we have also seen in the originals and remakes.

8 A dedication to the leap in time

Rose Winters Resident Evil Village ending

Resident Evil Village ends with several shocking and ridiculous twists and turns. Most notably, there is a significant time jump where Ethan’s daughter Rose is a teenager.

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The next game better stick with that change and show us how the world has changed in at least thirteen years of each other. There is always a chance that less time has passed and Rose is simply growing at an accelerated rate due to her powers. Either way, the next game needs to follow up.

7 We want more Ethan winters

Ethan Winters

The end of the post-credits sequence shows a suspicious character approaching the vehicle in which Rose is leaving. People have already figured out that the model is Ethan Winters, which implies he’s still alive in some way. Given the mold’s mysterious data storage capabilities, Ethan’s consciousness might still be locked away somewhere. Maybe he’s already with Mia. They haven’t explored the full capabilities of the mold yet, so the possibilities are endless.

6 Inventory of attached cases

Resident Evil Village Samurai Edge in the inventory screen

People generally agree on Resident Evil 4 have the most attractive inventory system. Inventory is a case with multiple blocks and each item occupies a specific number of space, forcing you to often rearrange the order of items and weapons inside. Resident Evil Village reproduced this, although most players rarely found themselves struggling for space. A sequel should retain a similar system for containing weapons and valuables.

5 Chris Redfield vs. BSAA

Chris Redfield and the Hound Wolves - Events that occur between RE 7 and RE 8

Resident Evil Village shows a broken relationship between Chris Redfield and his former organization, the BSAA. He vehemently opposes the use of ARCs for any purpose, and the BSAA sends them to the village at the end of the game. Why is an organization designed to fight bioterrorism using the same tools than his enemies? Maybe they want to fight fire with fire. Whatever the reason, Chris strongly disagrees.

4 We want the old faces to come back

Resident Evil 3 Remake Jill Leaving In The Train Car And Looking Back

There are many resident Evil characters we haven’t seen in years, and some we’ve seen in remakes whose modern whereabouts are a bit blurry. We don’t really know what Jill Valentine has been up to since Resident evil 5. If the sequel really takes place over a decade later, it’ll be great to see where everyone is at as seniors. Given the BSAA’s shady relationship with the BOWs, will any of these old friends become enemies?

3 Evil Mia

evil resident village what happens to mia

Everyone seems to forget that Mia was a scientist working for Connections, an organization that deals exclusively with black market research and the BOW trade.

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Mia is always portrayed as an innocent victim in the midst of all these issues. A third game should shed light on what Mia really did and make her pay for her crimes. Maybe being kidnapped by the Bakers is punishment enough, but we should remember his hand in creating Eveline.

2 Virtual reality support

cassandra dynamite

Playing Resident Evil 7 in VR makes an already scary game all the more terrifying. Resident Evil Village ignore this feature. With the PS5 receiving a new VR headset in the near future, it makes sense for them to bring VR back for a sequel. It shouldn’t be at the expense of a non-VR experience, but horror is the perfect genre for the platform and people have had so many positive experiences with it. Resident Evil 7. It does not seem out of the realm of possibilities for Resident Evil Village to receive VR support in the future, either.

1 Cooperative play

Resident Evil Village blocking Urias during its spinning attack

While some deplore the resident Evil games between 4 and 7, most have to admit that Resident evil 5 is one of the best linear co-op campaigns. Maybe the ninth game doesn’t have to be a full co-op experience like the fifth entry, but having some sort of co-op component would be amazing. The recent success of It takes two shows how players are always more than willing to eat a fascinating co-op adventure.

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