10 surprising facts about Christina Haack’s new fiancé Joshua Hall

Christina haack is making waves again, after announcing this week that she is engaged to a real estate agent Joshua Room.

The “Christina on the Coast” star and “Flip or Flop” co-star revealed this exciting news on Instagram during Hall’s birthday celebration in Los Cabos, Mexico. The post shows the couple smiling from ear to ear as she casually displays a dazzling giant diamond ring on her left hand. Because what better way to have a ceviche birthday dinner by the sea than to declare a lifelong commitment to each other?

Just in case you keep track, Haack has parted ways with her second husband, Anstead Ant, in September 2020, and their divorce became final in June. They had been married since December 2018 and have been together for just under two years.

Haack explained on Instagram that she and Hall were dating in strict privacy for “several months” before she went public with their relationship in July 2021.

“I met Josh when I wasn’t in a fear or fight or flight state… 15 minutes),” Haack said on Instagram. hit so hard and so fast that they were impossible to ignore. “

Never underestimate the power of the bufo toad or Haack’s penchant for throwing himself headlong into love.

In any case, Haack seems to be forging romantic relationships with men in the real estate industry. His first marriage, with his co-host “Flip or Flop”, Tarek El Moussa, lasted over nine years, and their TV series is still going strong across 11 seasons.

Christina and Tarek El Moussa are working well together now that they are officially separated.


So what else do we know about Haack’s handsome new fiancé? While it has a refreshing history of intimacy, we did manage to uncover a few surprising facts.

1. He is a real estate agent in Austin

Hall is a real estate agent at Spyglass Realty, having moved to Austin, TX, in 2017 “after visiting and falling in love with her beauty,” he explained in his bio. “I just couldn’t leave without buying my own house in this little piece of heaven. In fact, I was born not too far from Austin, in Fort. Hood Army base where my father was stationed.

Yet while his bio and contact details were proudly displayed on Spyglass, all that is there now is his square-jawed portrait. Could that mean he could soon move into Haack’s gorgeous new home in Newport Beach and get his California real estate license? May be. In fact, we wouldn’t be at all surprised if we saw him in cameos (or more) soon in “Christina on the Coast”.

2. He’s not a real estate snob

A review of his Realtor.com® profile reveals that he was responsible for 15 home sales over the past two years, representing either the buyer or the seller. The Austin market has been hectic for the past two years, and Hall appears to have specialized in homes from $ 200,000 to $ 900,000. Most are traditional two to four bedroom homes, some on large lots measuring an acre or more.

Austin TX area home sold by Joshua Hall
Joshua Hall represented the buyer in the sale of this four bedroom, three bathroom home in Spicewood, Texas.

(Google Maps)

Austin area home sold by Joshua Hall
This Austin area home was sold by Hall.

(Google Maps)

No Instagram, no Facebook, no Twitter feed, not even LinkedIn for business purposes! Believe us, we watched. He might be the last real estate agent of his generation who isn’t at least promoting his listings somewhere online.

Haack seems to like it, and we can’t blame him.

“The internet and social media are great for business or for keeping up with family / friends, but can also be toxic and (let’s be real) quite wrong,” she wrote on Instagram. “Josh doesn’t have any social media.”

4. He used to be a cop, for all the right reasons

Hall’s biography also reveals this: “While living in Southern California, I realized that my passion was to help others and I became a police officer at the age of 21. and ultimately leading to early retirement, I was very proud to help people in difficulty on a daily basis and put them at ease.

It looks like he will once again protect the properties and citizens of Southern California, at least in a more personal way, as his future wife and three stepchildren all reside in Orange County.

5. He loves dogs

In Hall’s free time, he says, “You can find me exploring with my two dogs, floating on one of Austin’s many bodies of water, or flying to save the puppies from the shelters. dead.” Talk about a noble cause!

As Haack already has two puppies, a Rottweiler named Biggie and a French Bulldog named Cash, his Newport Beach home is already pet-friendly. But the question is, does Hall and does her bag fit in their house and on the family bed?

6. Her sisters are famous on reality TV

Another thing Hall and Haack have in common is reality TV. In fact, Hall’s younger sisters are deeply imbued with it. His sister Stacie Hall Adams appeared regularly on “The Hills” as Stacie the Bartender. His sister Jessica was a former Playboy model, hosted the MTV reality series “Burned,” and made regular appearances on “Kendra” and “Kendra on Top”, as a close friend of another Playboy star Kendra wilkinson.

Hall’s sister, Jessica, now hosts the solo podcast “Flashbacks”, but she previously hosted it with bestie. Heather Rae Young of the fame of “Selling Sunset”. Yes, this Heather Rae Young, the one who is engaged to El Moussa, Haack’s first husband. Hollywood is such a small city!

8. He’s on the brink

Oh, the stories Hall’s tattoos might tell, like what’s going on with that man in the hat next to his left pec, and why the spider web on his left knee? He must have his reasons for all, and he could spend countless hours recounting them.

9. He’s already close to Haack’s children

He already seems to be fully accepted by Haack’s children, at least his two oldest, Taylor and Brayden. A recent Instagram post revealed the four of them had a quick, kid-friendly weekend in Las Vegas: “24 hours in Las Vegas with the big kids – wave pool, aquarium, steak dinner rehearsal ❤️🎰. »Let’s drink to that!

10. Haack has his back

Don’t you dare judge Haack’s third social media engagement, or Haack will come out pissed off.

She posted several tirades on Instagram, including this one: “People are way too concerned about other people’s lives. They spend so much time judging others to avoid working on their own shit… Life is short. Do what you love with those you love. For me it’s Josh, my kids and a few close friends and co-workers. “

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